Prepping For Food Shortages And Inflation! SHTF Is Here! #foodstorage #selfsufficiency

Shortages are only going to get worse, as well as #inflation and availability of needed supplies.
#shortages #foodshortage #foodprices #selfsufficiency #selfdefense #labgrownmeat

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Prepping for food shortages Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness we're going to Talk about this a lot of stuff today About What's going on What to do about it how to set ourselves Up for success and a bunch of other Stuff so stay tuned first off let's talk About what potential food shortages There are going to be Vegetables are going to be more Expensive and harder to get But the big one is meat It's part of the whole push for a Meatless Society They want us to eat bugs they want to See lab-grown meat there's even Lab-grown chicken now from what I've Heard They just want us to eat what they want Us to eat or what they want us to eat Also or those meat substitutes the Vegetarian and the vegan meat Substitutes like beyond meat and stuff Like that if that's what you want to eat Then great God gave us free will for a Reason you eat what you want to eat me Personally I want to eat beef I want to Eat chicken I want to eat turkey those Are pretty much the only three meats That we eat in our family but I enjoy Them and I want to be able to eat them So what can we do about it before we get

Into that though please Hit that subscribe button ring the Notification Bell for all Hit the thumbs up with a thumbs down Comment below let me know what you're Seeing let me know what how you're Preparing for food shortages because There's two sides to this there is the Stockpiling side and there's the Production side we're going to talk About both first let's talk about why There are shortages There are shortages because of a lot of Factors Some of it is being Um it's part of an agenda So it's Being it's being made to happen for a Reason because there are certain people Out there that want to have their agenda Realized like the meatless Society Um this is why how Big Rich powerful People are buying Farms buying ranches Buying water rights all this kind of Stuff like that a lot of them are buying Ranches and then not ranching So that there's less meat on the market Pushing Us in the direction of the Lab-grown meat the bugs the faux meat Kind of things Um So that's part of it Another part of it is countries out There

A lot of countries most countries around The world are suffering to some extent Already So a lot of countries out there aren't Exporting As much food as normal because they're Holding on to it for their own people That's smart we here in the United States we are cutting production we're Having things affect us sorry about the Airplane going on going by overhead Um yet we're still exporting Lots of food Even though we're not producing any more Than usual maybe less than usual so Those are some factors that come into Play regardless of the factors though we Know that we've seen increased food Prices that's going to continue to get Worse Things can get more expensive so I don't See necessarily a food shortage as far As like no availability of food what I See being more realistic is just people Being priced out of certain foods That's a big one Um so from what I've heard on lately is That maybe like beef is down in price Right now due to production due to a lot Hitting the market at once but that will Lead to shortages later on so we need to Be aware of that Um but There are a lot of factors in play here

And I don't like just talking about What's going on and whoa is us and all That stuff like that so let's talk Solutions I'm a solution based person I Like that there's no reason just to talk About all the bad things all right so Let's get into it Solutions Well we as Preppers what do we do we Prep because prepping is living Insurance it is A chance It gives us that chance that our Families Will Survive that will survive Now it's not a given because we don't Know what's going to happen we could be Taken out by some bad guys Um we could lose all of our stuff due to Some kind of event and or whatever might Happen there's a lot of things you guys Can imagine all the different things That might possibly happen to us so it's Not a guarantee of course not but Nothing's a guarantee prepping and Stockpiling food and water is like Having an emergency fund we all know as Responsible adults you should have Emergency fund right so that whenever Something happens somebody needs Repaired something breaks down it Doesn't become an emergency because you Just say oh okay well here we'll pull Money out of the emergency fund we'll Pay to get it fixed thus we just deal With it in normal part of our Lives it

Doesn't become oh my gosh what am I Going to do this is an emergency how do I pay for it what do I do because we Have an emergency fund that's what food Storage Water storage all the preps that's what That is that's an emergency fund not the Primary income like we have coming in And or it's also you can make me look as A long-term investment also your food Storage because that's what it is So with that said let's get into the Other side of things actually I thought Of something before we get into the Other side of things how much food Should you have how much food should you Stockpile well it depends but I'm going To give you an answer here Um say two weeks if you're just starting Off shoot for two weeks that's kind of Like The Benchmark starting as a Beginning prepper don't fear you don't Have to have 10 years of food I know a Lot of people are here are new and they Want to know how can I be prepared how Can I be better prepared well having two Weeks of food will set you on a much Better level than the majority of Americans and probably people around the World so two weeks then after you get Two weeks shoot for a month after you Get a month shoot for three months six Months a year and more But remember that that stockpile of your

