Prepping: Teachable Moments! Bringing People Into The Fold.

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Hey everybody it's Mike with Asymmetrical preparedness Today's video is gonna be a good one so I am down here in Northern California For the holidays and I am very near the Epicenter of that latest earthquake Um in Northern California there was the Epicenter always off the coast of Rio Dell Ferndale fernbridge uh Eureka Arcata area and Um so I'm in the area and been talking To some people that live here Um several different people on different Places grocery store neighborhoods stuff Like that and What I'm gathering Um by talking to people uh was that Some of them Were at a basic level of preparedness Not what we would call mainly Preppers But Just some you know they have a little Extra on hand kind of all right and then There were people that are totally Unprepared so The people that had a basic level of Preparedness meaning you know A week of food two weeks of food Something that you know something they Had a pantry Um we're very very glad that they did Why not necessarily that they couldn't Um it was fairly you know it wasn't Didn't do a ton of damage stuff like

That it did you know it was pretty Significant but they were still able to Get to the store probably the next day Maybe the day after that so maybe they Only had to go like two days but there Are people out there I'm sure you know Some people out there they don't have Anything I mean they have to go to the Grocery store every single day or They're not going to eat This gets into preparedness and speaking With some people Um that had a little bit that aren't Necessarily Preppers Um was a good conversation so I think I Turned some of them into Preppers which Is really cool Um didn't mention the channel or Anything like that because you know it's Just you don't know how people are who Where they are where there's you know Stuff like that but Um it was really good conversation uh With some of these people and Um getting them to understand that uh Something like this could happen that Could be worse Um that could depending on where they Live could shut down roads could you Know Crush their house bring their house Down could damage grocery stores and They just might not be able to have Access to food water and other supplies For maybe you know a week or so so

That's something to think about before I Get into other stuff though before I Forget please if you're not subscribed Bring that or hit that subscribe button Ring the notification Bell for all slam That thumb thumbs up comment below and Feel free to share the videos the more People we reach the more people are Bringing to the fold the preparedness The better off everyone will be because The more people that are into Preparedness The fewer threats there will be to us if A large event happens and people are Starving and they're gonna go start Taking from others because they got to Feed their families and people will do Things when those situations that they Normally wouldn't do so the more people We can bring into the fold the better Off we'll be that's why I always say Also Grow and build the entire Community it's Not just about me and my channel I like My channel of course Um but this is why it's so important to Be involved with all as many proper Channels as you possibly can commenting On their videos having good Conversations with other people learning How other people look at things learning What their skill sets are Um different because we're all in Different areas we all have different

Mental abilities physical abilities we All have um different monetary Constraints we're in different weather And climate environments we're in Different you know City versus rural Versus extremely rural versus Suburbia All these things there's a lot of Differences so the conversations and the Comments are great to balance ideas off Of each other and talk to other people Learn from other people stuff like that So Basic level preparedness Um I was explaining to these people uh That uh went through this earthquake Some of them lost natural gas so they Weren't able to you know light their Cooktop stuff like that some people did Still have natural gas and they were Able to have enough brains to realize That you don't have to have the electric Start you can start with a lighter or a Match or whatever so that's good some People didn't have water because water Mains broke Um so they realized well hey I should Have some water on hand and so you know They're asking me well what do you think How much water should I have on hand Um and so I was I'm approaching this not From an shtf scenario not teotwaki not All this prepper stuff that we talk About here I was approaching this it's Just a normal everyday person just to

Try to get them a little more prepared So I was like well you know those five Gallon water jugs that they put on top Of the water coolers I'm like buy you Have like four of those You know it's not a ton of water but That's 20 gallons of water that will get You through a week or two depending on How many people are in your family I Said of course but you know if you have One of those for each person in your Family then you know you may be okay if You have two for each person that's good You know I said have canned goods have Some dry goods I explained to them the Differences of canned goods versus dry Goods and how you know you got to think About if you don't have water how much Water it takes to reconstitute and cook Beans and rice and stuff like that Versus canned goods it's in the can They're easy to store long shelf life Maybe not as long as Dry Goods but you Can just pop open the can and eat it Right out of the can even if you don't Have the ability to cook in an Environment like this Um and you're limited in water also That's another thing you could pour the Water off say a can of green beans pour The water off use that water to cook Some rice or beans or something like That and you're also not wasting those Nutrients because the water in the

Canned goods a lot of the nutrients from The like the green beans for example Um leach into the water Um kind of like when you are boiling Um potatoes or you're cooking uh you Know something in water I I can't think of something right now but Um say you're boiling green beans and if You don't use the water then you're Losing a lot of the nutrients from the Food so if you can use the water use it As a soup base something like that You'll be better off but some other Things I I was talking to them about was You know having extra batteries for Flashlights for lanterns Um having candles around but in an Earthquake situation in aftershocks you Got to think about things from that Aspect and these are the people I'm Speaking to specifically so I Recommended them not because they Mentioned candles as I said I recommend Not doing candles Um unless you're like sitting there Right in the room with them and you Probably still don't want to do it Because If you have aftershocks or maybe that Was just a pre-shock and the big one is Coming those candles will knock over Like your house on fire not good so I Recommend it to these people in the in This situation LED lanterns LED

Flashlights some extra batteries for Them those are all good things Um as well as you know and this is Northern California so it's not like a Super cold here I mean in in the 30s is Really cold here it averages most of the Year it averages between I'd say 50 in The 50s to 70s almost all year round I Mean so it's very very mild climate so Most of these people weren't really Concerned with heat necessarily they Said it would wear extra clothes and all Stuff like that Um so the other recommendations I had Were Um the fact of you know if you lose heat And you are in a cold spell or maybe It's a dead a winner and maybe it's you Know low 40s maybe it's high 30s you Know having extra blankets Etc stuff Like that so Um it was a good experience though I Really had a good experience with it and I hope that you guys also if you're ever In a situation where you can talk to Others Do it please get the word out about Preparedness it doesn't have to be don't Approach it please from like zombie Apocalypse or into the world as we know It or total economic collapse don't Please don't do that Um approach it common sense Say you lose your job say you have an

Earthquake or tornado a hurricane you Know whatever it may be a forest fire There's a lot of things common things That will get people You can you can lead them down that path You can start them on that path the Events of the last couple years should Have already done that for everybody I Think I mean it's a no-brainer after the Last couple years and the increased Prices and the shortages and the Lockdowns and all the crap we've been Through I can't understand how anybody Is not a prepper nowadays but there are People out there and they be here's one Thing what I found about Americans is That we forget very quickly we tend to We As Americans Um people you know like right after that Happened their toilet paper uh hand Sanitizers masks gloves all this stuff Like they're buying a bunch of that Stuff and then they realized okay I Gotta have some food on hand stuff like That because grocery stores were wiped Out Well so they do that but then you know a Year goes by and then they're just like You know whatever they eat the food that They had you know here and there and Stuff like that and then they don't have Any again and they're like they just go Up this normalcy bias that everything's Just going to be fine all the time that

We're impervious to everything because We're Americans we're not impervious America is not impervious we can fail we Can collapse we can fall just like any Other Nation we're not special well I Think we are special I feel that we're Still the greatest nation on Earth to Live because even though they've been Infringed upon quite a bit we still got A lot of good rights freedoms and the Ability to make our own choices for the Most part so anyway I hope you guys take Every opportunity you can to empower Other people bring more people into the Preparedness fold I love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings you and Yours

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