Overnight Mountain Train Trip (VIA Rail)

I went back to visit family for the holidays and decided to take the train. It has been on my bucket list for a while and I found a great deal. We took the VIA Rail train departing from Vancouver and arriving outside of Edmonton.

Hello Uh Black-eyed Steve here with Crazy neighbor and uh we're going on a Train trip uh it's time to get back home For the holidays and I'm third Wheeling It here with the crazy neighbor and his Lady friend uh so it should be a good Trip it's about a day and a half long Maybe a little bit 26 hours covers 800 Miles uh you sleep on the thing there's Meals and there's a bar so let's jump on A train uh and see how this goes this is Not quite camping but it's an adventure You know what So you've seen the videos Oh pardon me uh go ahead go ahead Yeah okay Oh wow thank you so much okay take care Guys thanks thanks I've never been on a train before so I Really don't know how it works but I'm Sure somebody will be around to okay Show me what I should for sure okay Awesome thanks so much Foreign A couple of the employees here follow The channel so it was pretty cool to Meet them there's a nice little Lounge Here with the coffee and some snacks and Stuff so we can wait toward the train And They're kind of older trains but they Should do the job I think they were made In the 50s and they've been retrofitted So they're still hopefully pretty safe

They don't make them like that anymore I think mine was 210. 80 100. No it's a bit of a hike Foreign This trip has been a bucket listing for Me uh beautiful wife and I had planned To do this trip for years this was our Dream so I'm doing it as a third wheel Here with the crazy neighbor and his Lady friend and I'm hoping it'll be Cathartic because I'm no longer putting Things over for some day in the future Uh I'm taking care of things now because We've had a poignant example right there What can happen if you don't Live every day to the fullest and you Might not have to get to do these things And Via Real Canada A Canadian on route to Toronto while Traveling on the Canadians our tour is Responsible for your safety and Well-being unsafe or disrespectful Behavior to our tax return members will Not be tolerated there we go time to Explore the Dome car Yeah how about this Okay Yeah Skyview Windows that's cute and Everything but let's go find the bar Our service is available Okay that's all I needed to hear dude Well

They think of everything A lot better than like A Greyhound bus or something That is where dinner gets served These are fancy cabins right there Not for us commoners Okay I found where I'm hanging out Yeah I thought it was cool down here Traffic Cars stop for us I think we just ran a red But I don't know my train signals There you go step two This is um Unexpectedly this is the least intrusive Way I've ever had to film a video Because everybody on this train has the Cameras out is filming something I Um I forgot to ask them how much a beer Cost and they have my credit card so We'll find out Unless these signals mean something like Tarot cards where it doesn't look like What it is we're just running red lights Like crazy here Foreign Yeah running more red lights all the Time This morning I love a good tunnel Each other This is the bathroom This is my mangled eye and uh Little toilet here

I'm not gonna film this part Okay I got a lot of train to go through Because uh dinner's coming up and I want To see what the menu is Because Um I just don't like super fancy things And uh On this train So far I've heard There's lamb and salmon and Some vegetarian thing I just want to Check things out So that I know What I'm up against When I figure that out Um I think further on in economy class There is a I don't even know what train car I'm in Right now but uh oh there's the dining Car okay You're still eating in there But further up an economy class there is Like a little snack bar thing which Might be dinner if things are too weird Here oh sounds like we're stopping hold On It's a severely long train to negotiate And I think we've come to a stop yeah we Have Oh this is my place things have been all Made up for me oh go ahead Okay so Okay so the the dinner crowd is is Rolling through and yes I've got um

Backpack up there and my jacket they Were so kind to make this for me got a Little window up there Look I could totally hunker down in here Does not get a lot better than this Um Unless there was a little scenery out There Um The light switches right there all right There yeah That's all right now okay Got completely distracted from a job at Hand and a job at hand yep I don't have Another Another companion upstairs so I did the Bottom bunk if it was a top bunk it Would look like that with no windows You know crazy neighbor and um his lady Friend are probably gonna Get cozy on the bottom Two of them Cozy because it's just a piece of uh Fabric that so anyway moving on Um I'm gonna move through the train here uh I haven't been further than this yet Okay Here's uh Here's the Discrimination problem See I can hear everybody having fun in There and it says economy class Passengers only be on that point and I'm Like a fraction above economy class so

