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Patreon how are you guys doing love you Guys thank you so much for being here um Don't mind the rabid dog in the Background that is a little bit playing In her sand pit acting like a dog She is protecting it or something i Don't know but anyway what is today's Video about today's video is a review Of something that i'm not paid to Promote whatsoever it is a tool That i have and the members of my tribe Have In our kit it's actually attached side Of my patrol kit so that i can draw it With a Custom kydex sheath so that i can draw It while carrying the pack and use it as A weapon and or whatever else i need it For what is this tool i'm talking about This Is the spetsnaz shovel by cold steel Because you need an e-tool For digging But This is a really good one so when i was Looking at it the grain looks like it's Really really good the way the grain is We had one of our guys um the grain on His handle was just off it was just the Wrong grain so while he's throwing it at A tree busted the handle um So they just had him and decided to make A new one they just made a new one it's No big deal it's not that difficult to

Do but um the grain on this one looks Really good they are sharp They are pretty darn sharp so what i'm Gonna do i'm gonna try to put this thing To its paces for you guys to see how Well it works First off i'm going to sit here on these Logs and i already took a notch out of One of them but these are kind of older Logs but You get a picture There you go take a big notch out you Can also Stick it in Really good these things are sharp And yeah they will do a thing can you See the end of that log yes you can [Music] Yes you can use it like an axe and it Works All right so It works like an axe because you can use These as a weapon you can easily cleave Somebody wham and you've got a lot of Force behind that um you know i don't Think i'd really use it like this it's Not really intended like that i guess You could come up Back down but yes you can use this as a Weapon you can use as a digging tool you Can use it as a survival tool you can Use it to chop down a tree Let's go see how well it does Digging

Boom here i am in the woods okay so We're gonna see how well this thing digs I have a little um Clear area right there you can see Right there Right there And Um I forget why that's cleared off But i'm going to see how well this thing Digs so let's give it a uh Let me lower this a little bit So you can see better That should be that should give you a Pretty decent view All right all right please don't do that Baby okay dad okay i'm just gonna Wow Roots Goes through roots That's the important thing Working really well so far Should make this a video about how to Build a how to dig a shell scrape at the Same time But i'm not really going to do that Right now Roots yeah hack through them Move all this dirt out of here And as you see there are some good rocks In here And this thing Is just going and going Yep some big rocks

What i really like about this is how it Just plows through the roots Dad What baby girl can i walk anymore No i don't want any more barking in this Video if you want to bark go over your Sand pit and bark Big room No problem And dirt out no problem I rented another big route yeah there we Go Decent-sized root Wow that's big There's the end of the root All right there we go there's into the Root Shovel looks like it's perform Performing as intended right now That's doing good Yeah it is doing well isn't it Uh so is it if i go up to my sandpit yes You may It's really good how sharp it is it just Cuts through Roots like no problem Hey this'll be a good source for uh Some dirt for the garden And Maybe turn it into a foxhole i don't Know The location really isn't right for a Foxhole but Whatever

And the size of it right now isn't Really right either I just figured i'd dig you guys a little Hole here to show you guys How well it works You could probably tell i tell i've dug A couple holes in my life huh And another thing is I can Have the kids Come out here and go through all these Rocks Since they're rock counters they like Rocks they like exploring And finding all kinds of cool rocks Root Ha yes It's a decent size root That's kind of a cool blue Anyway That's kind of a crude little hole Obviously not the right size for foxhole But i just wanted to see how well this Did And it is standing up very well is it Still sharp Not as sharp as it was of course But i can sharpen it again but it's Still pretty sharp So let's go test it on Something to see how sharp it is still Off with the with the understanding that I haven't dug Too much here i haven't done too much

Digging yet but let's go see how sharp This is Okay this log this logs a little rotten That one's a little bit rotten if you Can see this one yeah not too bad but Let's see [Music] If i hit it right it would probably do Better Looks pretty good to me let's test this One over here i'll stand over here [Music] You can tell that one's probably a Little more rotten So let's test this one over here You can still see it yeah Actually this one's more rotten But you get the point Okay so While we're here Let's go Over here And see about it cutting some ferns All right here we go Here's a nice big fern Right there all right so i'm just going To sweep underneath it Oh yeah Yep it took out a lot of them it didn't Take all of them but the blade's only That big So Yep All dead

