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Craziness Ever increasing Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Every day now Here's something new Craziness Recently About this whole NATO thing in the start Of World War III drone Attacking you know trying to attack a Russian nuclear facility stuff like that I I don't really know much about that But I know that yeah there's a push There's a push in that direction for us To be in a world war Um it's good for those people in power And in control To gain more power more control and uh Make more money from the military Industrial complex so yeah we'll be Seeing more of that Uh people are getting fed up also In a lot of different ways Tack on a substation or a power station Taking out power in North Carolina Yeah That's a uh Power Station is a viable Target depending on what Um the person's goals were Um and what they're trying to accomplish It's one of those vulnerable sites that Yeah when conflict starts Those are going to be primary targets

We need to be aware of that we need to Be ready for a dark winter We need to be ready for Grid being down whether it's via things Like that Harsh weather EMP Whatever there's a lot of different ways It can happen So prepare yourselves to be Off grid To live to heat to cook to survive Without power it's essential I'm not off grid in our primary location But we can live off-grid in our primary Location We have wood stove for heat We have a propane cooktop that all you Need to do is start with a lighter Instead of the auto start And things would basically be fairly Normal We would have to use flashlights Lanterns candles you know stuff like That but we'd be good we'd be good to go Um also There's a lot of increasing theft And or violence and stuff around stores Increasing security guards from what I've heard a lot more stores Are hiring security guards Um Yeah I mean even my local Walmart There's a security you know a rent a cop

Driving around the parking lot now It's going to get worse Especially as winter Gets worse And prices keep going up And Or if we lose power These are all things we need to be aware Of they're all things we need to prepare For I always tell people I tell people To keep their head on a swivel at all Times Some people you know what does that mean Situational awareness what does that Mean It means being aware of what's around You What's going around you learning to read People body language watching their eyes What are they doing how are they acting When you're walking out of the store to Your car who's following you who's Hiding behind the car Next to yours Etc how to position your Shopping cart when you're offloading Your groceries so that you are safe in That location quick I'll tell you really Quickly about that but first If you're not subscribed please Subscribe Hit that thumbs up share the videos Comment below really appreciate it and We're doing great things over on patreon So check us out links in the description

Below it's a dollar a month I mean come On all right so your vehicle I'm going To say that the vehicle is behind me the Door is here the door opens like that I Pull it back into Where here's the car here's the door I Back into like where I'm standing now I Pull the cart sideways right in front of Me so it blocks any direct access to me Sort of I mean somebody can still come Over the door stuff like that depending On what kind of vehicle you have or Under the door Etc or under the vehicle which you also Need to pay attention to walking up to Your vehicle just look under it really Quick It could be hiding there look walk Around it really quick make sure notice Maybe on the other side when you hit That unlock it unlocks doors on both Sides so somebody could jump in the door Your open door on the other side also so What I do is I unlock it really quick Using my either using if I use them if I Am using my key fob I'll hit unlock I'll Open the door and then I'll lock it Only leaving that door unlocked or what Is even better is I'll unlock it with a Key so that anybody around with one of Those scanners those frequency scanners Doesn't capture the frequency of my key Fob and then able to put it into a Transmitter follow me wherever else I'm

Going hit that button transmit that Frequency open my vehicle steal all the Stuff steal my vehicle Be waiting in it to kidnap me whatever Okay so yes put your cart like that and Then offload stuff like this trying to Keep and every time you know grab Something put it in there quickly and Then kind of do a little scan around all Right put scan around it's just a simple Little thing it's not perfect but it Might help to keep you safe during this Season and during Um times of increased threat against us Um I recommend you I advocate you guys Please be carrying a defensive tool at All times you obviously can't be Carrying one like this but you could be Carrying a little you know single Handheld type stuff you know concealed Um if you have a permit for it Um or maybe open carry where where you Are if you choose to do so I don't Personally choose to open carry because I believe that it telegraphs my Capability somewhat which is probably a Good thing because um my capability is Fairly High But I mean I see people open carrying And I can instantly tell pretty much I've pretty sure I'm pretty close to Their capability I'll see somebody with Some you know really inexpensive handgun Um oh shoot I said the word oh no I'll

Probably get shut down in a 10 or 15 you Know uh canvas holster or nylon holster Or something like that Not saying that person isn't maybe they Spent the money on training on freedom Seeds to go out and get some good Quality training but And it's also how they carry it are they Used to it are they you know is it part Of their body For me I like carrying concealed just because Also if you're open caring and somebody Is there to do bad and they recognize That first then you're gonna be the First Target Which means you won't be able to assist In the situation you won't be able to be A positive Member of society by dealing with a Threat appropriately Um but yes please carry Where you can when you can as often as You can everywhere please protect Yourselves and your family and others Around you Increase prices yeah We see it It's just going to get worse people I really I hope for a lot of people's sake that We don't lose grid this summer or this Winter sorry Because a lot of people aren't prepared

We saw that in Texas what two years ago Two Winters ago or a lot of people died Because the good went down the middle of Winter Don't be one of those people Prepare for it I actually had some Really good emails awesome long emails About people that lived in Texas went Through that And they told me that it was due to what I talked about my advice here on this Channel Um my encouragement my empowerment that Led them to be prepared So that they did survive That's amazing story I love it that's Why I'm here I'm here to empower and Uplift you guys to get you guys prepared So that you're not one of the casualties Now we don't know what's coming we don't Know how bad it's going to get this World war thing you know people talk About Civil War Revolution 2.0 Um collapse Financial collapse economic Collapse you know food shortages Whatever But I do know that if you watch my Videos on this channel they should help You I'm not perfect I don't know Everything Um and I'm not the best prepper Channel Out there I don't think I don't even Think I am no I have enough

Humility to understand that yeah I can Only teach what I teach and I can only Talk about what I talk about that's why You need to watch a variety of channels There's a lot of good ones out there uh Poplar preparedness pinball preparedness Um I even watch Um Full Spectrum Survival and Canadian Prepper sometimes Um huh let me see Riverside Riverside Homestead life Um the prepared Homestead Um survival living Southern prepper one You know you guys probably already know Those channels a lot of good channels Out there and uh risky crisky if you Want to get into the you know this this Kind of stuff Um yeah it's really good also same with Saws TJ bear Independence good uh There's a lot of good people out there Um they all you know pluses and minuses You may not like some of them personally Or whatever you know you may feel Differently about some of the channels But there's a lot of good information Out there and they've all those channels Put out a lot of good information Um They do in different ways yes Um and some people like those ways and Some people don't like those ways but Get out there and support the community To grow the community so that because

Those people are reaching people they Are making a difference in people's Lives they some of them own companies That are saving people's lives some of Them have big companies and provide a Lot of um preparedness and survival Stuff there's a lot of good stuff out There so please don't be a hater spread The love have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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