Prepare Yourselves For This! Severe Winter Traveling Readiness!

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Prepare properly for traveling this winter!

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Prepare yourselves for this Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Today we're talking about Traveling during the holidays and or Winter traveling if you're going to be Doing any traveling at all during the Winter this is good stuff so what I'm Going to cover today is um what we're Doing for our preparation to travel for The holidays Um as you see around me there is snow Here there's also ice on the roads and Everything right now it is uh it looks It's about 22 degrees 23 degrees ish so It's it's a little cold for here Um and dealing with these conditions I'm Going to go over what we're taking with Us and offer some advice and talk a lot About a lot of good things but first off If you're new to the Channel Please Subscribe ring the notification Bell for All hit that thumbs up Share the videos and comment below let Me know excuse me let me know what your What you think is good to have with you During winter travels or what do you do To prepare for traveling in adverse Weather conditions this is one of those Things that as Preppers what do I want To do what's my first instinct okay I Have two vehicles I have a big Um Super Duty Ford Um F-350 diesel long bed four wheel

Drive with a shell on it I also have a Little car Our plan is to take the little car But what was what's my initial what do I Want to do I want to take the truck I Want to throw all of our sleeping bags In there a bunch of blankets all kinds Of food water all my you know all my Gear Um I want to bring everything everything I possibly can fit in there Um but because Super Duty trucks are one Of the most stolen trucks right now in The United States Um you know and we're staying at some Hotels and things like that along the Way in different states I'm really Hesitant to take it even though I do Have a kill switch that probably they Wouldn't be able to steal my truck and Yes I have insurance and stuff like that But I don't know amp fuel costs you know Little car it's a little bit better Um I do have cables for the car I have Four wheel chains for the truck and it's Four wheel drive though so the truck Obviously be my first choice but the car Is easier to drive it's you know it's More it's a little more comfortable Stuff like that for long trips Etc so I don't know exactly what vehicle We're gonna take right now right now It's still the car

Because the area we're going in is it's Not necessarily it's not like we're Going to Montana or Colorado or anywhere Like that Um So some of the concerns you know aren't Really there as far as really bad Weather but you know it may come into Play but anyway so let me get into what We're taking what we're taking and this Is car or truck if we take the truck we Take a lot more obviously but what are We taking on the trip Um we're taking in the car first I'll Talk about in the cab Um or in the truck whatever it will be Um we really like the the um I forget What what the what exact brand they are But there's these these uh protein bars So I'm taking uh two boxes of the Protein bars I'm taking a case of waters We're taking a cooler with some food Stuff like that we take a snack bag Everywhere we go because we don't like Buying stuff when we're out because it's Increased prices and increased costs Right so we always try to pack our own Snack bags so that's a good thing to do We'll have a case of MREs with us like I Mentioned a case of waters Um we'll have sleeping bags for Everybody Um in the vehicle we will also have like I said chains and or or cables depending

On what vehicle we take I'm taking my primary defensive tool I'm taking my what I call my long range Patrol recce chest rig Loadout which has An ifac and a bunch of you know good Stuff on it if you've seen my videos you Know about what that is you've seen it Before I'm taking my battle belt which Has another ifac on it we also have Three first aid kits in each vehicle Um and Um oh bug out bags in each of the Vehicles not bug out bags for each Person if we're in the car because space Is limited but We're taking lots of cold weather gear Layering systems base layers you know All that stuff like that good coats I'm Taking my extreme um boots uh throwing The over boots for my son if he has to Get out he has winter boots also but the Over boots are really good Um gloves baklavas Um she mogs these are all good things to Take don't forget about your hands Because you're gonna have to work I also Throw in a pair of leather work gloves If I have to go put on chains or cables And stuff such Um also threw in a hand saw if we take The truck I'll take my steel ms362 Professional Um saw with a 25 inch bar as well as Fuel for it and other supplies like that

But in the car I do have a tool bag I Have basic hand tools in there Um actually more than basic hand tools a Little bit but I have some oil in the Car some extra oil I have some extra Coolant in the car that's very good we Just had new tires put on the car all Season tires we also just had an oil Change we just had the transmission Service So yeah we're taking care of things so That should be good another thing that We're going to do is if we take the car Or truck actually is a truck not so much Because I have five or six I have six Five gallon cans of diesel in the truck In the back of the truck also so not Necessarily a case of the car with the Truck but the car when we're traveling I'm not going to let the tank go below Half a tank which means stopping for gas Fuel more often yes that's true but if We do get stranded somewhere we'll be Able to have enough fuel to keep the car Running to keep us warm intermittently In between bundling up our sleeping bags Say we're stuck on the side of the road Or something like that it's freezing Cold outside so that's something very Important to do Um choosing your routes is very Important also if you say you're going Across the United States I'm in Washington say I'm going to Connecticut

