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Prepper burnout prepper slump Lots of different words for it hey Everybody it's Michael with asymmetrical Preparedness I have been in one big time Um Talk about a little more on patreon if You're interested in showing us there I Got great content links in the Description below but After getting shut down Um banned and are put in jail by YouTube And all the stuff that goes along with That really Just Just got even less motivated and that's My fault I apologize to you guys Um I need to stay motivated I need to Stay here for you guys and to get the Word out to more people to build more Assets so there's fewer liabilities out There coming for our stuff right so Prepper burnout how do you avoid it it's A good question throw in the comment Sections if you have any ways Um it happens and it wasn't just a prep It wasn't just prepping burnout Um it was Um this emotional burnout Um some tough stuff going through Um I think everything's be fine I mean You know but It's tough to get through sometimes I'll tell you what one thing that really Helps that I know really helps

With burnout is tribe Tribe People that are really there for you all The time no matter what uh that is very Helpful And uh very important to have a solid Support structure like that so I Encourage you guys first off to get Tribe to build tribe to build those Relationships with other people very Important another thing about prepper Burnout is sometimes take a break Just take a break it's okay Um you know the world hasn't ended yet Even though all the stuff is out there You know the world is ending in some Other way every single day I just I got Burned out of that too I got I'm so sick Of that like I talked about before new Channel Direction you know no more Talking about that stuff Um yeah there's a lot to think about and There's plenty of channels out there and Cover it I'm not knocking them I'm not Knocking it because it's important that That information is out there and that We are made aware of what's going on Around us the food shortages the you Know the wars the conflicts the all the Stuff that's important Um because in a way that that helps us Stay motivated also Um to an extent but it can also lead to Uh proper burnout because you're always

Worried about the next thing or Concerned about the next thing which is You know kind of what I was doing for a While um it really did help with Preparedness I mean we got a lot more Prepared uh but uh it also I think had Something to play with burnout Um but yeah I'm not I'm not quitting I'm Not going anywhere I'm not going to let Them win uh we will win and we will be More prepared some of the other things You can do other than taking a break is Physical exercise is really good which I Didn't do that for quite a while I'm Getting back into it now because I was We were sick all of them we were sick For like two months it was like we get One second we'd be better for a couple Days and get sick again Etc so keeping yourself healthy taking Care of yourself and is very important Also Um and then also taking the time to Strengthen your family to better your Family because family comes first that's One reason why I've been taking a little Bit of a break also as well as just Finding difficulty with Prepping with motivation around prepping Um and it's we're to the point where We're fairly well prepared and some People would say we're amazingly Prepared Um uh better than a lot uh maybe not

Quite up to par for some people but We're we're there you know so it's kind Of like also when you get to that point The Next Step what is the next step Um once you get that basic level of Preparedness down or even intermediate Or Advanced then you really start Getting into like some of the more Expensive stuff also which is kind of Um less than motivating especially if You're on a budget you know you're Talking about like off-grid stuff Soul Or wind Um maybe bug out Vehicles maybe some of The bigger things like night vision Um you know the more expensive things You get all the other stuff knocked out Fairly quickly kind of like when you're Brand new into a car and you get a new Like truck or car and you want to you Know do little things to make it yours And you do the all the little cheap Inexpensive things first and then you Get to the point where you run out of Those things to do and then you're like You want to continue going and you Really start got to start putting some Money down you know so Um that's one of those things it's kind Of along the same lines but I encourage You guys To just keep on a little bit at a time Preparedness will pay off Um The World Isn't ending today it

Probably won't end tomorrow But The odds that something will happen Where we will need our Preps Our preparedness our skills our food our Water our pews you know those things That I don't want to even talk about Anymore just because All the BS around it it's important yes And we do talk about that on patreon so I I know it's another Shameless plug but It's it's where I can actually talk About that kind of stuff honestly Um and if you guys uh if you guys are Subscribed thank you very much if you're Not please smash that subscribe hit that Thumbs up and comment what are ways that You have found to avoid proper burnout Talk to each other help each other in The comments section this is about Building Community Um so that's very important uh I love You guys I just want to throw this out There I appreciate all of you guys and Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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