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2023 the challenges ahead Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness and in this Video I would like to talk about what I See some of the challenges For the upcoming year We've discussed a lot of things going on In the world around us over the last Year over the last couple years The whole thing and the whole this thing And the division There's been agendas going on agendas at Play Push for World War III a lot of Stuff going on before I get into the Video though I'd like to ask you guys to Please subscribe hit that thumbs up Oh and when you hit subscribe make sure You ring the notification Bell for all Usually you subscribe then you gotta get Back into it click click the Notification Bell for all so then maybe The system might just tell you when I Put out videos although probably not Because they don't like me they don't Like you but anyway comment on the video Share the videos do all the things help Out this Channel and every other prepper Channel every other homesteading channel Bushcraft channel will the new Survival Channel 2A Channel defensive tool Channel tactical Channel all the Community because all this stuff comes Into play gardening channels also same Thing very important for preparedness so

Let's get into the video first I would Like to wish you guys a Happy New Year Though I'm hoping it will be a happy New Year The more we prepare the better off we Are Thus more likely to be a happy New Year So we're going to talk about Some things that have been going on some Things that I see what I think is going To happen And some solutions because I don't like Just talking about Um challenges and or problems stuff like That without offering solutions to them Because it's pretty much useless if we Don't talk about Solutions so let's get Into what has been going on lately One of the biggest things for me that Has been going on lately that I am Concerned about is the um the attacks on The critical infrastructure meaning our Fragile power grid our substations Transformers Etc it has happened Um what several times I think three Times there's been three different Attacks here in Washington state over The last two months meaning November and December since January just started I'm Not aware of any other new ones but it Seems to be happening on a more regular Basis so maybe I'm missing some we heard About

Um uh what was it Florida North Carolina Um Ohio I believe Some of the same things going on Um I see that as something that will Continue I what I see that is this I see That as several different things It is either a false flag Um the gov doing it to make a certain Group meaning you and me Um look bad Um it casts a negative light on us or it Is people of the extreme left doing it Because they are upset about what's Going on in the world today also they Don't like the direction this is heading A lot of things and then there's also it Could be people on the extreme right That could also be doing it because They're upset about the direction things Are going I I see this as kind of one of Those almost necessary things that we Have to go through Um because I have a feeling that we are Headed on a downward path a downward Spiral into Civil conflict Civil War Revolution 2.0 whatever it may Be hopefully it won't go to like two-way Range type stuff opening up because I Don't want to ever have to do that again I will in defense of my family my Friends my neighbors My Tribe stuff like That but it is not something I want to Happen

And these attacks will affect us how Well obviously the grid will go down the Whole cold dark winter thing yeah I have A feeling that I mean winter here we've Already had uh several bouts of for us Extreme weather Um and Winter's barely getting started So I I foresee a lot more of that Happening combined with maybe more of These attacks Um it's it's something that we got to Think about it's something we got to be Aware of it's something we got to prep For If we are prepping food storage water And the ability to keep ourselves warm And to produce food Or not to produce food to cook food Off grid the better off we'll be One of those things I'd like to mention Really quick links in the description Below never be cold again with Fortress Clothing I've been trying out their Stuff and it's amazing I right now I'll Give you the caveat I'm currently Actually not wearing their stuff Um because I had to wash it you got to Wash it once you got to take it off Every once in a while right to wash it Um it's already been through three wash Cycles Um it's standing up really well they're Base layers I have their three they're Uh one one-third zip

Um base layer and their base layer pants Um However even with Um so they sent me a medium top Um and it there's a lot of gaps in it And stuff like that Um so it's not really fitting me Properly Um so they are give them credit where Credit's due they are sending me Um Smalls a small top small bottom so I Can test them appropriately but even With that said I have been very very Warm I have it is wicked the sweat away It has withstood from I've been anywhere From 18 degrees to 75 degrees in them And I've sweated in them I've come Outside I have just hung out outside in 20 something degree weather after Sweating my butt off with them on inside And I still stayed warm so I give it a Thumbs up if you guys want portable heat That um is renewable meaning that your Body produces it no matter where you go You can be warm whether it's inside in This cold dark winter I'm talking about Grid down or if it's outside doing the Things or if it devolves into this War I Was talking about and you've got to be Out there for long periods of time if You're out bushcrafting camping hiking All these things hunting they are a Great system and so far I've only tested Their base layers and they are amazing

