Putin Calls Security Council To Emergency Meeting

Russia accuses Ukraine of sending soldiers into Russia to attack civilians while Ukraine is accusing Russia of creating a false flag excuse to escalate the conflict in that region. Meanwhile the USA is otherwise engaged.

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Yes you read that right and here's the Wooden spoon folks uh Putin has just Called an emergency meeting of his Security Council and things are Escalating for sure what exactly is that Calling of a security council meeting About it is about Saboteurs or or terrorists depending on Uh What uh side you're listening to here Crossing over into Russian territory Into uh the bronsk uh District of you of Russia they're saying that Ukraine Saboteurs have crossed over I've taken Some hostages and reportedly killed one Civilian uh Ukraine is saying that Actually this is a false flag by Russia And that this is actually them doing This in order to justify an escalation So I I don't know Um Who who to believe here of course uh With all these things All the games that are going on right Now it's hard to pin anyone down on Anything but what we do know is that Russia is taking this as a serious Escalation or as an excuse to make a Serious escalation also out there in the News is a NATO Chief uh Jen's uh Stoltenberg he's the the chief of NATO And he has just come out and said Basically long term Ukraine will be in NATO of course that is what preceded and Created this whole situation over there

In the first place where the ultimatum Was given that Ukraine needs to declare That they will not join NATO or else They would be invaded and uh and Ukraine Did not agree to that and The Invasion Began Obviously a great concern by by Russia About missiles on their border and uh You know some people say that that That's what prompted The Invasion but I Mean obviously The Invasion began long Before that Crimea was occupied by the Little green men and The Invasion has uh Has moved in the country is there Anybody clean in this whole thing I Don't know but we're getting to the Wooden Spoons hang on for that uh so we Have Russia is just mobilizing for War full All-out war and we see China starting to Make uh similar motions out there Quietly and uh they're they're Activating their troops they're getting Their troops out there uh doing a lot More combat exercises uh Russia they are Mobilizing the reserves they are Drafting more and more soldiers in and Getting them through basic training They're trying to figure out their Logistics for the weapon systems and Everything like that they're trying to Acquire more weapon systems out there They are on war mode Uh We've we just flew over to Kenya

That's why uh we're not in a familiar Backdrop here Um and uh so flying over to Kenya on and I'm gonna name names right Delta Airlines uh they uh They gave us these wooden utensils Like Now I know there's a whole bunch of Hipsters out there going wow that's Really cool that's really cool that they Basically made these popsicle sticks or Tongue depressors in the shape of a Spoon or in the shape of a fork or in The shape of a knife I didn't keep the Knife because someone might accuse me of Smuggling a a weapon of some kind or Something like that it was an angry Looking knife but it really couldn't cut Through chicken worth anything if you Remember it all We used to get metal silverware on Planes And then then they gave us plastic Silverware And now they're back to Wood silverware And I say back because It seems like the Western societies at Large are basically trying to devolve Our society and and we've moved back to Wooden Spoons and I I mean we used to Have Wooden Spoons before we invented Metal silverware right we moved to metal Silverware because it was far superior To

Carved Wooden Spoons I mean our if you have ancestors that go Back to the pioneer days they carved Wooden Spoons out right but uh once they Moved up to metal spoons nobody goes Back until nowadays where we have this Large segment of our society that is Literally trying to move us backwards Technologically they're trying to move Us backwards economically they're trying To move us backwards culturally they're Trying to make us like uh the decadent Rome and decadent uh and decadent I Don't mean that in a good way anyway Shape or form I mean just absolute lazy Incompetent Stupid and morally repugnant just before The fall of Rome uh the the the Atrocities the the Despicable morality Was all there and we have the West Pursuing Wooden Spoons okay in order to To Virtue signal around the world Meanwhile we have Russia over there Building Weapons Systems and building Tanks and building uh Non-epa friendly uh weapons of warfare Whereas we have uh we're stamping pieces Of of plywood into into spoons Because how how can we possibly have Plastic how can we possibly have metal Is this more is this more Environmentally friendly seriously is This more environmentally friendly than Washing metal utensils and the answer to

