YouTube LogoWith all of the craziness going on in the world today many people are getting interested in prepping again. They usually go to Google or YouTube and search for prepping info. So I thought it might be a helpful to list some of my favorite prepperĀ  YouTube channels and tell you what I like about them.

I’ll start by giving you a link to my YouTube channel list – these are the channels on YouTube that I follow for prepping information. You can view my list by clicking here.

Ok, so I’m going to list a few of my favorite channels here with a brief description of why I like them. I won’t list them all because there’s a ton of them and I don’t want to bore you to death.

Prepper Channels

These channels offer good advice on prepping as well as on homesteading. They all cover many varied topics including food storage, gardening, solar power, silver and even a little coverage of world events.

Alaska Prepper

If you watch the Alaska Prepper channel for 2 minutes you will see what kind of man Rudy is – 100% Patriotic American with a heart of gold! Rudy believes in helping as many people as he can with good, solid info on being prepared for any event that life may throw at you. As you can guess from his channel name he lives in Alaska. Because of that he has to prep for some events that a person in Florida. for example, will never see. He always points that out to people – prep for what is most likely to happen where you live.

Alaska Prepper has many videos on canning, food storage, stocking up on commonly used items, solar generators and quite a few more topics. He gives genuine advice based on things that he does and products that he actually uses. He covers the good and bad of every situation as he sees it and is open for discussion if you see things differently.

The Alaska Prepper channel is the one channel that I think every beginning prepper should spend some time watching so that they get off on the right foot.


PrepperNurse1 is a great channel for prepping and homesteading advice. As I write this article, Ed is in the process of setting up a new homestead in West Virginia. He is recording everything on vide and posting it to YouTube – warts and all.

Ed’s honesty is refreshing in todays fake social media environment. He tells you exactly what he thinks, admits when he makes a mistake and will explain why he has changed his mind or made a change of plans on the development of the new homestead. It’s definitely interesting to see his thought processes as he makes a plan, then how he adapts his plan when reality kicks him in the butt.

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Ed is another man with a great sense of humor and a willingness to share whatever knowledge he has to help others improve their lives.

He also gets bonus points for being a true family man and an animal lover. You can see how he interacts with his Mom, sister, daughter and nieces and nephews in his videos and on his livestreams. It’s obvious how close they all are. You also will get to see how much he cares for his chickens (go Thick Neck!), cats and dogs.

His videos offer great info on building a solar system, raised bed gardening and life in general.

Pinball Preparedness

Pinball Preparedness is a great channel for gardening and prepping news. Pinball posts 2-3 videos a day showing how current events can or will affect the world and offers advice on how to be prepared for the next crazy scheme being thrown at us by the “ruling elite”.

He has a background in the stock market so he will also share his thoughts on how some of these events will hit us financially.

He is a big believer in growing as much of your own food as possible in whatever space you have. He has videos on making organic fertilizer at home, growing in raised beds, growing in the ground, growing in pots, sharing seeds – if you want to start gardening at home then Pinball Preparedness needs to be one of your favorite channels.

Deep South Homestead

Deep South Homestead is a channel for Mr. Danny and Mrs. Wanda – an amazing couple that live in Mississippi on a homestead where they raise cattle, pigs, fish and have multiple gardens.

Due to the high heat in the South they have built 2 high tunnels for growing food – the King and Queen tunnels!

They share tons of information for growing vegetables, fruit and berries, dealing with pests, organic fertilizers and anything else related to growing your own food. The depth of knowledge that they both have is astounding. If you can grow it and eat it then they can probably tell you how to improve your process and get more from each plant.

Food Info Prepper Channels

These channels provide info on sun cycles, impending food shortages and growing your own food. These guys will help you see the bigger picture and plan a little farther down the road. Just the type of info that preppers love to have so that they can be prepared for life.

