Saharan Dust Plume Sweeping Toward Gulf Coast Is The Most Significant Since The 1970’s – Cali Quakes


Dust stretches from western Africa to the Gulf of Mexico, with major impacts on air quality
The historic Saharan dust plume is darkening skies in the Caribbean and will soon stretch into the US
The #SaharanDust is now getting entrained into the midlatitude system affecting the southeast US and pulled north into coastal Louisiana and Mississippi
5.8-magnitude quake hits Lone Pine in east-central California, rattling San Joaquin Valley
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23 thoughts on “Saharan Dust Plume Sweeping Toward Gulf Coast Is The Most Significant Since The 1970’s – Cali Quakes

  1. Here in Mobile Alabama it rained significantly on Tuesday and my truck was covered by dirty fine dust because I had the cover on the truck and took it off after it stopped raining. At the time I was not thinking about Sahara Dust now I am.

  2. SRM encompasses a variety of techniques: using reflective “pollution” to modify the atmosphere,
    covering deserts with reflective plastic, increasing the whiteness of clouds or blocking incoming
    sunlight with “space shades.” The most-promoted proposal is to create dust clouds that
    artificially mimic “volcano clouds” by injecting layers of reflective particles, such as sulfates, into a
    higher layer of the atmosphere called the stratosphere.
    Common to all these technologies is that they do not aim

  3. Is it just me or has the mainstream media been very silent on global warming hysteria, I guess the riots and coronavirus is getting them more money.

  4. I know we recently had swarms of locusts, so large jet planes were grounded. Now we have “big gurilla” dust clouds…what’s next the great big green froggy Storm?

  5. It must influence the Earth’s electrical system and magnetosphere. Humidity and moisture in the air. Absorbing heat high in the atmosphere yet blocking heat from the ground. Imagen the levels of static charge it must generate.

  6. Here in the south of Spain these dust clouds from Sahara are usual, just dark sky in a brownn-orange-reddish colour and that´s all,,,,you can breathe like any other day, and for God´s sake, YOU DONT NEED TO WEAR A MASK!´ ,my brother is asthmatic and he breathes like every normal day, that dust is suspended in the atmosphere, the only problem if it rains you´ll get a dirty car after it, greetings!

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