Russians CAUGHT Scouting Dutch Infrastructure | Dutch Intelligence

Dutch intelligence and Norwegian military are issuing reports concerned about Russian sabotage of critical energy infrastructure. Especially after the issues off the Polish coast earlier this year.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got some interesting news Coming out of the Dutch intelligence Service did you know that there was a Dutch intelligence service Yes yes there is and I googled Dutch Intelligence service and it's all this Picture of this lady from the 1800s uh Dressed in diamonds and stuff like that Because that's apparently what the Dutch Intelligence service is but they have Put their wood shoes on and they have Come up with a report that is uh rather Concerning they have uh caught a Russian Vessel in their Waters scouting out Their infrastructure their windmills yes The Dutch are concerned that the Russians are going to attack their Windmills It's hard to say that without cracking Up I'm sorry Um it sounds like Don Quixote or Something like that right anyway so it Is serious though they have caught not Only a Russian vessel out there mapping Their infrastructure but then also They've caught numerous spies under Diplomatic credentials from Russia that Have been scouting out their Infrastructure points they are very Concerned that Russia is preparing to Attack their infrastructure now they're Not the only ones out there Norway is Also saying something very similar that

They are concerned and they've actually Started posting soldiers at critical Infrastructure points Norway produces 25 of Europe's natural Gas now now that we're not importing it Anymore from the bad guys over there Um they're importing 25 of it from Norway They're importing a significant portion Of it now from the United States as well After our Gat major gas terminal Is coming back online That was you know mysteriously exploded Um Russia's natural gas pipeline Mysteriously exploded and then just just A couple months later United States's Biggest export gas terminal suddenly Caught fire and exploded Hmm Couldn't be a coincidence there could Couldn't be any connection at all Whatsoever there anyway so the Dutch are Saying that that they are considered uh Con concerned that the Russians are Scoping them out and preparing to Sabotage activities against Their energy systems and their other Infrastructure including their water They just released a report on this Earlier last month the Norwegians Produced a similar report basically We're seeing that all these uh countries Around there particularly around the

Blacks uh the the the North Sea are Basically concerned that we are going to Be seeing an escalation in Shadow Warfare Gray Zone Warfare of things just Mysteriously exploding now Granted uh when their stuff keeps Mysteriously exploding it makes sense That our stuff would mysteriously start Exploding and uh you know anyone is Saying that we're not in World War III Right now I don't know what you're Talking about now I will say that it's Got to be easier to protect you know a Power plant that's running on coal than It is to protect a power plant that's Spread out as a giant wind farm all Across the uh All across the horizon But even though it's spread out and you May think that because it's spread out You'd have to attack each individual Windmill at a time but that's not true All you have to do is hit the power Lines the main power conduits and such Like that which should be theoretically Easier to replace but I'm not a saboteur so I don't I don't Know what what's with that but uh the More that they become more reliant on uh On green energy You don't get to pick where the green Energy power plants go whereas when You're building a Coal Fire plants Nuclear plants

Um you can put those wherever you want Um you know in somebody's backyard that You don't like that's where you put Those whereas the windmills you put them Where all the birds are going to get Killed by them and you put them out at Sea where it's going to irritate and Kill water mammals of course that's Where you put the windmills and then you Know solar panels those are a little More flexible but you need lots and lots Of cheap land you know so that you can Shade all the the wildlife so that Plants can't grow because you know Having less trees is more green for the Environment you know so anyway all that To say with the the green push in Europe It is making them more vulnerable to Infrastructure attacks their power grids Are more destabilized as it is and so Any kind of disturbances to the power Grid due to sabotage and such are going To be even more critical than anything Else so We're kind of watching out for that the Norwegians the uh Dutch are on edge and Watching of course the the Germans are Of course watching polish uh Poland is Watching Poland just had that incident Where those mysterious divers were Caught off one of their main uh natural Gas terminals ports where the natural Gas ships come in and unload Natural Gas Of course those uh those divers were who

Know who they one of them had a Spanish Passport so they must all be Spanish but The other guys just didn't seem to have Passports even though they're in International waters because why would You have identification on you and when You're doing Shady things in the middle Of the night near key points of Infrastructure so we are watching that And we are seeing a lot of concerning Incidents out there Cloak and Dagger Kind of stuff Now the Dutch uh the Dutch intelligence Maybe need to do some more stuff out There so that their image search doesn't Just show up a lady from the 1800s but You know they're doing what they can and Hopefully they are on top of this thing I sleep better at night knowing the Dutch intelligence services are on this All right folks if you have some Comments uh pop them in the comments Down below I know I know we all have Some things that we probably need to say Uh joke wise about this but of course It's obviously very serious these type Of things could escalate very quickly Infrastructure attacks could turn into Open Warfare relatively quickly there is A lot going on there Things have been spontaneously Combusting including ammunition plants Over in the um Uh in the Baltic states I almost said

Balkans that's like completely the other Side of Europe the Baltic states and so We are we're watching that and everybody Is on edge in Europe and all it takes is Some missteps here or there of course Belarus just came under attack Um a uh their airstrip was attacked and Are they going to see that as an attack On them of course it was done by Separatists and protesters or something I don't think we can call them peaceful Protesters but hey they didn't actually Hurt anyone so it must be peaceful Protest anyway If you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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