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Adapt 2030

Adapt 2030 is a channel by David DuByne that covers the changing climate due to the Grand Solar Minimum. I find it interesting that when I was a child in elementary school we were taught how the sun affects our climate on Earth but modern day scientists say that “man is the cause of climate change”. David’s videos were the first ones that I saw that called BS on the scientists – he goes into great detail on solar cycles and the effects they have had on mankind historically.

David now lives on a homestead in Tennessee where he is building a life that allows him to grow as much of his own food as possible while keeping an eye on the solar cycle changes and their impact on our ability to grow food in the future.

There’s a lot of things that he can’t openly discuss on YouTube (because it doesn’t fit their agenda of man made climate change) but he provides enough info and links that you can easily fill in the blanks.

Ice Age Farmer

The Ice Age Farmer channel isn’t as active on YouTube as it used to be because Christian got tired of their censorship. He still publishes every now and then so I keep an eye out for his videos because they are always interesting and way ahead of their time. Videos that he published in 2018-2019 that YouTube censored have since proven to be true – not that the YouTube snowflake censors care though.

His videos will give you advance warning of coming shortages – be they seed shortages or food shortages. I’ve followed him long enough to know that his info is accurate and it’s out early enough that if you act on his warnings you won’t be one of the people on TV crying about the lack of toilet paper!

Christian also believes that we should all grow as much food as possible and that we should work with local farmers and ranchers to take control of our food away from the corporate monsters that only care about their profit.

Investing/Economic Prepper Channels

I’m including these two channels because they will help you get financially prepared for what life throws your way. Good advice for getting out of debt, to saving money and investing in precious metals and crypto, they have you covered.

The Economic Ninja

The Economic Ninja covers a lot of ground in his videos. But everything he covers is based on improving your financial situation so that you are not a financial slave to the system. His advice is based on getting out of debt, building and protecting wealth and putting yourself in position to help others.

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He’s not a financial advisor or planner – “just a guy with a Brohwawk and a dream” – is his motto but he gives great, common sense based advice that is sure to help anyone that listens AND acts on the advice.

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness is a newer channel that I am following. The channel is by Chris Taylor – a regular guy that has built a nice life for his family through hard work and investing with common sense. He shows life on his homestead in some of his videos as well.

If you watch his videos I think you’ll see that he is the type of guy you’d like to hang out and have a beer with. The fact that he freely shares his investing philosophy and life with his viewers just adds to the quality of his videos.

Medical Prepper Channels

Finally, here are a couple of channels that approach things from the medical point of view as well as prepping/homesteading. If you live on a homestead then odds are you will need some medical help on occasion so you might as well get it from good people.

Bear Independent

The Bear Independent channel is based from Bears’ homestead in Oklahoma. He shows real homestead life along with his family and his MAG (Mutual Assistance Group). They all work together to build a better life where they are not slaves to the system. Bear also runs a company called Refuge Medical that does training classes and sells the BearFAK, as well as other medical kits. All of his kits are made in America so you know you aren’t getting a ton of cheap junk made in China.

Bear is a man of faith and that shows in all of his videos. I’ve seen some people leave comments that they want him to leave his faith out of his videos. He always tells them that he is true to his beliefs and is not going to change to satisfy them. That is one of the reasons that I like him. He is honest about who and what he is, take it or leave it.

Patriot Nurse

The Patriot Nurse channel is based out of a homestead in Tennessee by a real life nurse. She offers medical info and training on the web and in person. Her videos come from a religious point of view and she mixes in a whole lot of common sense.

You can’t help but want to be a better person after watching her videos.


I’ve covered just a few of my favorite prepper YouTube channels in this article. Click here to go to YouTube to see a full list of the prepper channel that I follow. Check them out and also search on YouTube for other channels. New channels pop up all the time so it is worth spending a few minutes to watch some videos to see if you find someone that gives info that provides value to you.


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By Chris Wright

My goals with are to help you prepare your family for every day life as well as the things that pop up like job loss, storm damage, store shortages, etc. The better prepared you are for life, the easier survival becomes. Learn to thrive, not just survive!