To me so far so check out the link in The description below Um it's Fortress clothing yes it is an Affiliate program but I only have two Them and my Patriot Supply save you some Money on their ready or food buckets Also in the description only two why Only two because I am not going to Affiliate myself with and mind my good Name with companies that I don't believe In Um so yeah only two And I don't want to just go reviewing a Bunch of garbage out there and then Telling you it's garbage because you Know I mean I guess that is valuable Information but I just don't feel like Doing that right now so yeah if you want To stay warm grid down grid attacks Whatever happens You gotta have some Fortress clothing But there are a lot of other concerns Also the increasing price of food that's A big one that everybody's talking about We're all well aware of that and we're Also well aware of the shortages and we Are most of us I think a lot of us are Well aware that the shortages are going To get worse I have a feeling this Growing season is going to be a vital For producing food for our families so I Recommend you do everything you possibly Can right now and in the coming months To prepare your garden spaces how

Whatever form they may take for growing To maximum potential next year if you Can grow right now say you're in Florida Say you're somewhere you know where you Can grow year-round good on you that's Awesome I wish I could grow year round However we're not Greenhouse yes I know That's on the list of a million things I Got to do Um yes I could do a greenhouse and I Recommend everybody have a greenhouse I However do not my neighbor across the Street does And she provides me with a lot of starts So that's a really good thing obviously I don't count on it because it's just a Bonus because tribe and we take care of Each other Um but yeah get your soil amended get Your soil ready raise beds in ground Containers whatever it takes Um so I also see Um this I I have a feeling 2023 I mean I Don't think we'll get through the whole Year without being in um World War III I Just don't it's the push is there I Heard uh was it Belarus is um drafting Everybody between the ages of 18 and 60. Um I just saw a little blip about that I Don't know much about it but that's what I heard Um and this is yeah it's spiraling it's It's an agenda that they're pushing and They're going to keep doing it because

They like the power and the wealth that War and conflict gives them so Let's talk about what we can do about it For starters like I told you guys Gardens get your Gardens ready Get your animals figured out add Chickens build chicken coops that's Something we need to do also yes I am Not perfect not even close but however I Was nominated for a Gundy award just Wanted to mention that I don't know who Nominated me I think it's pretty cool I've heard of them in the past I guess Kind of but I don't know much about it Most likely survive the zombie Apocalypse I appreciate the nomination And I would appreciate you guys go to The gundies and vote for asymmetrical Preparedness for most likely to survive The zombie apocalypse don't know what it Means I think there's like a prize for The top person of like some Um high high caliber air rifle or Something I don't know that's not the Concern it's more just a fun thing for Me I think it's pretty cool or nominate Who or nominate or vote for whoever you Want magic preppers are are on there Also Canadian prepper is Um yeah there's a lot of there's there's Some good people on there Um I do set myself up to survive the zombie Apocalypse by doing things like

Self-sustainability growing my own food Not raising my own animals yet because Of course I'm not perfect but security And defensive stuff my strong point My Tribe my tribe is what I know I will Survive the zombie apocalypse Um because I have good tribes several of Them Um and that is vitally important it's One thing you can do in 2023 if you want To do a New Year's resolution you've Probably already done it by now but Tribe Mutual assistance groups build your Tribe build those bonds be there for Each other and work together as a team And keep on prepping stockpiling food Water medical supplies all the stuff to Survive without a grid and also with Limited resources and increasing prices Of food because if you see the writing On the wall it's not going to get any Better so we need to take this year Seriously if you haven't yet ramped up Your prepping please do so Um anyway I love you guys thank you very Much for being here I really appreciate You guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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