Prepare For 70 Years of Famine

After 70 years of prosperity and plenty we should be more than ready for times of hardship and difficulty… but we’re NOT ready for food shortages, political upheaval and global conflict. The years of plenty have made us soft.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Famines don't happen because people Forget how to grow food they've happened Historically because people have been Either prevented or prohibited from Growing their own food we're going to be Talking in this video how we are setting Up in this world for a prolonged uh Period of famine and on this channel if You've been here at all you know that I Keep saying the same thing and you hear From a lot of channels similar to this Is that you need to stock up on food you Need to get more self-sufficient I'm Going to kind of lay out some of the Reasons why we could be entering a very Long prolonged Decline in the western world as well as Because of the way things are set up With the World At Large this decline of The West is going to impact the rest of The world we're going to look at some of The demographics that are just Eye-popping eye watering the fact that We are closing in on Peak population for The earth and the population of the Earth is actually already starting to Decline on many continents already there Are a few drivers that are still growing The population China has just turned the Corner where their population has Started to decline that is insane India Is now actually the most populous nation On Earth whereas China was for a long Period of time but some of their social

Agenda items like the one child policy Has handicapped the country and this has Saddled both China as well as the West With some very serious demographic Issues that are going to really kind of Come to a head and because of these Things we're going to see countries and Governments tighten their grips further And further and we could see things like The starvation that happened in Russia Back during uh back during Stalin the Massive starvation during Chairman Mao's Time we have the setup is all the same Once again it is not an issue of farmers In America are going to forget how to Make food they're going to have that Knowledge they're going to want to do That but the thing is they're going to Be prevented from doing that for Economic reasons societal reasons and Potentially uh you know large Geopolitical forces like World War III Could very well prevent a lot of the Farming to happen that needs to happen Won't be happening Let's jump right into it so uh in the Bible we see the story of uh of of Joseph and it it talks about how that The prophecy was that there would be Seven years of plenty and then seven Years of famine we have had 70 years of Plenty since World War II as and 70 Years of plenty and it looks like Um you know rough numbers and everything

Like that it looks like we could be Looking at 70 years of famine to kind of Follow up now I'm not I'm not trying to Twist scripture or anything like that That's just kind of like uh you know we See that kind of dichotomy we see that Seven years seven years to see 70 70 Would be Um you know kind of rounds and kind of Sticks in my mind there but we're gonna Walk through why 70 years of famine for The world does not seem On on like I'm not going to say unlikely Uh but rather it is it is quite possible I'm not going to say completely likely I'm not going to say it is definitely Going to happen I don't have a crystal Ball but we see a lot of uh things Happening right now let's go into them Social decline moral decline we see this Across the West we see this this Degenerating of of society while many People in our society are touting it as We're making progress we're making Progress actually you crack open a History book and look what the Roman Empire looked like in its uh worst Decline uh before the Takeover of Christianity and then even like after The Takeover Christianity towards the End of the fall of Rome we see the same Decadence coming out in fact the Christianity coming to Rome was actually What kind of prolonged the uh the the

Decline whereas it was about to decline If they hadn't stepped in if there Wasn't some sort of Um Revival or renovation of the Empire It would have collapsed earlier and we See this with Empires it's when they get To this crisis mode they have this Opportunity to kind of turn back from The brink but it doesn't look like the United States is heeding the call we Don't see any large-scale moral or Religious revivals we don't see any Um real strong Uh just looking at the degeneracy and Just saying no Now the the German Empire fell apart uh At World War one right And uh all the decadence that happened In the 20s and everything like that uh The the the guy with the mustache that Came to power was actually a rejection Of that moral Decline and of course they Went way off the deep end and I'm not Advocating for that in any way shape or Form but I will say this in the most Horrific possible way it created this Revival of their society that allowed Them to move from being one of the most Impoverished Nations and most destroyed Nations to in just over a decade they Moved to being one of the world powers Put that in your mind right there it was Evil and horrible but the power and the Revival of society because there there

