Prepping Goals 2021 How To Plan For Success What To Expect

Prepping Goals 2021 How To Plan For Success What To Expect What is the new normal? Pandemic, Political Protests, Covid 19 Coronavirus, Lockdowns, Quarantines, Economic Collapse, Civil threats, Riots, Looting, cash crunches, disrupted supply chains, school closures, what can we do? What should our Prepping Prepper goals be in 2021? What are the tips to set new prepping goals due to continued lockdowns from the covid 19 coronavirus pandemic? What long term food storage supplies should you stockpile now, how can you keep yourself and your family safe in an uncertain future? Where are the best places for you to bug out, and how can your family safely Bug Out? Emergency essentials we all need to stockpile include food, water, first aid, shelter, hygiene, fire starting, flashlights, communication, tools, a change of clothing, copies of your identification, cash, and a full tank of gas. Plan to start a garden and provide some of your own food. Set prepping goals that meet your family’s needs going forward into 2021.



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