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Do this to ensure you're prepping Success Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness What am I talking about I am talking About keeping track of your Preps but Not just keeping track of your preps Keeping a prepper notebook Why Because It's several reasons why actually but Before I get into that please if you're Not subscribed hit that subscribe button Ring the notification Bell for all hit That thumbs up or the thumbs down Comment below share the videos and let Me talk about that for a second the Comment section is a great place for you Guys to interact to interface with each Other to throw out ideas to ask Questions to learn from each other so Please take advantage of that Um there are other things like forums And stuff like that but you know YouTube Is what it is it's a big thing so Utilize the comment section like forums I've actually thought about how I could Organize something and do like videos or Playlists where it would basically Become like a forums thing I don't know But uh it's a great place for you guys To talk to each other and learn from Each other but with that said let's get Into the video all right prepper

Notebook why do you want a proper Notebook well first because you got to Know what you have So that you can identify weaknesses That's my biggest point to have a Prepper notebook because we need to know Where our strengths are and our Weaknesses so that we can say okay if we Kind of tend to lean One Direction in Our preps say food storage or water Storage or tactical well we can look in Our books or notebooks and we can Analyze what we have what our needs are And we can figure out and say hey I got A lot of food okay so but what else am I Weak on am I weak on solar am I weak on You know firewood or the ability to cook Or heat my house or my surroundings Without the grid That may be the case Um and I'll speak a little bit later a Little bit more on that also later but Um Or is it that you look down your say Food storage for example all your the Beans the rice the corn the wheat the Canned goods Um all that kind of stuff the bucketed Foods Um all those kind of things and you Realize hey I'm really weak on meat Which tends to happen I think in the Prepper Community because why because Meat's more expensive it's more

Rewarding and feels better to buy a big 25 pound 50 pound bag of rice or beans Than say some cans of meat for the same Price right you think you know your Dollar goes further which is true but if You eat meat need to include that in Your Preps Another thing that a prepper notebook Does does for me at least is it helps Motivate me helps me realize hey I'm Doing pretty darn good in this category In this category in this category okay Hey that category needs some work So then you can prioritize that category Bring it up to speed equal with the Other categories I know the channel name Is asymmetrical preparedness meaning not Equal uneven Um you know those kind of things and I Chose that channel name for a reason First off asymmetrical Warfare Um you know Advanced Warfare Um as well as Um the fact that prepping no matter how Hard we try it's not going to be even Um because I'm for example one person Tribe is what fills it and makes it Symmetrical we as individuals are Asymmetrical because we cannot Have all the skill sets we cannot meet Every parameter and we cannot prepare For everything unless you're a Billionaire building those massive Underground bunker complexes like they

Are right now why are they doing that Good question because they know and they See what's going on and I think they're Probably a little more in tune with What's really going on in the world than You and me so let's take an example from Them and up our preparedness game but Prepper notebook Um Another thing what I do is prepper Notebook is one of the things where Every time the season changes I at least Take a look at it that often as well as Re going through my bug out bags my get Home bags my patrol packs whatever bags I have with stuff in them for use I go Through them and I make sure that they Are going to be ready for the the new Season meaning winter more warm weather Clothing more foul weather gear more Warm socks Etc Um versus say summer Or spring starts to roll out things warm Up maybe you can take some of that stuff Out of there because ounces equal pounds Pounds equal pain and you don't want to Carry extra gear then you absolutely Don't have to Um and carrying extra gear and extra Like safer clothing extra layers of Clothing and also like to keep you warm Um that and your ability to stay warm Without a grid is what I've been talking About lately The Fortress foul weather

Clothing the cold weather gear Fortress Their base layers this is just a shell Nothing else non-insulated shell with Their base layer I've been wearing it Out here work on the garden and stuff Like that I'm actually thinking of some Cool ideas I was going to sit in here in The front yard and have my son spray me Down with the hose soak me and to see How well they do in water because Supposedly do really well in water I Haven't tested it yet but I've seen People they on videos they'll cut a hole In the ice jump in get out and like 45 Seconds later they're warm So I want to test that feature on these Clothing on these base layers and other Stuff but anyway check out the link in The description below Um to Fortress I I'm really impressed I'm really excited about this I know People say I'm turning into a clothing Salesman that's not the case I'm just so Excited about it I want you guys to be Prepared for dark winter for not having A grid having portable heat so no matter Where you go you don't have to rely on a Wood stove or a coal burning stove or a Propane or a generator or stuff like That you can stay warm on the move or Sedentary staying put and it's just I'm Really excited about it I'm sorry I Don't mean to go on and on and on about It but anyway that is something that's

