Prepping Items Collapse of Society What to Stockpile Hoard or Barter

Prepping Items Collapse of Society What to Stockpile Hoard or Barter LifeStraw water filter bottle Have you ever traveled to remote areas of the world? Different cultures rely on far less things and far more basic skills. What are some simple items that can make life easier? I travel to remote places in Africa where local people rely on their skills and resources. What items did they request to help make a basic life better? What supplies would you want if you had few things? What should you stockpile for SHTF or economic collapse of society, and you had to rely on yourself?
What are some questions to ask yourself:
Keep prepping for SHTF Challenges, Pandemic, Quarantines, testing, Vaccines, food shortages, highest unemployment rate, social distancing, protests, riots, chaos, looting, distrust of police, what else can go wrong? What are you planning for? How will you deal with nonpreppers who want something? What are you missing in your stockpile? What do you have, what do you need more of? How to plan for the hardships we are facing? What to stockpile now? What foods to add to your prepper pantry long term food storage stockpile?



Battery Water Pump
Berkey Water Filter
Aquatainer Water Storage Jug
Aquatabs water purification tablets
Water Storage Barrel
Water Shaker Siphon Hose
Water Barrel Bung Wrench
LifeStraw water filter
LifeStraw water filter bottle
Toilet Paper
Bucket Lid wrench opener

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