All right So while we're doing this Let's go test some more stuff let's see What else it'll do Here we go Here is a Tree Look at the Tripod right there there we go this bad Boy let's see if we can cut it in one Swing Nope not one swing Not two Not three here let me back cut All right Oh bad hit There we go It'll work something like this if you Can see that yep that'll be one hit Or maybe not There we go two hits Kind of a third If i can actually hit it right Okay What else we cut here let's see like Something like this That little vine right there Quick little cut yep Show you another one if you can see it Right there is the cut end There we go How about this and this is just one Handed backhanded Okay cut through that part

Cut through that part yep What about a huckleberry bush Here's a huckleberry bush right You can see this Right there let's see if i can cut Through that Yep one swing Cut through it right there All right so it's still sharp And it will still do The things I'm loving it but it's working like it's Supposed to Let me put it that way Nothing special it's just yes it does What it's supposed to do Okay so let's go back over here Let's go back to the hole Let's uh Let's dig a little bit more I can say Dirt in my eye of course I can say That it's working Like it's supposed to So It is a shovel And it is a cutting tool And it can be a weapon Let's just get some more dirt out of Here And then we can Go Do something else with it while i'm

Digging i'm going to think of something Else i can do with this Actually you know what i saw something Let's try throwing it Let's see how well How well it throws Makes pretty short work of that so with This I could probably Probably dig a foxhole and I don't know 20 minutes half hour maybe Um an actual Full-size um Box hole Uh shorter time for like a shell scrape Which would be A Foxhole is Deeper Rather than bigger because you're Sitting or standing down in it A shell scrape or An expedited fighting position Would be Um Wider and longer so you lay down in it And so be as deep as you with your gear On is Not really counting the pack Just you know it's about yay It's about yay deep 12 14 inches deep All that is designed to do is if Grenades Shells anything like that

Land obviously not directly on you Directly on you you're done foxhole Shell script doesn't matter what you Have But if they land next to you it's Designed so that the shrapnel Goes over you so you're below the level Of the ground but let's go see how this Thing throws Okay so i'm going off of the basic idea Of throwing a tomahawk By using this so about five paces so i'm Gonna go take five paces from the tree Go out there and throw it let's see what Happens All right from the tree one two three Four five All right Slightly off on the rotation Try it again There you go Rotation correct let's try it again There you go That's a good rotation And that was me also just kind of Flinging it i wasn't trying to get it in Deep i wasn't trying to cleave through Somebody's head that was just a let's See if this works but it works fairly Well i can do this also Yeah that was a little more force it Went in About yay deep you can see there you go So about an inch deep

Into a Fur tree I like it it's working well so far let Me get the camera a better angle let's Go over here so you know those ugly White log or white pieces of wood there That i need to get rid of Um Spetsnaz shovel by cold steel There are other shovels by cold steel That are slightly different if you want This one Get the spetsnaz special force shovel by Cold steel What can i say it's work it's working Well so far for me one thing i want to Do is um I'm probably going to see how there's a Little bit of a lip here Probably going to sand that down make it Smooth Reduce well i don't want to reduce it Too much i'll probably just smooth that Down and then i'm going to use a wood Burner to burn some kind of decorative Features in here that'll work like Stippling so it'll give me a Much better um grip on it instead of Being slick like this So yeah i'll probably do a video about That when i start doing it i've never Burned wood i've stippled you guys have Seen this Yep the stippling

And i use a wood burner on that so Already got a wood burner i already got The tips I don't know what i'm going to do maybe I'll have somebody maybe i'll figure out A design to draw out on it or something Like that but yeah it's good shovel it Digs it sticks It would cause some serious damage to Somebody if i was using this as a weapon And here let's look at the edge here see There are you do see some little Dings and nicks From hitting rocks But all in all This side looks really good All in all I'm happy I'm glad it works well As expected but i just wanted to up test It for you guys So if you want a shovel an e-tool shovel Small shovel like this for carrying your Patrol bag your kit It's a good shovel to get Uh i forget what the factory sheath Looked like Or if it even had one Like i said i have a custom kydex sheet That's really sweet Um Love you guys have a wonderful day Blessings to you and yours

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