Rice PRICES Jump While More COUNTRIES Ban Food Exports

Several more countries have imposed export restrictions on food while other large export bans have been left in place like India and Indonesia. The food shortages and food crisis is spreading around the world.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a number of things that We're going to be talking about in this Video we're going to be talking about uh Prices of rice spiking uh particularly In Thailand and around the world uh but Then we're going to be talking about Export bands we're going to be talking About the export bands of food that Continue to be in place and some new Ones that are coming up right that have Just started uh this is just concerning Um we're you know there's a lot of People out there saying there's no food Shortage whatsoever and my question then Is why are so many countries Banning the Export of foodstuffs then Um we're not even talking about some of The big ones that are refusing export to Certain countries so we got issues that Way also we'll be talking about the Fertilizer bands that are still in place Uh from and how that's going to be Affecting this growing season coming up First off let's jump into Thailand Thailand has seen their rice Prices uh go up by 23 percent in the Last two months so an increase of 23 Percent on their rice exports Thailand Is one of the largest exporters of rice In the world so this is a big deal they Consume rice but then they really grow a Lot that they export to China to India And other countries including Indonesia

We're seeing that they're saying that Indonesian exports or Indonesian Importing of Thailand rice is up Significantly and Iraq is also uh Stockpiling rice pretty significantly We're seeing that across the board where Third world countries are stockpiling Wheat and rice in order to Stave off any Unrest in their countries they've seen a Few of these these countries start going Haywire like Sri Lanka and when they're Seeing and they're watching very closely What's happening down in Peru These riots and the top attempts to Topple the governments the coups that Are happening around the world are of Great concern to countries that have uh Less than transparent democracies let's Just put it that way those countries are Very concerned about food prices going Up and they are stockpiling because They're going to need to defend the Price of food in order to keep their People From going out into the streets Before we go any further this video is Brought to you by Genesis Gold group They do a fantastic job getting people From Stocks and bonds in their retirement Portfolios over to physical gold Physical silver physical Platinum if You'd like to move over there with them You can find them down in the

Description down below Genesis Gold Group and Jonathan fantastic folks all Right let's move over to what's Happening with the export bands Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan has uh have Begun export bans on root vegetables Onions carrots potatoes Potatoes where have we heard that one Being in shortage before that's right Folks we're seeing shortages of potatoes In Canada as well as the United States Particularly in dried Goods dried potato Flakes are becoming rather scarce we're Having a hard time finding them it's Getting a lot more expensive and you're Having to buy the little single Individual packets in order to get Potatoes Uzbekistan Kazakhstan and Tajikistan They all are having issues with Particularly carrots because a lot of Times they leave them in the ground for Storage and we just had a really nasty Freeze over there as well it didn't just Get cold in the United States it got Cold elsewhere too Arctic freeze uh Coming down into that region over there Has potentially caused significant Damage to carrots Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are getting ahead of it and Are starting to put export bans in on Onions carrots and potatoes Tajikistan has not put those export Bands in just yet and we haven't heard

Anything from Afghanistan but are they Really part of the world system anymore In Afghanistan That's uh And with the Taliban and control over There It's just craziness India India is continuing to ban rice And wheat exports Yes you heard that right not only did They put the rice and wheat export ban In place but it is still in place This is a major Ban on they are seriously concerned in India of their people going haywire they Are concerned of Unrest in the country they're concerned About the whole thing coming toppling Down so they are ex Banning exports of Rice and wheat they continue to do that Indonesia Indonesia is the largest palm oil Exporter in the world Sixty percent of world exports of palm Oil come from Indonesia they haven't put In a hard Ban on exports what they've done is They've put product export caps they put Export caps in place basically they're Saying so much of this has to stay in The country and only this much is Allowed to be exported it is seriously Throttling their exports of palm oil We've seen that over the past year they

Have exported a lot less palm oil in the Past year and that is that goes in a lot Of stuff if you look through ingredients Of everything they use a lot of palm oil As ingredients and background into stuff Whenever you're buying like chocolate And Chocolate flavored stuff that tends to Have a lot of palm oil in it the cheaper End products tend to have a lot of palm Oil in there that's how they get a lot Of the flavor and the calories in there But they don't like putting it up in the Front because people are like what's Palm oil The World Trade Organization is Estimating about seven percent of the World's calories are subject currently To export bands That's how big it is Seven percent now at the height of the Uh The Invasion we were looking at over 15 percent of the world's calories were Under export bans now what this doesn't Take into account is that certain Countries have said that they will not Export food To unfriendly countries Russia and Belarus have explicitly stated that they Will not export food to European Countries and the United States so They're exporting it to friendly Countries and since it's still kind of Finding its way onto the market it it

Should not theoretically impact the Exports and the the world balance of Food however That can cause some significant Disruptions out there if other countries Are putting in export bans so if they're If they're shipping it to India and then India is refusing to export it to anyone Else you can kind of see where that's Going with that China doesn't have any Technical export bans but then again They are a net Food importer so but they Are the largest producer of a number of Things like wheat and uh I'm not sure if It's I believe they're the largest One of the largest in corn they they Produce a lot of food but of course they Consume a lot of food as well and then They tend to export more finished Products like beef and manufactured beef Like uh like dried beef and such like That Also we still have these export bans on Fertilizer and this is where we're Really going to get the rub and that is Russia Belarus still refusing to export Fertilizer to unfriendly countries China Still has their export ban on fertilizer Going on right right now too that is a Big wall up to the world system because Fertilizer isn't is in short supply Around the world and China has Historically been a large exporter of Fertilizer Russia and Belarus also very

Large exporters of fertilizer the last Leg on the the Triad kind of so to speak Of exporters for fertilizer is Canada Canada produces a lot of fertilizer Especially a lot that goes into the United States however they're having Issues up in Canada with energy they are Making a lot of decisions on green Energy policies and stuff like that that Are making production More expensive for fertilizer up in Canada and Potential for supply chain disruptions Going forward too we will remain to to See what happens with Canada and the Fertilizer exports but we're keeping an Eye on Canada with that if you're in Canada we're keeping an eye on you Um and uh we we do we do see what's Going on there and it's it's hard to Watch kind of what's going on with all The politics and the the loss of freedom And things that are happening there our Hearts go out to you and of course You're watching down south here in the United States and seeing uh us kind of Going very much that the same way just a Few steps behind you so hopefully we can Sort things out and get a little bit of Freedom back in our pockets but um if You found this video useful or helpful You might want to check out this other Video over here from me I'll see you over there or I'll see you

Later Steve Poplar out

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