One Catches Fire in Kansas | National News & World Reports

More derailments all over the country as an ice storm knocks out power to 5 million in Michigan. Explosions reported at a nuclear site in Iran causing concerns to be raised.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got more train issues out There we're going to give you an Overview on how many train wrecks how Many derailments there have been in the Last 30 days uh these are just Derailments but we also have a train Fire that just happened uh yesterday That we want to get to you as well we Also have reports of explosions outside The Capitol in Iran uh possible Air Attack on their uh nuclear program there We also have a lot of customers without Power due to this ice storm that is Going across the United States we've got A whole bunch of stuff to cover let's Jump right into it this video is brought To you by Genesis Gold group if you want To move your funds out of stocks and Bonds in your retirement over to Gold Silver Platinum coins you might want to Talk to Jonathan and his team down below You can find them in the description Down below and they can answer all your Questions So a train caught fire in just outside Wichita Kansas about 20 miles Northwest Of Wichita Kansas in Hutchinson Kansas The train Blocked five intersections in the Downtown area because it's a long train And that's a theme we're going to be Coming back to here a little bit more as We talk about why is all this happening

Um one of the reasons is because of long Trains The train in Hutchinson Kansas caught Fire And because of the fire it is now Immobile And they said it's going to take quite a While in order to get the train Open up those intersections no Contaminants reported leaking but just One more train incident in this Nightmare month that we're going to put On the evidence stack of craziness more To come on that a Union Pacific Train Derailed in Stannis laws County And that's in California four cars came Off the rails no hazardous releases uh Relatively minor derailment but still a Derailment nonetheless In the past month Not counting our newly found fire Hopefully that's not a new trend that's Going to start not counting the fire in Kansas on the train we're just counting Derailments there have been 14 Derailments in the last 30 days 14. for those of you not keeping count We of course had two in Ohio one of Those you probably almost certainly Heard of in East Palestine but also in Adams Mill Also another derailment Lake City South Carolina Loris South Carolina Inori South Carolina

That's three in South Carolina one in Houston Texas One in outside Detroit Michigan One in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Two in California including that one I Just mentioned and Stanislaus County One in Alabama One in Louisiana and two in Alaska 14 Derailments in the last month That is not ordinary levels of diorama Folks We're seeing the The most direct answer to why we're Seeing so many derailments if you don't Want to look behind the curtain and you Want to just look at the obvious things Staring Us in the face and that is one That these rail companies are delaying Maintenance on a lot of things delaying Maintenance on the rails as well as Delaying maintenance on the cars that Leads to the potential for more and more Breakdowns that cause derailments In addition to that however they are Pushing for longer and longer trains now You just hitch up another engine to it Or another couple engines to it But That doesn't change the fact that you're Stringing together one to two miles Worth of trains uh cars together On the rails That adds increased pressure on the on

The cars themselves Increases significantly the possibility Of something going wrong and when Something goes wrong you get a whole lot More cars in line causing problems this Makes the trains have to move slower They also take a lot longer to stop So People within the industry have been Warning longer and longer about trains Going slower and Trains being so long That it's a safety hazard But of course these complaints fall on Deaf ears because Railroad Company likes seeing only two Engineers on a train and it likes to Make those trains as long as possible For efficiency's sake in other words to Save money cost cutting measures are Endangering But even with that you have to wonder How are we having so many derailments Is this some nefarious hand are we being Sabotaged by a foreign power Are is someone reaching into our country And intentionally causing harm we Haven't found any evidence necessarily Yet or at least no evidence been Released to the public yet But I'm not the only one thinking I know you Guys are out there too it sure seems odd Whether it's a foreign power sabotaging Or whether it's

Our powers that are sabotaging us for The uh you know trying to bring in one Government of the whole world kind of Thing Five million customers out of power in Michigan The ice storm has swept over there and Knocked out a lot of power lines It's a nightmare out there if you are in The path of this storm I will soon be in The path of storm oh man it was gorgeous Out today it was like 70 something it Was I didn't even know what to do with The weather I was just like how can it Be this warm but I know you guys in the South you're like 70 warm what are you Talking about we've got to put our coats On for that Up here in Pennsylvania that is Ridiculously warm But if you're in the path of this ice Storm be prepared for blackouts be Prepared for you to lose power if you Have battery backups you want to charge Those up if you have a generator you Might want to just give it a good Prime And just make sure that everything is Functional make sure your situation is Ordered you know do you have your Flashlights in logical places you know Where's the first place you're going to Go look for a flashlight are there Flashlights in there with batteries Charged or with fresh batteries in there

That's a question you should be asking Yourself because if if you spend the First hour just super frustrated trying To find flashlights that's going to just Make everything kind of go downhill from There you want to be able to find your Lights quickly if you need to find them You have a cell phone in your pocket so Get that light out and get get over to Other flashlights as soon as possible we Also have reports of major explosions in The outskirts of the capital of Iran Outside of Tehran in near karage now Last summer in June there was quite a Few explosions in karage which is the uh One of the Iran's atomic energy Organization Buildings there with a whole bunch of Centrifuges allegedly went kablooey Of course Iran denies that that's what Happened it just you know Explosions happened and we don't know What happened and it's funny how we have All these things going on out there and Then the government's just completely Deny anything going on it makes us spy Movie same seem so legitimate you know Like oh no we don't know what happened But just uh yesterday we have explosions In a city just next to karage that Allegedly also had centrifuges there That's the rumor out there that there Were centrifuges there and that got hit By an air strike but if you look at I

Looked at a couple of the videos that Were coming out on like Tick Tock and And Twitter and stuff like that and Showed the air defenses like spinning or Fire around like you know normally They're like shooting in a direction Like all the the rounds are going kind Of in the same direction but they're Kind of like shooting it around almost Like they're just having a good time Which one is incredibly dangerous what Are they doing and two like um the odds Of you hitting something at random in The air is is astronomical So like Um if you're not even firing on a vector It's just like the chances of you Hitting something is just like zero so Like them shooting around in circles I Don't know maybe that kind of bodes Towards it being more of an exercise or Something but there seemed to be some Ground explosions that uh that do not Seem to be able to be accounted for for A exercise but Iran uh is uh desperately Uh entangled with Israel right now Israel is accusing Iran of having enough Nuclear material that they can create Bombs out of and Israel has said that That is absolutely a no-go Israel has New conservative government in place Right now Conservative of course and Israel means Something very different than in the United States religious hardliners in

Israel are very uh pro-war and very uh Antagonistic to those around so they Have a lot more consensus for military Action Netanyahu is of course back in Power and uh he uh he has been saying That basically the longer they wait to Hit Iran the harder it's going to be so Um we've all been kind of waiting for Big news to be coming out of Israel and Iran due to air strikes or or some other Widening of the conflict so we're Keeping an eye on that of course it's Just another flash point in many of the Conflicts of the world but I want to Bring you that news to you if you want To send updates on what you're seeing on Your store shelves or in news items you Can always email me at Poplarpreparedness or you can Type in update on on any video down Below just use the word update somewhere In there and we'll see that thanks so Much for watching if you want to check Out another video there's one right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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