Became this order out of the chaos so That is a warning right there is that Um our Revival as a nation could Actually go the wrong way and act Actually take us into a twisted a Perverted style of of governance that uh And we're going to get more into that Right now uh in just a moment but uh the Moral decline of a country if it's not Reversed if this this this chaos and We're not necessarily talking about Right and wrong but that definitely has A play in that we're talking about this Fraying of society this going in so many Different directions where you have Groups going this way group's going that Way you can't have a society moving in Multiple directions at once the society Has to move in One Direction if you have Society moving in two directions like The United States is right now there Needs to be one that wins out or else The country will destroy itself the Empire will fall apart and in the United States we see multiple strands we see Not just right and left but we also see Religious and Atheism we see this this Is a religious and non-religious kind of Splitting both of the sides of the Spectrum we also see the libertarian and Authoritarian kind of things on both Parties so we just see this like the Shattering of the the the psyche of the Nation and unless it becomes unified

Once again the end of the Empire is at Hand and with with moving right into the Demographic decline so we have the the Social decline or the moral decline but We also have the demographic decline The fact that the United States Population is only growing due to one Factor and that is people coming into The country both legally and illegally But people coming into the country is The only thing that's making the Population go up we're not having enough Babies We don't have enough babies in the Country to sustain our population and That's not just the United States in Japan there their population is crashing We're seeing that China's population is Starting to crash too it's just starting To turn the corner now but we are going To see an epic collapse a society Um in in China and you say well that's Not such a bad thing but remember this When you have a very high birth rate Followed by a very low birth rate you Have very few workers and lots and lots Of retirees That's a problem we see this in Japan Right now there's so many people that Are on retirement that are being Supported by the the the the economy Um through social welfare programs Social Security type things There's less and less people paying in

And more and more people taking out now I'm not going to get into you know oh They it's theirs or it's not theirs We're not talking about that we're just Simply talking about the simple fact is That when you have a system where people Pay into it and that money immediately Gets distributed for the most part if You have less people paying into it and More people taking out of it That's just simple math it doesn't work And that's why we see the social Security system in the United States is On life support for just a number of More years before it just runs out of Money where's the money going to come From the less less money is going into The system than is being taken out right Now and the the fund is actually being Depleted rapidly and it will be Completely depleted within the next 10 Years as estimates are saying right now Uh 10 to 15 years depending on who Crunches the numbers and whether they Actually believe in recessions or not if You're here believing in recession well Then I'll tell you what the Social Security program is going to collapse For sooner than what you've been told Because they don't factor in any real Recession That's just insane Um and just across the world we're Seeing these demo demographics starting

To drop where we're just not having Enough kids and Country after country After country is going to be in serious Insolvency because there's so many Retirees and not enough workers and that Means the economies are going to be Shrinking and as economies aren't Growing but rather are shrinking that's Going to cause a whole world of problems There too because the whole U.S economy Is based on the concept of it's going to Constantly grow forever what happens When the U.S economy is actually Declining That's going to make the stock market do Some crazy stuff that you have never Seen before I promise you once the U.S Economy and the economists start Figuring out what that's going to look Like the stock market will just look Like A different planet it's going to come Down so hard so fast and for for a very Long period of time because it has built Into its core that everything is going To keep growing forever and that is not The case anymore social decline Demographic decline third financial and Currency decline the United States Dollar has been the world Reserve Currency and it is declining Dramatically and it was used to just Lubricate and just make the world kind Of work when we see the fall of the

