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You need to get started doing this Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness what am I Talking about well winter is coming to An end which means what Growing season very soon like you see Behind me are raised beds Growing your own food is uh I have a Feeling it's going to be ever more vital As time goes on There's a lot of stuff going on a lot of Shortages other stuff I'm not really Going to talk about a lot of other Channels talk about stuff keep you Abreast with that kind of stuff I want To talk about what to do about it which Is Start thinking about your garden Store again seeds now make sure your Soil is amended Make sure that you have extra water on Hand if you lose power to water your Garden If you don't have water available to you And find a backup sources for it also And Just start getting stuff ready if you Need to add soil to your raised beds Your containers if you need to rototill Your ground get it done now as soon as You possibly can I get it if you're Frozen in still the ground is still Frozen solid some areas you can't do That some areas people in Florida and

Other areas they get to guard they're Lucky they get a garden year round so That's awesome California you know all The the southern areas they can pretty Much a lot of places can garden year Round that's that's amazing that's Awesome we have a fairly long growing Season here in Washington state Especially Western Washington Um so it's pretty good here but I've Been going around I've been making sure The soil is amended and stuff like that Especially things like where am I grow My tomatoes Tomatoes really Like calcium in the soil how do you get Calcium in the soil yeah you can go buy It or you're going to save your Eggshells for me to make make eggs in The morning let them dry out I usually Just put them in a paper plate um let Them dry out for a couple days then I Crunch them up my hands and I put them In the coffee grinder turn into powder And then I sprinkle the powder mix it Into the soil where my tomatoes grow Things like that proactive not reactive We need to start thinking about these Things ahead of time so that we're not Behind the power curve when it's time to Start planting and then we don't have to Try to play ketchup this is a very Important thing to do current situation In our garden we have 24 raised beds and One two three four

Four in-ground areas as well as fruit Trees we have three plum trees We have Um Six blueberries we have four raspberries We have uh 16 Huckleberry bushes that I Brought from the Woods back over there And transplanted in my yard around my Different places around my raised bed Because what I like about berries and Fruit trees is they're really low Maintenance and you don't need to you Know dig them up replant them every year They keep growing back year after year Producing food which is very important Strawberries are good for that also Those are strawberries that I planted Last year from Runners from my neighbor Actually they're the same strawberries That I had that I allowed to take over One of my beds I had planted four plants In this little box at the front of the Bed well they grew up and took over the Entire bed last year so I'm gonna have An entire bed of strawberries plus Another bed of strawberries over there Plus that area of strawberries are there So we should have a lot of strawberries This year but we're going to plant a lot Of potatoes this year a lot of carrots Beets Beans peas all those kind of things We're going to limit our number of crops This year I think that's very important

Is not growing as many varieties but Focusing on the basics I've I've talked About this in other videos uh the the Caloric dense foods the massive Producers things like that that produce A lot of food to sustain you and your Family if things get bad so that's very Important so I hope you guys are Proactive about this taking a round turn And getting this stuff done now It is very important so Thank you guys very much for being here Thank you guys very much for support Um thank you to all the people out there That noticed that I was gone that when I Was in YouTube jail And thank you for letting me know that I Was missed I appreciate that Um yeah so We got a lot of good things coming Um trying to get reinvigorated with this Channel and with prepping I kind of went Through a down time being slammed with Censorship that's really it really sucks I mean it does it's mentally draining But I'm here I'm gonna stay here and We're gonna do the things I love you Guys have a wonderful day and blessings To you and yours

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