‘Preppers’ – stockpiling to be ready for the worst

Sky’s Katarina Vittozzi meets some ’preppers’ – people who are taking the stockpiling of essential supplies to the ultimate level.

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So how long have you been preparing this Particular store for This room I set up at the start of this Year so uh just coming up on 12 months Really Barry hopes for the best but is Preparing for the worst how much food do You have here well my goal now is to Have enough food for three of us for six Months that’s that’s my goal because you Just don’t know Barry is a prepper Someone that builds a stockpile because They see a major crisis ahead the the Cost of living crisis power outage is Fuel shortages Those things I’m well prepared for now Five years ago for the story there was Going to be a huge war in Europe and a Global pandemic would you believe it Make no mistake those things will happen Again and I’d just rather be ready Barry’s asked us not to show his Identity and I in fact it’s something That quite a few of the Preppers we’ve Spoken to for this report have asked of Us and it’s not because they’re Embarrassed about what they do it’s that If there is a crisis they don’t want People to know where they live who they Are and how much they have Because some Preppers believe a big Crisis could lead to civil unrest Barry’s air guns are just a hobby but He’s ready for a breakdown of Law and

Order I feel confident that me and my sons Could protect our home if we needed to Ever got to that point yeah do you think It would get to that point though I don’t think it takes a lot for people To get crazy it really doesn’t Prepping as a movement started in the United States but as the UK heads into a Winter of warnings about power Disruption it’s something more people Here are doing from a base in rural Wales Lee price sells prepper Goods Survival kits long-term food rations He’s never been busier it’s the what ifs What if the electric goes off what if um I can’t get heating or whatever whatever It is so it’s it’s planning ahead that’s All it is really And have you noticed more and more People are doing that oh yeah yeah and From every Walk of Life yeah what do you Mean by that every Walk of Life well we Have people following up you know there Could be doctors or teachers you know From cities from the country any Anywhere really they’ve always had this Perception of tin out wearing nut jobs You know but they’re not you know They’re just people who like to make Sure they’ve got a bit of security at Home And that security can bring reassurance When things feel unpredictable life has

Got a little bit more uncertain and when We sort of lack that control we can Become anxious so doing a little bit of Prepping actually gives you a little bit Of control back you’re actually making Proactive decisions that can help you When things go horribly wrong Preppers say this isn’t Panic buying It’s not paranoia it’s being ready for The future in uncertain times Catherine if I don’t see Sky News

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