Recon Aircraft Finds Iota Has Strengthened Into The Thirteenth Hurricane Of The 2020 Atlantic Season


Reconnaissance Aircraft Finds Iota Has Strengthened Into The Thirteenth Hurricane Of The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Iota strengthens into hurricane; 13th of Atlantic season
Global Major Hurricane Frequency Graphic
Global Tropical Cyclone Activity Dr. Ryan N. Maue
Central America Braces For Another Hurricane
NHC issuing advisories for the Atlantic on Hurricane Iota and TS Theta
Key Message For Iota

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16 thoughts on “Recon Aircraft Finds Iota Has Strengthened Into The Thirteenth Hurricane Of The 2020 Atlantic Season

  1. As with everything else, if the MSM doesn’t have any liability for lying, and they don’t, then they will continue to lie. When the MSM says “scientists say” it is intended to mean that science is both authoritative and universal in its opinions. Neither of course is true. But so far, that’s what we’re living with until we don’t. Also, YT has eliminated the notification column so that we can’t see if anyone responds to our comments, so I may never see if or what responses there be to this or any other comment I make. More consorship, obviously.
    The masking of society has nothing to do with health. It has everything to do with shutting everyone up and preventing communication between people and enstilling obedience among an increasingly angry and depressed citizenry. The endurable will be tolerated as they wipe out older technologies and hope to be able to chip us as the free range slaves the ruling class imagines us to be. Some of us who know history have a pretty good idea where this will lead. Let’s see what happens.

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