We're gonna see what what we're gonna Have to eat tonight I think the food is A little too fancy rack of lamb What do you think about salmon That Maple Dijon chicken I'll probably Try that because mostly appetizing thing That I could see you haven't seen Vegetarian special yet though that Doesn't sound very that doesn't sound Very appetizing to me You've got a backup plan in case we stop At midnight in another town and we could Probably order a pizza Delivered to the train station we're Just too unsophisticated for um Lamb and salmon and stuff like that like I wish they had a burger or a steak on Here anyway that's our problem not there It is that's right most people would Actually enjoy this food you know they'd Be uh you know they'd be thrilled Unfortunately the menu seemed to hit Every single red food flag I have Ranging from Maple to Salmon to lamb to Chickpeas So I've opted to try and wait to Kamloops that's going to be another Three to four hours if we get there on Time and there is A humble Domino's Pizza that we can find Our way to in the darkest hours of the Night Complete Train is severely delayed and I'm kind

Of thinking the snow might have Something to do with it But uh I'm gonna hunker down here And I'll update you guys as the trip Goes on because this is such a cool trip To do Um Such a cool trip Oh snow my enemy Uh good sleep though Um Really good sleep let's see if they're Still serving breakfast uh whatever that Might be Okay Nothing beats a good tunnel Good morning crazy Thank you Pulling into beautiful and Scenic Jasper Uh my old stomping grounds I've I've Been here quite a bit uh so we're gonna Get off for about 45 minutes walk around A little bit stretch our legs and uh We've asked the uh the staff if we can Get off sooner than Edmonton because uh My acreage is west of Edmonton and it Would save us driving all the way back And as beautiful as the train is there's Not much to see at night anyways so I'm Gonna try to get off a little bit a Little bit sooner but it all depends on What the engineer says Welcome 45 minutes make sure you have your

Tickets with you yeah thanks Well Jasper is quite a touristy place And it's quite cold and I've got my land legs back now after Being on that train so time to get the Train legs back that's uh Go back inside warm up The weather is ferocious You got a bunch of historic pictures Of these stations Short and sweet stop and uh we're making Progress again here All right my experience so far is print Your boarding passes because you have to See them once in a while and I've got Three of us I have to dig up the emails Every time to show the boarding pass so Good thing my phone was charged Otherwise we'd be hitchhiking back from This point but uh ready for the rest of The trip Um Uh we get to see some scenery it's going To turn to Prairies here really quick so After that pretty much the only scenery We're going to see is the bottom of a of A glass Unless you have a really fancy cabin Type thing there's not a lot of places To plug in any devices so if you're Taking the train you have to spend some Time in the bar car to charge things up Or pop for one of the expensive uh Cabins

Um I'm going to be doing that on the way Back and I'll I'll give them more In-depth kind of tour of the train and What it's all about uh this I'm just Kind of feeling it out because I've Never been on one of these before And uh I'll be able to do more of a more Of a tour This is the End there's Another car back there doesn't seem to Do anything and there's no way to get to It And it's not uh I thought it might be uh The baggage car but that's actually up At the front so We got uh coffee and hot water does that Sound good to you Uh hot water works for the hot chocolate That's also out there Or maybe the bar is open now too so yeah It does yeah she's just a little bit Busy right now okay So yeah as soon as the bar opens I guess Um we'll get started yeah well we got a Call for lunch so we're gonna see what's For lunch Thank you Do you like salmon take this train Well they brought us some champagne so Yeah Chicken pot pie and they can do a Veggie burger Veggie burger Um Too bad they don't do a beef one

We are out of the mountains and they are Willing to drop us off at a spot that's Very close to where the acreage is so Awesome Foreign The next stop is Evansburg and that's Where we will get my friend Dave the Fellow who's been looking after garbage And working on the acreage to come by And fetch us and we can go see garbage Our train is slowing down and I think I Know what that means Time to go see garbage Damn stuff Is that correct Here normally we do with the Crossing Awesome Thank you so much Oh it's cold out here it is hey you Should have seen that grocery store Get over here all right cheers thanks We made it Away hilarious

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