27 thoughts on “PREPPER MOMENT OF YOUR TIME July 23, 12019

  1. Not worth to go to war because it will only benefit multinational corporations, anything they say about going to war should be taken with a hand full of salts

  2. Sad world we live in when speech is no longer free. Unfortunately war is coming there are those that are being pushed to far pray for our country be safe prepare wish times were better keep teaching and thumbs down coward can’t even say why they probably think prepping is for someone whom doesn’t think the government will take care of them well they’re right we know it won’t

  3. If you could turn up your volume a bit it would be much appreciated. A person young enough to win a pageant is just learning about the world we live in. To penalize so harshly a young one for speaking their mind is cruel. Well she learned that some folks want to kill free speech!!! I suspect the thumbs down is from either a flat earther, or someone who believes NASA is a deceiver.

  4. Well said! I’ve been trying to impress upon people to stand by what they say, never appologise, but most of all speak!

    We don’t have to have shouting matches we are perfectly capable of listening to eachother and we might even learn something.

  5. I’m old, very ill & my life is short so I haven’t got anything to loose by speaking truth. Our country is in this predicament because we’ve all played nicey nice with the enemy far too long.

  6. Your compassionate rant, brought to mind a famous quote.
    ” A democracy connot exist as a permanent form of government.
    It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from public Treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for candidates promising the most benefits from the public Treasury with the results that a democracy always collapse over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a Dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest Civilizations has been 200 years . These nation’s have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from great courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishnes; to apathy; from apathy to dependence back into bondage”. — Alexander Fraser Tytler

  7. Just to add even if her opinion was misinterpreted if she signed the contract and they feel she has violated the contract as a private organization they have the right to do this! Just as certain people who have controversial opinions and publicize them on a private site the people who run the platform are within their rights to restrict or remove them from from their platform because it’s a private entity subject to the rule of the people who run it!

    Whether it were a public site or private site and they have no disagreement with her beliefs she still is in violation of their contract because of their requirements! The site does not have to object the company or organization is still within its rights because of the contract! If she had expressed them after she gave her crown to the next queen then said it she is covered under the First Amendment!

    I just wanted to add media distorts a lot! Just as when they put DOOMSDAY PREPPERS ! This show specifically made prepping look like insanity rather than preparation for negative events! Most preppers are people who consider that things can happen that can effects and on the same way people purchase life, home, car, flood and earthquake insurance not extremists who are insane by insuring the care of our families by using prepping as insurance! Just saying that we are seeing the same thing by them not explaining about these contracts that are signed! It looks better to get attention by saying that the First Amendment was violated rather than explaining she violated a contract that she signed agreeing to limit discussion of ideas that would or could be misconstrued!

    I wanted to add this to give a better context to the slant being in the articles to gain readers and ratings!!

    1. Then the vetting system with this organization is deficient in doing their jobs. She made the suspected comments a year before she entered the pageant.

    2. Admiral Preparedness the contracts also can hold people accountable for statements in their past just as I said about Vanessa Williams who was stripped of her title for pictures in the nude done before she entered the contest! My point is that what we say can have lasting effects and people should be careful about what they post!

      Employers are now asking people for all of their access to their accounts to search for controversial statements that can backfire years from now on the company! They check if people party a lot or take pictures doing illegal actions! We no longer can consider what we say as private and neither can we expect our actions to be viewed in the light of being immature when they posted these!

      What you post on a private account should stay private but this isn’t the case no matter when it was posted! Yes they should have vetted her better but these organizations need to realize that people change as do their opinions based on further growth, knowledge and information about the subject! No one is ever private in their opinions as long as they use websites like this!

      This is why they recommend you don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want disclosed ever! This is why people need to be careful about posting children’s information! People have made attempts to hurt children, steal their identities and even use their images to make a new account claiming that they are their children! The woman in question was told that they would take care of it and he just set up another account! In cases where during intimate moments people took exposed pictures and they were published they are told that it is public information and free speech! To combat the abuse of free speech to commit the destruction of a person’s reputation women and men this has happened to have to have their image copyrighted and then persecute under violation of copyright rather than a violation of privacy! This is sad but people should take this into account every time they decide to post their plans to go on vacation and such!

      A family who was on a Doomsday Prepper program went somewhere and came home to find everything that they had prepped for decades gone! All of their prepping was televised and people forget they are not private once they consent to having their images or opinions on any form of media !

      Private is no longer PRIVATE! Sadly even your past can be considered a violation of the contract signed! Yes I realize people should be judged by their actions not by media slant as innuendo but that is reality!!!

  8. I have about 600 hundred of those 3 quart containers, filled with rice, pastas, potato flacks, sugar, salt, 6 types of beans, seasonings, different dried peas. I Sealed them with tape and put oxygen absorber in each one too.

    1. I found that when filled, you cannot carry them by the lid. IT comes off. But, for a buck each, I’ll live with that…..I write on the top of them “DO NOT CARRY BY THIS LID. USE HAND HOLD!!!”

  9. The type of people that are pulling this are complete two faced . They use this type of thing against anyone who holds an opinion different from what certain groups are pushing BUT when a liberal /communist professor says or does something horrible then they use the BS that its the persons right to hold whatever opinion or do whatever action they wish in their personal time and its not the colleges right to police their off job behavior or speech.

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