Dollar it's it looks like it's not going To be replaced with another fiat Currency because fiat currency is Basically theft if it's replaced by what Looks like the brics countries are Starting to propose Brazil Russia India Sorry China and then South Africa brics Right if these countries the the global South as it's also called they are They're talking about replacing the the The dollar with a basket of resources a Resource-backed currency this is going To change things completely it's going To make things less efficient but it's Going to make it more solid when you go From the sugar highs down to eating your Vegetables the the the The change of pace is going to catch People off guard so badly it's going to Make money scarce and we've had just Money everywhere for for generations and When you see money suddenly get scarce Like that countries uh some countries Have seen this value is scarce and this Shift is going to is going to change the World It's going to make us deal with the Consequences Of fiat currency for the last 70 years The the the abuses we're going that we Haven't seen the effects of we're going To see those suddenly and for a Prolonged period of time it's going to Devastate economies that have been

Playing this game for so long the United States does not produce much We produce some energy but we consume That energy we produce Tech companies that make Facebooks and Netflix and entertainment when people Are hungry that's not going to be a Priority we also do produce a lot of Food But we have made some serious errors Along the way we have outsourced things That we ought not to and who owns how Much of U.S farmland Other countries own a lot of U.S Farmland now we've made some ridiculous Um Decisions along the way and these Financial decisions are going to come Back to haunt us what happens to Farmers When all of their farm equipment gets Repossessed That's a question I want you to ask Yourself how much with all the know-how That farmers have when they get into Financial distress because they're in an Economy that is in financial distress Where they can't get loans and their Loans start getting foreclosed on They go to sell their food and they Can't get anything for the food because People can't afford it or that the money That they're being paid in it becomes Valueless and it cannot keep up with Their bills when that happens when they

Lose their equipment when they lose Their access to fertilizer when they Lose their access to all this high-tech Seeds and high-tech things will they Still be able to produce food and will They even want to produce food or are They just going to be like you know what We're just going to produce enough food For us and we're going to let the whole World burn And that's a very real problem that We're going to have the financial Systems the financial world is going to Impact the production of food out there Not to mention once food becomes scarce Then governments get to control uh who Gets it who doesn't get it which is why Mao and Stalin both used hunger and Basically every time a Communist Regime Comes to power they use hunger as a tool To weed out the people they don't like That's why we keep talking about watch Out these people literally are running The Playbook and here's the next step in The Playbook famine famine is a tool to Destroy and to change and warp Society At warp speed right Um Fourth so social decline demographic Declines Financial currency Decline and Then fourthly governmental decline as The economy starts to contract that Means government gets less and less Money they start sending out their

Treasury bills and nobody wants to buy Them or they have to pay an extremely High interest rate suddenly money gets Scarce for even the government and the Government that's been its power you Know just throw money at this problem Throw money at that problem when you Can't throw money at problems anymore What happens Government needs to use different Control in order to exercise power Because government doesn't really care About money it uses money in order to Gain power Government is all about power Concentrating and and utilizing power And when money becomes the tool that um Isn't as convenient anymore Brute Force Comes into play and we will see that is That as government power declines Because money power declines we're going To see more and more brute force from Governments around the world It is It is not all dark out there And and I want people to understand when I talk about these things the world has Gone through these Cycles before and a Lot of people out there and you may be Among them who says the world is coming To an end this is the final days Um I say certain things and then people Are like well the Bible says in the Final days that's not the way it's going

To be well friend is it the final days Um I know that a lot of people think It's final days and it could be it could Be Um I believe in those things but I also See that uh you know it's going to be a Secret it's going to be it's going to Surprise everyone and for 2000 years Since Christ prophecying prophesying About those things the end hasn't come So I think that it's prudent to kind of Uh plan for the world to kind of Continue but act as if it's going to end Uh tomorrow you know live your life in Such a way that if the world came to an End or if your life comes to an end I Mean a car wreck could take you to to go Home to heaven or could end your life at A moment when your life ends who cares If the world continues or not I mean Really your life's over so just you know Enough with that Um but plan your life and live like You're going to be here for another 100 Years you know or less if if you're Older right Um you know with technology advancing I Mean you could live for a long time With the world the way it's going Just because A civilization ends just because an Empire Falls the UK or Great Britain They fell before them France fell and You go go back one Empire after the uh

