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So we want to prep but money is tight For a lot of people right now So we need to think about prepping a Little bit of time and we need to think About other sources for preps where we Can save money This video really isn't about other Sources but let me talk about them Really quick You got thrift stores you got online Marketplaces like Facebook you got um Craigslist you got different sources Like that you also have estate sales you Also have garage sales there's a lot of Other ways to find your preps but this Video we're going to cover Prepping a little bit at a time buying a Little bit every time you go to the Store what you'll be getting what you Should be getting and how to go about Doing it So let's get into the video so in this Video we're going to talk about getting A little extra every time you go to the Store and one thing you got to think About is it's very important is it's not Just about calories it's not just about How much food you have it's also about Having proper nutrition and making sure That what you're buying is going to meet Your nutritional needs keep you strong Keep you healthy enable you to do all The things you need to do when you're in A really bad situation

So let's get started here I'm going to Show you throw up some pictures here We're going to talk about some things That maybe you can get when you go to The store every time just a little bit Ever at the store every time One of the first ones is cans of veggies Cans of veggies are very inexpensive Lots of variety buy what veggies you Like I mean you got Gran green beans you Got corn you got lots of different Options so buy a variety for all the Different nutrition that's in each and Every one of those different vegetables That's a very good thing to do Next we're going to talk about canned Meat meat is very important as a protein For most people in their diet different People eat different things maybe you Eat tuna a lot maybe you eat canned Roast beef a lot or chicken these are Different things to think about Only buy what you will eat But canned meat is a very good source of Protein that's a macronutrient the Protein carbs and fats those your Macronutrients your micronutrients are All your minerals and vitamins that you Also need in your diet so well-balanced Diet is very important especially when The world is going to heck around us and We need all those strength and all the Energy and all the good health we can Possibly get so let's move on to the

Next item Next item is bulk Dry Goods I'm gonna Kind of hit on each one a little bit Lots of times the first thing that comes To people's mind is beans and rice which Is important yes you can do beans and Rice That's a very inexpensive way to Stockpile a lot of food and it's good Source protein carbs Etc not fat but you Know we'll get to that later Pasta is another one a lot of people Like pasta that's a good thing to Stockpile Um be mindful of these things that You're stockpiling with their shelf life Though that's also very important you Gotta remember shelf life and to rotate Through what you buy but there's also Lentils corn wheat buy what you'll Actually use don't buy a bunch of Buckets of hard red weed if you don't Have a grinder and you don't have any Way you don't know how to use them you Don't know how to make flour or make Bread and or Sprout them it's one thing To note about wheat is if you sprout the Wheat is exponentially more nutrition Has more nutritional value than just the Wheat itself so that's one good thing to Go about think about doing Next we're going to talk about canned And or freeze-dried fruit and these are Also the vegetables and the meats you

Can also get freeze-dried versions of Them also or you can get the TVP the Textured vegetable protein which is Usually soy I don't really like soy so That's not a good option for me but Fruit yeah there's not it doesn't have a High caloric value but the macro and the Micro micronutrients are really Important in Fruit so think about fruit Buy cans of your favorite fruit another Thing you can't forget about is spices All this rice and beans and corn and Wheat and stuff like that you gotta have Spices to make it taste good so buy your Favorite spices also things like sugar Salt and honey that don't really ever go Bad those are good ways to go about Adding to your food storage and spicing It up a bit making it better for you You'll be able to enjoy it more it will Improve your morale which is also very Important in shtf scenario All right next one is water containers And or water filters and or bottled Waters I usually pick up a case or two Of bottled waters every time I go to the Store they used to be like three dollars And something now they're like five or Six dollars so you know inflation's Happening but it's a good way to Stockpile water Um but having good quality water Containers is also very important and The ability to filter and or

