Our Children Are Watching


Discussion on how we can keep our hearts, minds & influences on our children more positive.
Praying for all of us! Thanks for watching!
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18 thoughts on “Our Children Are Watching

  1. Beautifully said. Brings back memories of my youth and the positive people of many faces races that have impacted my life. God bless and keep you. Amen.

  2. As soon as you said this is between good and evil I said out loud, “Amen!”. This is exactly what I have been telling my husband since this all began. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy your channel.

  3. Your love shows through. We need to hear the voice of God, to tell us what we need to do. Listen closely do you hear His whispers? He’s putting a song in your heart to Comfort you.
    Blessings to you and safety I pray for you and your family

  4. Patara, I lost my dad, my uncle and a grandbaby all in 1 week (7 days). I was broken. I had to figure out how to live a new normal. It was so hard to figure out how the world continued to go on when I was so devastated. Well that was 6 years ago. God taught me a very valuable lesson during that time. The lesson was God is in control. No matter the situation that is before you, no matter how the storm rages, no matter what the world brings, God is in control. It is our job to place our eyes on him and walk in his grace and mercy. Thank you for being obedient to God and talking about this. Mental health is so important right now in the mist of all of these things going on. I agree we need to be down on our knees praying for our country, our leaders, our neighbors, our family and the world. Thank you for all you do.

  5. The questions beginning at 2:54 are excruciatingly important because all that comes to us from various media/social outlets is not always reality or given with good intentions. I’m restraining the fullness of what I believe, but it’s always wise to question and think, not just ingest media and expect good motives. You’re blessed for risking a loss to speak crucial truths, that is what God expects of us. We all, in small and great ways, have choices before us, to either stand for what is right or not, there is no in between now. The decision cannot be avoided, eventually it will made. Taking a stand may be risking losing viewers, jobs, friends and even closeness with family, still it’s inevitable, the time has come to choose, God or……anything or anyone else.
    God uses people, but God is truly the only answer. In midst of all this, watching things that even a fool can see should not be happening, time spent with God came to a simple easy to understand but hard to live bottom line reality. We’re in tribulation, God is in control and we’re not. It’s not what we want, it’s not what we like, but God is doing things beyond our understanding or seeing. There is a great separation happening, it’s falling along the lines of clear basic rights and wrongs. What people really are, what is in their hearts and who will honor God in spite of the price, is becoming visible to all. The world cannot continue limping along tolerating excessive wickedness that has harmed so many for too long. Evil seeds planted are now fully grown, the tares will no longer be mistaken for wheat. Pray, Pray Pray , but in praying remember we need to ask God exactly what to pray for because we don’t create the plan and we need to pray in line with God’s will not against it.
    Thank you Patara, for an excellent message, your deep belief in following God has come through many times. You live it, not wear like virtue suit to get praise and take it off when it’s inconvenient.

  6. Hello from Texas Patara. Thank you for being the light. In times when we are not free to choose we can still choose how we react. I choose to have hope and look heavenward. I choose to be informed but not to expose myself to any more media than needed. Their job is to keep the chaos alive. Whatever the circumstances it remains “Well With My Soul” I pray that it is with you and viewers of your channel. God bless you my friend ♥️ Hugs from Houston

  7. We went thru hard times when I was growing up. But I always had a roof over my head and food to eat. Many younger people won’t be able to handle what’s coming because they don’t know how to. I know the Lord, but many are blinded to God’s amazing grace. I don’t watch as much news as I once did but it does upset me to see so much evil in the world now.

  8. You hit the nail right on the head. The Holy Spirit has impressed upon my heart that this is not about race or a virus. This is about Satan trying his best to divide the human race, conquer and spread all the evil he can before his time is up. We are one race – the human race. We must come together and pray for each other and our leadership. God also impressed upon my heart that when we come together in unity and prayer we can crush this evil force trying to destroy our world and our children’s future.

  9. I began following you when you mentioned that you were Cherokee. I am full-blood First Nations and have experienced racism throughout the years. My husband and I decided we would live an exemplary life for our children when they were still young. We do not drink alcohol, do not use drugs, and have no criminal records. We both completed degrees and held jobs until age 70 when we finally retired. We taught our children to follow the Creator and to be kind/helpful to their fellow man. Today we have no complaints. Patara, you have it so right and I thank you for it!

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