Very important and if you're going with A good quality base layer like this and Maybe they're um their other stuff that They have there other lines to make sure That you're you're warm in any Environment then you don't have to pack A bunch of different layers you just Throw this in and you're good to go one Thing I will note though it is a little Bulky because of the way the padding is What I do is I'll roll it up really good Really height and then I'll put in a Ziploc bag and I'll try to roll it up as Much as I can or what you can do is you Can put in a vacuum sealer that works Really well because it gets lightweight It doesn't weigh a lot it's just more Bulky you vacuum seal it down nice and Tight throw that in your bag good to go It doesn't take up much weight much room Anyway but anyway back to the main point Of the video is identifying your Strengths and weaknesses and identifying Your strengths is a great motivator Because you can look at it and see okay I've been prepping a little every day I've been putting you know I've been Getting things when I can an extra can Of green beans here an extra can of Chicken here an extra can of roast beef Here whatever it may be and you can see How that's starting to add up and it Really gives you that peace of mind Knowing that you're headed in the right

Direction Sorry for the break my wife had a Question Um but yes this is it it is a great Motivator it is it helps you Um get that peace of mind knowing that Hey I'm doing okay Um but you know I might be able to Improve in this area Um so that's really a good thing to do Also in your prepper notebook it's not Just about food storage water storage Medical Um the tools the 550 cord shelter tarps Blankets there's a lot to it yes as well As like the freedom seeds the freedom Seed holders defensive tools those can Be in there also so you can keep track Of how that's going and one thing I Recommend doing in that regard regarding The seeds is Um keeping Um your shtf stockpile Separate from your training stuff over Here So keep your training stuff this is the Stuff you use from and you replenish Whenever you use it and then whenever You maybe get a little another you know An extra box something put it over in That category to stockpile for long term Kind of like rotating your food but I Keep that this training stuff dedicated For training because it is worth the

Money it is worth every penny if you're Actually going out and getting real World training we I mean practical application of your Tools is vitally important that is worth Way more than having a really expensive Tool If you have a less expensive tool but You know how to use that bad boy and you Are very very proficient with it I take That any day over some guy with some Fancy high-end doodad conglomeration of Whatever Barbie stuff or Lego a you know Thing yeah tools Yeah So that's a good way to use it also as Well as identifying the holders for the Seeds are you are you of adequate Supplies do you have extra maybe put Some of the extra ones or the ones that Maybe you got a long time ago that uh Maybe not the best brand or maybe not 100 functionally reliable put those in a Barter box that's what I do I have some Old thermaled ones that I throw in a Burger box some old uh um uh Some of the other less expensive ones I Forget as well as most of my GI ones Just go in there because yeah they're Still good but um and a lot of them I've Replaced with uh the the Um Big M mag Pull Anti-tilt followers you know what I mean

Uh but that's kind of a side note sorry I kind of go off on a side note Um Make sure everything is squared away I Mean the more we can do now the better Off we will be later don't procrastinate Don't put stuff off look at your prepper Notebooks if you don't know a proper Notebook just start one go get one of Those stenone pads from like Walmart for 50 cents or something or the dollars Tree or something like that and you know And a pen I mean seriously and then just Go through an inventory or preps it may Take some time to do that yes Um and this is a whole can of worms so Like the whole rotational thing and Whether you want to put you know the Dates of your cans in your prepper Notebook That gets varied because then you got to Go a can by can by can and that'll take A lot of paper if you have a lot of food Storage so figure you got to figure that Out yourself how how you want to go About doing it but this is a great tool Um to make sure that You are where you think you are It's a great tool to figure out Um And make us Real with ourselves The truthfulness of our preparedness Where our actual level of preparedness

Is this is very important we don't want To be blowing smoke up our butts we Don't want to think we're more prepared Than we are I would rather downplay it That's why you know a lot of people talk About like how many calories per person Per year how many pounds of food per Person per year Um a lot of people base it off to 2 000 Calories or say 2500 3 000 4 000 I shoot For you know four to five thousand Because me out working and doing the Things that I'm going to be required to Do I'm going to be burning five thousand Eight thousand calories a day maybe My wife however won't be she'll be Burning fifteen hundred maybe my little One maybe fifteen hundred a thousand my Boy he'll be burning close to me so but If I just go with a number like five Thousand Per person per year I know I got more Than say I say identify 5 000 calories Per person per year and I have a year of Food I know I actually probably have at Least a year and three months maybe a Year and six months but anyway I digress I hope you guys are prepping I Hope you guys are taking this seriously I hope that you are um looking ahead and Um filling those gaps mitigating those Weaknesses I love you guys and have a Wonderful day blessings to you and yours

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