22 thoughts on “Prepping Part 6

  1. Good ideas. Also, keep a pair of shoes under the bed where you can grab them if you have to get out quickly. You’ll be glad you have something on your feet.

    1. @McCarthy Kane you are most welcome. I bet that you did learn a lot, living through that fire!
      The reason I thought of the flashlight is because, try as I might, I am not always able to immediately find one when the lights go out, and it is the first thing I truly miss.
      I am going to buy a couple more at the dollar store and try harder to resist grabbing the one in my shoe just any old time so it is there for a real emergency.
      God bless you – may you never go through a fire again. You know, I think that fire might have showed you one more important thing (if you didn’t already know it, but you probably do), that you are one tough cookie. That is something valuable to know – ppl can think about what they would do in one event or the other, but you never really know for sure until something happens. For example, it is difficult to know beforehand exactly how you will react in a face-to-face confrontation with a larger, stronger person who wants to do great harm to you. I found out the answer to that question some years ago, and it gave me a tremendous sense of empowerment (take THAT, all you bullies!) Gosh.

  2. Very good advice. Some change is also good to use in vending machines. Medication. List of Phone Numbers. Picture of your family. Pen and Paper. Phone charger.

  3. I so look forward to you each day. The tips and information that you give is so helpful. If not for myself and family in this season I can always pass the information on. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and you family.

  4. I don’t have much family left ( my parents were old having me and errybody died off by the time I was 30…so every day I listen to ya it’s like visiting with family.  I know we’re in different areas of the south but you remind me of a lot of my folks.  You’re not actually that much older than me but I think of you as like an aunt or something.  But cooler! <3

  5. I keep insulated bags in my car trunk just in case I need them while I’m out and about. Love them a lot. In a basement room used for safety during storms very important to keep shovel and hammer there too in case you have to dig out. And candles and matches for light. Just make sure keep dry area. Also important to keep something like a air horn or large bell that you could use if caught in area and need help out of area.

  6. It’s all so important granny!!
    I live in a motorhome so thank God all my supplies are always right with me at all times. Thanks for making this video and have a blessed weekend

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