Food Water Supplies all that kind of Stuff is your emergency fund the second You start opening up that first bucket Of food that first container of food all Those cans whatever it is You Are only going to live for a certain Period of time based off of how much Food you have unless you have other Things which is the other side of things I want to talk about set in place a lot Of them some of them are skilled a lot Of them are skill based unfortunately For some people some people like just Sitting there and ordering stuff and Having it come in and I use that term as Amazon Preppers but that's not Necessarily derogative term Um I get it it's way better off than not Being a prepper at all no problem there Hey at least those people are doing Something I'll give them props Um that's very important but skills are Very important so this other side has a Lot to do with skills Do you have the ability to go out into This stuff into the woods into nature And forage for food I can just sitting where I'm at I got Oregon grape I got salal berries I got Salmonberries I got black cocoa berries I got red huckleberries I got Blackberries Um I got thimble berries

And uh yeah those are just the berries Not to mention all the other wild Edibles in the area You will probably have a lot of wild Edibles in your area also that you can Research learn about practice and start Gathering now Add them to your food preps your food Storage you can dehydrate them you can Freeze dry them you can pickle them you Can can them whatever you need to do get Them in your food preps now The other side of things is also Hunting Fishing trapping and snaring kind of Throw those into one category because It's getting your protein via natural Methods Um That may be good for a short-term Solution but if you live unless you live In an extremely extremely remote Location way back in the mountains away From everybody and it'll take them a Long time to get way up there than the Wild game will be gone fairly soon look At what happened in the Great Depression How long did the deer hurt the deer herd Was decimated it almost went extinct During the Great Depression so you got To think about that so don't count on That for long term but for short term Yes short term yes definitely and then What you do is if that meat or that Protein you procure via hunting trapping

Fishing or snaring you can can you can Pickle you can salt you can dehydrate You can freeze dry whatever your methods Are or you can throw it in the freezer And hopefully you have some kind of Backup power supply if the freezers go Down because the grid goes down it Becomes a dark winter like I think is Going to happen so think about those Things very important but another side Is even easier for you to do and more Long-term sustainable is this gardening Like you see behind me some of my raised Beds That one is pretty much ready to go Those little plants you see there are Strawberry plants they'll grow back Again next year but that raised bed is Pretty much to bed this raised bed has Some garlic in it that will I'll just Leave it like Let It Go and it'll Continue to go this bed and this bed are All brand new beds for this past season So I don't really need to amend them That much but amending your soil is very Important and this is a bunch of carrots I still need to harvest we've been sick A bunch and down quite a bit lately so Um I haven't been able to put the whole Garden to bed yet we have 24 raised beds And five in-ground areas Um and they're all on average between About four foot eight to four foot ten Beds so um yeah that's a good thing to

Have the ability to produce your own Calories year after year after year Having your seeds amending your soil Composting your own compost I got a nice Composter over there and I turn it into The soil to create really good soil part Of it also is I dehydrate our uh dry out Our eggs used eggshells crumple them up And grind them in a powder put that in The raised beds also for calcium that's Very important there's a lot of things You can do also raising your own animals We currently do not raise animals yes It's a weak spot but we have tried Members that do we have tribe members That have cows chickens turkeys Pheasants Ducks Sheep goats and then close neighbors our Closest person to us has a bunch of Chickens also as well as a big Garden Huge water storage off-grid capability a Lot of good stuff so yes we have and Then other people around us also have Chickens a lot of people have chickens We need to get into chickens I get it so The long-term sustainability to be able To survive through an event a long-term Event really requires that you produce As much of your own inputs as possible As much of your own food as possible Because like I said once you open that First bucket of food storage you're Starting a stopwatch in your life well Combined with growing your own food

Fruits vegetables raising your own Animals being able to forage hunt fish Trap and snare all those things combined And working together with tribe members Then you will be able to survive much Longer and you might be able to thrive Not just survive in an shtf scenario so This is very important I advocate all of You guys Garden somewhat even if it's Just a bag that you grow potatoes in or Something like that in your porch or on Your Veranda or inside and you're inside Your apartment under grow lights grow Something It's very very vital and if you have any Extra save the seeds Um use uh heirloom Open pollinated organic seeds and then Collect your seeds year after year build That seed stockpile whenever you're Getting pumpkins or squash or anything At the store that has seeds in it save Those seeds sit them in a little paper Plates or baking sheets in your house Let them dry out put them in a Ziploc Bag put them in the fridge Bam you're starting your seed storage For next year Um also like I talked about compost Compost everything you possibly can but Anyway I hope you guys like the video Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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