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Versatility is key to your setup hey Everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness today I want To talk about this kind of stuff And the versatility of it A lot of people you know it's the Standard ones you see in all this kind Of setup So why do I have my gear set up the way I do well because versatility and a lot Of people are commenting about These particular mag pouches kind of What I'm going to talk mostly about with The setup Um but before I get into the video Please subscribe hit that thumbs up Share the videos comment below also Do you want to stay warm when you're out Doing the things check out the link in The description below for Fortress Clothing their base layers their extreme Jackets stuff like that two thumbs up Awesome stuff you got to get yourselves Ready for winter and that's portable Warmth portable heat so check it out Also join us on patreon I haven't Mentioned that in a long time Um links in the description below also For that we got a patreon yes we're Doing awesome stuff there and Um if you like the videos you want to Support help out do those kind of things There's a little thanks in the heart Down there it's called a super thanks

You click on that donate it's gonna like Buy a coffee or something like that you Know it really helps it does we're you Know we're limited and uh trying to make Do get by like most people are so don't Feel pressured but anyway I just want to Tell you guys about that really quick Before I get into the video alright so The video People talk about these mag pouches and How expensive they are these are Um the uh Of course I forget now Um Just a sec Okay brain fart over high speed gear Hsgi mag pouches yes they are about 30 To 35 dollars each Okay that's expensive for a MAG pouch But let me talk about what you get out Of it and actually how you can save Money by going with mag pouches like This versus standard mag pouches Because versatility is key if you are Only running an Arkansas weapon platform You know these ones then really doesn't Matter how your kit is how you're set up Um but if you have other systems you Know that use ones like this Or that use ones like this Or that use ones like this Then you start getting into the fact That you have to have all these Different setups

You have to have a different carrier and Pouches Ifac all the stuff on there gets very Expensive So if you really if you have these Different platforms these different Defensive weapon systems then you might Want to think about getting these Because okay say 35 bucks each okay an Inexpensive single one of these 15 bucks Maybe 16 bucks it's about half the price But If you are running specific to the Platform meaning specific to these Mag pouches Then what you have to do is you have to Have a different carrier for it on ifac All the stuff so it becomes very Expensive getting all these setups then You got all these carriers and all the Stuff laying around you gotta have room To store it you get to have money and You really need to make sure that all Those setups are set up identically so That when your muscle memory is good to Go no matter which one you put on So you got to set up identical because You need to know where this is you need To know where this is you need to know Where all the things are so that you can Grab them and use them without looking Down trying to find stuff because when Stuff is going south Um you want to make sure that you can

Optimize your performance So with that said it's actually less Expensive to go this route if you have Various magazines why I will show you Why if I want to swap I take these out And these mag these pouches are Expandable see like this all right let Me start off with the next smallest one Which are these 74. Mags Bam There you go now I'm running a 74. yes They do stick up a little bit here so The interference with what you if you Have anything up here becomes a little Bit of an issue but the way I grab them It doesn't because I grab like that I Grab like this I grab like this and I Use them I train with them all the time So the different systems that is Um so that's very important get it out Like this and rock it in you know that Is what it is and it fits it works fine All right so you see that adaptability So they're not just for the other kind Because these have that you know lip on The back which still works fine in this All right let's check out the next Biggest one As far as magazine size all right pop it In Pop it in And pop it in There you go now there is a little bit

Of a clearance issue like that you know Where that there so grab it still get it Out just fine Um put the mag in just fine so If you want to have versatility in your Platform and the ability to run these Different systems then you may want to Think about having pouches like this on Your setup so you don't have to buy all This other stuff especially if you're Talking you know the plates inside there For each setup or maybe you have one set Of those and a bunch of different Carriers or maybe it's chest rig you're Talking about it doesn't matter what You're talking about Um if you really I think and plays play Carriers yes I'm not going to get into That debate but if you just want to get Like a a condor chest panel not the Little panel but the the one that goes a Little bit more farther around and you Could put six or eight of these Across the front of that And then it's nice and lightweight and You have the versatility of running all These different platforms that will save You money over time uh depending on if You have other platforms all right so Let's go to the largest that's the big Boy that is an FAL So you know you got to kind of put it in But when you're putting your mag in it's Not really time dependent so you know

You just got to kind of go like that And these are um 20s by the way Like I said it take kind of a little bit Different you know it's not as smooth as Getting in the uh the Arkansas mags but You just fold it like that there we go Just fine works fine these got lots of Clearance because they're a lot shorter I could probably one run the 30 version Of this and be just fine also Um so this is versatility in your kit if You're out there training often you'll Figure things like this out if you are Running different systems different Platforms Um say you have an sr25 And say you have a regular Arkansas in Like uh you know five you know five six Those kind of things then same pouches Interchangeability if you have a Um you know a 308 if you have uh 762 by 39 762 or 545 by 39 556 it doesn't really matter those are Kind of the four standard things if you Have like this is for FAL if you have The uh M1A version almost the same Identical it'll work it'll work just Fine in here Um I can't think of any mags that won't Fit in here Probably even those Um larger like uh Um semi 12 gauge ones if you're running One of those kind of systems they would

Probably fit in here too I haven't Specifically tried myself but I love the versatility of these the Versatility is awesome and of course It's a little it's a little stiffer to Get out Um but because of the heavier weight I Like that so that when I'm out doing What I'm doing they're not gonna fall Out I really like this setup and like I said They seem like they're expensive but if You're talking about having setups for Multiple uh defensive tools that are Chambered in different you know Things then definitely think about this Look into this save yourself some money Actually and get a really good quality Product to go with it I have used these In training extensively Um and in the service also extensively And they stand the test of time they Work well it doesn't matter if you're Swapping out what you're putting in There they just work so they work really Good and really well and uh yeah it's a Good option to have because that Flexibility is key especially if you're Running these different systems so it's Just a video I just want to show you Guys this show you guys By your with your own eyes you can see That they all fit in there all four Different carriers seed holders fit in

Here just fine Um and you know there's a little there's A little bungee tension on the back here Where you can either loosen it up you Know or tighten it for the mag for the You know what's going in there make sure You do that and set it up properly what I like doing is I set it up for these Um how I like the retention on these and Then when I put the larger ones in Because they're heavier then yes they're A little bit more difficult to get out Slightly but under stress and it's it's No worry I've never had any issues with It Um this is just something I want you Guys to think about set yourselves up Properly and like I mentioned train Train train train train real world as Realistic as possible Um with as many variables in as possible High heart rate high stress bad weather It doesn't matter get out and train use Your gear If you want to be effective and if you Want to survive the fight you got to do This stuff and this isn't about LARPing And airsofting well actually I like how Risky Chrissy talks about like uh going Out and doing tactical training how it's Basically LARPing it basically it is if You think about it Um it's just Um more real world and has real world

Implications it's not just school like Going out and going airsofting I don't Airsoft because I believe it builds in Training scars I believe it could be Used in a CQB environment uh you know as A training tool but definitely not out In the woods no because one of those Little BB's hits one of those little Branches or something like that and Deflects and that's ludicrous that's not Even close to real world whereas a real Round would go right through that so nah Don't do that Um so if you want to call me a larper Call me a larper i i train regularly if You want to call that LARPing fine Whatever but I feel that it is necessary For us to be ready for what is coming Trained and equipped and this is part of It the equipment to go along with the Training so have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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