Previous to the next previous to the Next empires have fallen Fallen Fallen Fallen all the way back to the Roman Empire empires have come and gone and You know what the world just kind of Keeps on turning there's a lot of Countries in the world that used to be Empires that now are just Rubble heaps and life continues on People get married have kids they live Their lives and and things can be bad But at the same time life continues and You need to have that mindset too of Whatever comes you're just going to have To deal with it and you know what you Are more capable of adapting to Situations than you will ever believe People will rise to the occasion and you Will rise to the occasion and you know What as awful as things will be there Will be a Way Forward sure a lot of People may not make it through whatever May come next a lot of people may not Make that transition for whatever reason And that's that's that's reality you Know we want to be prepared so that you Can get through the next number of years Get through the next number of decades But all you can do is just live wisely Live in a prepared sort of way where you Are being prudent but also live in a Balanced way make sure you're having joy And make sure you're pursuing things Your passions and and you have purpose

In your life if you don't have purpose In your life then why live that's you Know survival can't really be your Purpose now if you have joy along the Way if it's your family that is your joy And you want to prolong your time with Them and you want to serve them you want To make things easy for them as hard Times come and awesome but you need to Have that purpose right there needs to Be more than just survival because 70 Years of famine is a very real Possibility After the fall the Roman Empire things Devolved pretty seriously now Middle Ages get a dark uh a bad rap for being Dark ages and stuff like that Um honestly it's just it's too hard for Historians to follow all the different Empires that Rose and fell and Everything like that and there wasn't as Good of documentation But we do see at the end of the Roman Empire when Rome fell apart things Really got chaotic for a long time and That was truly a dark time in in the World history and we're seeing a very Similar setup with the United States Declining where if the Western economy Falls apart it's going to take the whole World with it and when that happens Things are going to get real basic real Fast we're going to keep the Technologies we're going to keep the

Know-how that we have but no one's going To be able to afford this stuff it's Going to be hard to get the components That you need to build those computers And and and really important things We're going to be spending a lot of time Sifting through the garbage heaps and Pulling out iPads and and and iPhones And trying to get them to work again and Trying to jury rig our own telephone Systems and stuff like that I mean That's really I think much more Realistic just think what it looks like To live in a third world country I'm in Here Kenya um and seeing what people Have to do because While Society hasn't collapsed around The world it it is not functioning here For all the people and if you kind of Have that in mind When I go to the slums when I've gone Out to The Villages I see some of the Happiest people ever you know what the Collapse of Western Civilization may be The best thing that happens to Westerners Um in a very very long time because you Know what I go to the United States and People are miserable and depressed and Lonely and they they don't even know What to do with themselves yet they're The wealthiest people on the planet it's Really absurd and then I go out to a Village and people are just dancing with

Joy and happiness and they are so Excited they they love each other they Feel welcome they feel like they belong They celebrate things together and I don't know Money is pretty cool but at the end of The day maybe we have just missed the Boat Friends life will continue 70 years of Famine we'll find a way we'll find a way If you just keep the courage and you Keep the fort the the the Stick-to-itiveness and you keep pressing On to find a way that will really be Your biggest weapon if you just throw up Your arms and say up I don't know what To do I just I can't do it You're going to be one of the people That's going to be run over by the world History uh the people that that are Going to adapt and serve and choose to Survive because they have purpose they Need to survive so they can see their Next Generation so that their kids can Uh survive what's coming those are going To be the people that are going to find A way they're going to gather together With other people they're going to work Together they're going to work hard and They're going to find a way forward Friends dark times are coming that just Seems to be writing on the wall and I Think a lot of us will agree to that but I'm say this that while World

Governments dark times are coming Locally in your family joyful Amazing deep relational times may come If you choose to prioritize them and Choose to move forward with that Hey you might get poor but you know what If you have friends if you have family Your life can be full and Rich That's all I'm saying all right folks if You found this video to be useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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