Prepping 101 | Shelter

Continuing into our Prepping 101 series we will now talk about shelter. In an emergency situation it is generally stated that you can only survive 3 hours in a harsh environment if you do not have adequate shelter. But shelter is also vital in a non-emergency situation. Who wants to be sitting outside during a thunderstorm or snow storm? Or in 100 plus degree heat?

Even having something as simple as a tarp to help shield you from sun, wind, rain or snow can make a tremendous difference when you are outdoors. You can usually find small tents that are inexpensive to purchase so you can keep one in your preps for camping trips and emergency use.

Learning to use what nature provides is also a good skill to have. Look for caves or rock formations that can offer protection from the elements. Knowing how to build a debris hut can help protect you from the weather.

Here’s a video from Bushcraft GR showing how he made a simple shelter using what he had with him and what Nature provided.

Take stock of what is around you and then get creative to provide shelter from the elements.

This is a skill that can help you when you are travelling and your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, during or after a storm or any other type of emergency. It can even be a skill that is fun to practice from time to time. You can involve your kids and teach them a skill while they think they are just having a fun time in the woods.


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