Um take care of your water so that it is Drinkable that's very important All right let's talk about the next Thing would be I just have my list here A tarp for shelter also 550 cord or some other rope or cordage That you can tie your tarp up with tarps Have lots of uses so think about adding A tarp to your list every now and then And some of these things you'll want to Get every time like the food stuff I Would get every single time I go to Store a little bit here a little bit There same with water but some of these Items it's just like every once in a While maybe you'll get something and Then you'll have enough of them so the Next one would be lighters and or Matches a way Purdue to produce fire That's easy yes you can use a barrel Rod You can use a bow and drill you can use A canoe method but let's just make it Simple keep it simple stupid that's the Way I like doing it so lighters why not Next thing is blankets blankets keep you Warm you can use them for insulation Lots of different uses you guys know What you can use blankets for The next thing I like to talk about is Medical medical is very important and It's an easy way to add to your preps Slowly over time gauze rolled gauze Compressed gauze gauze pads very very Useful in medical situations yeah she

Can throw in Band-Aids that's they're Useful you know to a point also 91 Alcohol or higher think about cold Medicines pain meds now I'm talking over The counter get your prescription meds In order also yes but this is Over-the-counter stuff also don't forget Anti-diarrheals and laxatives because if You have diarrhea you can die very Quickly of Dehydration and laxatives if you're if You're stuffed up you can't go that Could turn into a really bad situation Also so I know they're not you know Super exciting but those are some Important things to get when you're in The medical aisle there's a lot of other Things you can get braces bandages all Different kinds of wraps and stuff make Sure that you're medically squared away A lot of people aren't Next thing I'd like to talk about is Candles candles offer a off-grid source Of light and can be Used to produce a little bit of heat Also Going on to the next item sewing kits If we're in an extended event we're not Going to be able to just go down and buy New clothing so we're going to be on the Need to repair what we have SO sewing Kits are very important to repair or Clothing our blankets or anything that We use is made out of fabric

Another thing along those lines with Keeping stuff working and going long Term would be things that you can use to Repair things like duct tape glue Shoe Goo those are all items that are great To have in your Preps For repairing items keeping things in Proper maintainable order Etc so let's go into hygiene a little Bit a bar of soap is very inexpensive You can pick up a bar of soap each time You go to the store or some hand Sanitizer or some wet wipes these are All good things to keep in mind for Sanitation for a female you want to Think about feminine hygiene products Etc Another thing to get also is seeds and I Say both kinds the ones you plant in the Ground and grow food and the freedom Type so think about those also Don't forget to have flashlights and Batteries for all the things that you Need that use batteries this is very Important and you can get them over time You don't have to spend a bunch of money At once batteries are more expensive yes But you can do it Another thing about getting food is Thinking long term yes you have food Storage hopefully you have the ability To forage hunt fish oh did I say fish go By the fishing supplies get yourself a Fishing pole some extra lines some lures

Some different baits you know some hooks All those kind of things to have in a Survival fishing kit that's a really Good thing to have another thing is go By the hardware section pick up some Screws Nails bolts you know those little Hardware type items that are very useful In a lot of different situations you Never know when you're gonna need them Having some extra stuff I have them in Like a man jar put all my extra things In there and keep them on hand because That's what my grandpa used to do so Check those kind of things out As I talked about these are all things You can get that are not that expensive You can get slowly over time and a Little bit each time as you go to the Store what I would do is write this Stuff down on a list make a list of what You think you need to meet your needs Because your needs are different than my Needs and then what you do is you Prioritize them and then write them in a List and then pick an item or two or Three whatever your budget allows you to Do and each time you go to the store get Those items before you go to the store Pick out which items you want to get That trip And or look at all the items on your List go through and see which ones are Maybe on sale or less expensive and kind Of tailor it to fit into your budget but

Get a couple things each time you go to The store you don't have to spend much Money I mean you can literally do this For I mean you could do it for two three Four five dollars each time you go to The store for some people that may be a Significant thing we don't go to the Store very often so everybody goes to The store if you go to the store every Single day and spend five dollars that's Different than like us we go to the Store like once a week sometimes every Sometimes twice a week so it's very Doable and it's very affordable and Remember that prepping isn't just Something that you just go boom and You're done I guess if somebody has a bunch of money They could they just could order Everything and have it delivered and Boom and then but then they don't have Skills and other things to think about So I encourage you guys to get out be Prepared I love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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