That is no it's not But this virtue signals better And I'll tell you what This tastes just like a tongue depressor You know when you put stick in here and You put that on your tongue and tongue The pressure And you get that witty taste Um you know like if you're chewing on a Toothpick too long you know chew it all Up into splinters that flavor of wood Yeah that's what this tastes like it's Porous it's it doesn't have any coating On it there's no it just you're tasting Wood and if you want a virtue signal out There Knock yourself out but when you want to Force everyone else to Virtue signal With you That's a problem because we are becoming The Wooden Spoon Society going up Against Societies that are mobilizing for war Putin is calling a security council Meeting and the United States is calling More meetings to talk about how we can Virtue signal more we can't get our act Together and it is extremely concerning Folks the world is dealing with reality But the United States our European Allies uh Australia we're dealing with The stupidest stuff Which bathroom Do we have to use

Which bathroom are we allowed to use And how can we possibly say something as Mean as You can't use that bathroom Or Using wrong pronouns Those are the really mean disturbing Things yet the world is full of really Awful things coming for us and You know whatever whatever side of the Fence however it comes about once war Begins Between the United States and Russia United States and China mark my words it It doesn't matter how it started If we don't win it You will not like the outcome Because being on the losing side of a Large-scale war does not go well for you Now the United States treated Germany And Japan really well really well How did the Russians treat the Germans After World War II not so well not so Well and you know what how did uh how Did the Japanese treat the Koreans and The Chinese When they looked like they had one over Those peoples they treated them with Horrendous atrocities and I'm going to Ask you this question if Russia China if Our enemies have victories over us Are they going to treat us well and We've been living in a bubble we've been Living in a playground

With bumpers world out there These these delusions of of what is Going on in the world are gonna come Back and haunt us deeply deeply So yeah go ahead and keep stamping out Some Wooden Spoons so you can go uh Virtue signal You can see there and a splinter there Were Splinter stabbing my hand when I Was trying to eat and it was just it was Just awful it was just awful it was a Terrible experience but The experience of being able to Virtue Signal for some people is just so great That they're okay eating horrendous food And eating it in ways that are just Terrible and they're willing to drive Vehicles that don't work in the winter Time they're willing to sit for hours And hours and hours in line waiting to Recharge their electric vehicle and then Pay more at the Turbocharger or the supercharger than They would have to fill up their car With gasoline They're ready to do this and they're Ready to pay two three four times as Much money for their vehicle in order to Get to Virtue signal out virtue signal Everyone around them And gotta put that on over your face in Order to really virtue signal friends Have virtue But stop virtue signaling

Okay Have virtue That means do good things Not pretend like you're doing good Things Not going out and telling everyone how Good of stuff you're doing not going out There and telling other people what they Need to do but how about we actually go Out there and actually do good things Hey I put my trash in the trash can I know I know it's crazy People that make these little wooden Pieces of whatever And hear me criticizing they're like oh He probably throws his his garbage Directly in the ocean No no I don't I I put it in a trash can Yeah and then I take put take it into Trash bag and and it goes out to a Landfill that where it's responsibly uh Sequestered all that carbon that I put In those bags is sequestered underground So you know I'm helping take carbon out Of the atmosphere and put it in the Ground so I'm actually doing pretty good I'm doing Good stuff now I just flew over to Kenya So that's probably not so good for the Environment but you know I think I was Forced to pay for some carbon offsets Though so you know hey you know but Those people virtue signaling out there

That aren't doing good stuff don't have Virtue I don't have time a day for them and I Imagine you guys probably don't either All right folks we got Putin and his Cabinet preparing for larger scale war And everyone else getting on board with That and and they are tough as nails and They are coming for us And uh and now we can break our Silverware with just one finger One finger right there Might take two times to try it out Though that's how soft we're getting Folks Um but What can we do about it all we can do is Toughen up our minds and get ready for Things that we can kind of survive What's to come all right folks thanks so Much for watching if you want to check Out another video for me there's one Right over here I'll see over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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