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You can find Scores like this also Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness talking about Thrift store prepper scores it's amazing What you'll find at thrift stores today Is a Goodwill prepper Hall so what did I Find We went there this is we only had like a Half hour uh my wife was at dental Appointment so I took the kids there we I was amazed what we found we found some Good scores so I'll start off with Um because it's right here on top up by The cash register these seeds I've Talked about them before yes Goodwill Has seeds they are from the page Seed Company in New York in Green New York They are non-genetically engineered Seeds they are Um all heirloom variety see they say Right there in the yellow right there Heirloom variety Um we got zucchini we got a couple basil We've got a couple early prolific green Or uh Um straight neck squashes we got here Let me see I guess I'll show them to you We got cucumbers we got a couple of Those we got spinach Always good to have standby we got good Stuff coming but uh leak I don't have Think I have any leak seeds so I picked Up uh Um four of them one two three four yep

Um got some broccoli so I got four Four broccoli oh yes one thing to note I Got some peas on that 59 cents is Actually 39 cents two years ago I think These were 20 20 cents Then last year there were 29 cents this Year the 39 cents Inflation right okay so Peas I got lots Of pea seeds but Um I got four packs of those so I got a Nice little selection of seeds because I'm always adding to my seed uh Vault my Stockpile very important All right what's the next thing I got I Got a nice long sleeve shirt You know it's like a base layer type Shirt but it's pretty nice Um it's I don't know what brand it is Power core it says it was six bucks So you can see right there Six dollars Pretty decent for what it is Nice shirt Um so that's for me So last time we went to Goodwill we Really don't buy used shoes just because You know people wear them in it gets Worn into their body type how they walk All this stuff like that so I don't Recommend buying used shoes unless you Can find very lightly used shoes or Brand new shoes so recently I was there I found a pair of I was looking for a Good pair of hiking um and kind of

Winterish boots for my wife I found her A pair of the women's Solomon 4D GTX Hiking boots mountaineering boots Backpacking boots I guess is what they Actually are Um for 20 bucks and they still have this Little little Nubs on the very bottom of The tread Um they were six and a half seven would Have been better for thicker socks for Winter use but they're gonna be great Summer boots for her but today I found Her a pair of winter boots Baffin Boots got the really nice lining you Know the removable lining Um and they were Uh hopefully you can see fifteen dollars And they still have that's the stuff I'm Talking about see how it still has the Little the tread stuff on the bottom the Little knobbies Barely Used boots so a Pair of Baffin size seven so she wear Thicker socks also and the boot itself Is more capable so she should not be Cold in these for fifteen dollars I'll Take that any day Um another thing my wife and I were just Talking about getting And we're gonna buy one at Walmart or Somewhere like that we were talking About getting a Coleman stove So what did I find I found a Coleman Stove for Uh hopefully you can see it ten dollars

Not gonna buy that at Walmart In pretty good condition you know it's Been used and stuff like that but as the Fold out it has the attachment here for The propane looks really nice I haven't Actually tested it yet but you know I'll Test it and for ten dollars yeah I'll Definitely take that it's got a nice Little handle here so you can sit there And carry it like this Um propane stove for ten dollars Off-grid cooking yes that's very Important all right Um we always anytime I see these these Big thick fleece blankets we buy them Especially for uh hopefully you can see That ten dollars ten dollars for a big Nice thick fleece blanket yep I buy them Every time I see them there And another score I always look okay you Guys may not you gentlemen here may not Look in the purse section with women's Purses and bags and stuff but definitely Do This backpack is gonna be great for a an Extra bug out bag it is Tacticon Armament I don't know you can See right there This bag has some nice features I like How it has the the strap up here a Little pouch on the front another little Pouch another compartment here and then The larger compartment and then like the Hydration compartment here

Um it has Molly not just Molly is Molly On top of straps on the outside it's got The Dual straps here does not have a Waist strap which I don't care this is Not a big pack or anything like that Another nice feature is that it has Um straps down here for putting on your Bed roll or such or such stuff like that It seems to be very well sewn I mean Look at the sewing on that very very Good sewing jobs the fabric itself seems Like it's very durable I think this can Be a really good good deal this bag did Not have a price tag on it so I took it Up and I'm like okay I'll ask them and See what they say before I make the Decision to buy it or not and she's like She's looking at she's like we can do 5.99 Sold all day long this good quality Backpack for bugging out or whatever Um or for hiking whatever we want to use It for for six bucks Score I am definitely happy with the Scores we have we got today new blanket To keep us warm a new bag Coleman stove Long sleeve shirt for me the Baffin Boots for my wife and some seeds Yes awesome score so get out there and See what you can find at your local Thrift store Goodwill Um Deseret local faith-based Organizations whatever visit your local Thrift stores you can find some awesome

Scores please subscribe hit that like Button comment below let me know what Scores you're finding have a wonderful Day and blessings too and yours

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