Well I'm not necessarily I wouldn't be Taking the northern route right now Right I may not even take the middle Route I'd probably take the southern Route I'd probably go down through California and you know across Texas and All that stuff like that and then back Up take a little bit longer but not Necessarily because you wouldn't have to Deal with all the weather conditions so Plan your route properly also identify Everything between where you are and Where you're going as far as towns as Far as availability of fuel fuel Stations you know roadside stops rest Areas identify as much as you possibly Can also identify make sure that you you Have in your mind if you have you know Anybody on route So you can call them up and say hey I'm Stranded here can you help stuff like That tribe is important Um What else do we have in the car so yeah I covered that stuff um packing Um base layers I'm packing my Gators my Gore-Tex Um I already mentioned gloves I Mentioned my tactical kit Um Layering systems for the little girl I'm Bringing you know making sure she has Gloves making sure she has her good Boots with her

Um my son you got those over boots Making sure he has plenty of Um warm stuff to layer up in also as Well as the stuff you normally need for The trip Um Some other things let me see I just I Did first off what you do what I do Before I travel Um for the holidays or a long trip is go Through your vehicle and take out Everything you don't need clean up all The trash clean it up vacuum it out Stuff like that Um and make as much space as possible That way you can fit in all this stuff Good things to take or also like wool Blankets Um quilts fleece blankets all those kind Of things I threw in a box of those hand Warmers uh like I said MREs Um and don't forget Waters Um that's that's really important And the vehicle maintenance part is very Important so what else am I doing for This trip uh good question I am Making sure okay Note one thing to note if you have Chains and or cables make sure you have Bungee cords to use to tighten the Chains and or cables you might be able To make do with 550 cord I threw five a Hundred foot of 550 cord in also just in

Case I need that say a um Bungee cord brakes or something like That 550 cord will do real well in that Situation it cinch you down really tight One trick that I've learned over the Years using chains and uh cables is and I don't have a ton of experience but Put them on as tight as you can Roll forward you know 20 50 feet Something like that tighten them again Then you know go 200 feet down the road Tighten them again go a mile down the Road tighten them again then you're Probably good but make sure that they're Tight and check them often if you feel Anything or hear anything weird pull Over check them re-tighten them every Once in a while anyway just to check on Them every time you stop also say for Fuel or whatever it is just check them Um Make sure that you if you're traveling In adverse weather conditions like that Um if you have locking hubs you don't Necessarily need to be in four-wheel Drive but just You might want to think about locking Your hubs so that in my truck I have Locking hubs and I have that vacuum Sensor four-wheel drive automatic system Um the little vacuum thing doesn't work That great on my truck it works Sometimes it doesn't work sometimes so I Can just without the hubs locked I can

Switch into four wheel drive and Sometimes yes I will actually go on a Four wheel drive but sometimes I won't So if I think I'm going to need Four-wheel drive I just lock the hubs And then all that's doing is that stuff Up there is spinning but you're fine you Can drive like that for quite a while Don't worry about it Um and then if you need to be in four Wheel drive all you can do is flip that Switch Throw that lever whatever in your four Wheel drive so that's good Um take it slow also don't I hate one Thing I hate out in the snow is normally I don't like slow drivers well when I'm Adverse weather conditions I can't stand Those people they just think that They're impervious to everything Um the Subaru drivers are not to not to Attack anybody but I from around here They're the worst because they think That they're impervious because they Have all-wheel drive I've pulled so many Subarus out of the ditch with my truck And remember also if you're in a big Trucks mud tires snow chains stuff like That don't be stupid make sure that You're driving carefully I hate those People that will come up right up on Your butt and um you know driving too Fast for the weather conditions Sorry checked in with family

Um yeah so take it easy be smart Um make sure you have plenty of warm Stuff make sure like I said the fueling System keep yourself don't go below half A tank unless you absolutely have to Then get fuel as soon as you possibly Can the best thing to do is take extra Fuel with you in the car we don't have The space for a fuel can so um but the Truck we do like I said Um just be smart be safe I love you guys Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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