Prepping: The Time To Do This Is Getting Closer!

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The time to do this is getting very Close Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness What am I talking about am I talking About all the stuff going on in the World am I talking about uh you know Everything no I'm not I am talking about getting straight to The point Gardening Hopefully you're raising animals also But specifically gardening uh what am I Talking about gardening well winter is Getting ready to draw to a close and Spring will start and then planting Season will be fairly soon if you're Living in an area where you can garden Year round great awesome I'm not Some things grow year-round but um it's Time to start thinking about getting Your garden ready doing what you can When you can as you can one thing I Noticed Last night My family and I we went to Goodwill just To see what we could see didn't really Get I like we got a couple good pairs of Snow gloves Um I forget what else we got Um little one got some uh fleece Sleepers Um some you know some clothes man tell

You what you got kids I love thrift stores I would hate to try To afford buying all my kids clothes at Like main stores where they're like a Lot more money but anyway what did I Notice when I was at Goodwill they had Their seeds out already last year they Were really late getting seeds in but This year they already had them there And those are the seeds packs that I've Talked about in the past where they're Um they're grown in the United States They are Um non-GMO I don't know if they're Organic or they're open pollinated but They the packet says 59 cents on it Um the year before last I think they Charged us 20 cents per pack Goodwill Did I think last year it was 25 cents Per pack didn't buy any last night Because we're pretty good on seeds do I Need to get some more well you know it's Always good to have more so maybe I'll Get some more but it's time to start Thinking about that Ordering your seeds buying your seeds Composting anything you can do To Get ahead of the curve when it comes Time to start planting so that you don't Have to be trying to play ketchup at the Very end you can get your stuff in order As much as possible now and over the Next month or two

And then get those seeds in the ground Start producing food very important one Of the most important things to do That'll help you get outside of the System and less Reliant upon the On-demand Supply system that we have in This country Which I feel is very important and I Think it's going to be exponentially More important in the Years moving Forward if we have years to grow as much Of your food raise as much of your own Calories as you possibly can this is a Very important aspect of preparedness I Hope that and wish that every prepper Would also be a gardener and raising Their own animals because that's really That's that next level of true Preparedness you can have all the food Storage in the world but once you break Into then you start using it well you Start that little stopwatch on your life I don't want that there's other things That go along with that the ability to Forage hunt fish trap snare out in that Stuff is also good very good skill set To have food storage combined with those Skills and abilities combined with Gardening and raising your own animals I think you're gonna be good I think That if you do all those things and have All those skills and all those abilities At your fingertips then you will be Fairly well prepared so I encourage you

Guys to start thinking ahead planning The stuff getting what you need for this Gardening season whether it's tools Whether it's seeds whether it's more Soil whether it's amending your soil Whether it's composting whether it's you Know fish fertilizer whatever it may be Get the stuff as soon as you possibly Can so that you are ready When the time comes love you guys have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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