16 thoughts on “Prepping Part 7

  1. Not many people expect us grannys to know about prepping. You are doing a great job! Its good you are speaking on the subject because alot of older folks wont watch prepper nurse or canadian prepper because they think they are commandos…lol! Once again…good job!

  2. To paraphrase Jesus a bit…The wolf is always at the door. No need to fear, for He is with us. Preparing helps cut down on worry and anxiety. Thanks for the great info. Have lots of batteries for your communication devices!
    Enjoy your visit with your grandson. What a special day. Many blessings to you and your whole family. xx

  3. Very good point. During hurricane had tough time getting together to leave when unable to contact each other. We’ve set up code words for grandkids but I’m the weak link in remembering it! Thanx for reminders.

  4. Great ideas, Granny!! Thanks for the reminders. Also, those with small children, might consider window stickers saying a child may be in the home. I’d say put it on their bedroom window but with the crazies running around these days, that might not BE the best idea like it was in the past.

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