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Budget prepping because who doesn't want To save money on their preps hey Everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness and we're Going to talk about some stuff in this Video about budget preps show you some Thrift store fines that I got and just Talk about it because we all want to Save money right before I get into Showing you guys what I found recently As some thrift stores let's talk about Some different ways to save money with Your preps finding preps for Budget-minded people it's very important I mentioned thrift stores yes thrift Stores are a really good way to go about It you got Goodwill you got Salvation Army you got St Vincent de Paul you got Deseret and then those are like the big Four that I know that are I'm pretty Sure those are Across the Nation no Matter where you go I could be wrong but Uh those are like the big ones Um and then there are a lot of little Local faith-based uh thrift stores uh as Far as I know in your area they are in My area Um so this is a great place to find Budget preps but that's more obvious one What are some other things Um another thing is estate sales Estate sales are really good place Sometimes auctions There's different things we have like

Auto auctions around here of these big Auctions some of them sell um defensive Tools Um camping equipment all kinds of stuff So sometimes look into auctions your Local auctions Um you may find some good deals there Just go there and check it out you know I mean why not you know it's one of Those things Um this isn't really the time of the Year for this other one but garage sales Yard sales that's more spring and Summer-ish the thing is it's really good About summertime yard sales is that's When you can find your winter stuff Um a lot of your your skis snowboards Snowmobiles you know just stuff like That Um maybe a blankets sleeping bags you Know the things that people aren't Necessarily using Um in the summer time and so they're Like well we didn't use these last Winter let's just get rid of them in This yard sale someone like that Um there are also so Um yard sale sites like Craigslist go to Craigslist go to the free section I also Like going to the uh what the farm and Equipment section whatever it is Um gardening I forget what the section Is called but Um I find a lot of stuff for free and or

Really good deals there's also Facebook Has Um like free sites I think I don't do Facebook so uh but you can check that Out Um and then there's also you know local Newspapers local you know sites and Stuff like that that you guys can go to Those are some of the big ones some Other ones would be like wholesale Um Distributors Um going at a business sales Black Friday sales Cyber Monday sales Um Etc and after holidays if you're Looking at things that are holiday Related after the holiday everything Like that goes on sale like the candies The cookies there's a lot of stuff that You can find that are holiday oriented That have a usefulness in preparedness Though like strings of Christmas lights Especially when they're little LED Lights they don't take up much much Power maybe hook those up to a little Solar thing have white Christmas lights Run around your house to light your House there are there's all you gotta Think outside the box that's the trick Of doing this saving money is think Outside the box all right so now I want To get to the good stuff I want to show You what I found recently but before I Do that please subscribe ring the Notification Bell for all hit that

Thumbs up or the thumbs down whatever And share the videos comment below Um let me know as far as like I just Mentioned thinking outside the box let Me know and let other people know in the Comments what places you have found to Find great prepper deals there's Probably a lot of other wet things out There there's some that I know of that I Just you know isn't coming to the top of My mind right now so throw that Information out there let's help each Other all right let's get into it Um first thing is this is all this score Is loaded into Um the primary score of the trip Which is this backpack which I'll get Into later but first off let's show you What's inside of it what's inside of it A good Um one of those big fleece one of those Good fleece blankets for seven dollars That was yeah I'll buy a good fleece Blanket pretty much brand new for seven Dollars all day long Um and you know uh if you guys have Watched any of my other uh prepper haul Videos you know our love of flannel Right so this flannel really nice look At that lining it is a freedom Foundry Yeah it's probably made in China it's Cotton it's not the best but it's a nice Heavyweight flannel Um and I don't really do blue but you

Know I figured blue is not that bad Um and that was uh nine dollars this Another one another flannel nice flannel Same thing nice in line cozy warm um This is an O'Neill and this was brand New this is a brand new O'Neill uh Flannel I like I really like this one it Fits really nice it's a really Comfortable really warm and this was Eleven dollars so this trip I did get Better scores uh for money money wise Um okay these were brand new but you Know little ones gotta have stuff to Take care of them in the winter time Also especially when she's out playing The snow so these are for my Six-year-old girl and these were brand New and they were like Five six bucks I think they were so Remember the littles you gotta remember The littles and it's good also to get Things like this thing to keep them warm In bigger sizes also so they can grow Into them hand-me-downs is a great way To do that interface interact with other Families in your area that have children About your children's age hand me up Hand me down those kind of things yeah Work together Community is part of tribe All right here is another flannel this I Found and it's my one of my favorite Um it's it's the Wrangler Authentics Um brand I bought my favorite two Flannels at Walmart it's the red and

Black checkered and then the green and Black chicken that you've seen me wear In my videos this is the same make same Design I have been have been able to Find so this started life as white gray And black what I did is I threw it in Some Rit Dye some brown and it kind of It kind of subdued it a little bit Um didn't turn out really exactly how I Wanted to but you know wearing around Working in the garden stuff like that is Fine and that was five bucks This is a good score right here for all You tactical oriented people Aor2s Navy Woodland digital camouflage Pants in my size they are um actually They're the short not the regular so you Know they're a little tiny bit short but They're they're they'll work fine they Work great and they're in basically you Know brand new condition Um not faded at all really good and These I got two pairs one pair And two pair there you go two pairs of Them and they were um How much were they they were nine Dollars a piece so good score for some Really good effective camouflage Especially here in my AO Um this camouflage works very well I'll Pick up aor2 or Marine marpat Um any chance I get all right here's one Thing we talk about off-grid and doing Things off-grid right manual without

Power well what happens if you have to Mix you know make bread Um mix up anything without power Have you seen these These are old school I I remember these because my Grandmother had this had one of these She didn't have an electric mixer she Just used this for everything Um so I have a lot of experience using These growing up my mom had one um I Bought one a while back at a thrift Store and the way the um the um uh The little teeth on the I'm brain farting on the wheels they They would catch up so I ended up having To throw that one away I think that was A dollar but this one works really well And this was uh three dollars so that's A good score another thing is I can't Believe look if you're ever at like Goodwill or thrift stores make sure you Pay attention to and you look in the Medical section because I found these Signs sealed and delivered they're still Sealed brand new and it was three Dollars okay not that great a deal but Still saved a couple bucks over buying It brand new Um they're all still in there I counted 12 Um sealed Um still you know still sterile sterile And everything good to go Um oh yeah so This I Gotta show you here

Just a second let me step off camera There we go now I can do that one of Those videos and get my AK and go Dasvadanya on the snow no this hat was Uh you know Um this hat was four dollars and it has The you know the Buckle it keeps you Nice and warm and is it like a real one Real fur and all this stuff like that no It's not but um it is um it'll still it Is nice and warm let me Buckle this up Top here there you go you can wear it Like that there you go now I look like a Trapper outdoor Woodsman Um no I'm just kidding but seriously Um Good and this is brand new Um so yeah all right let's get to I Don't think there's anything else in the Pack let me get to the pack yeah that's Everything out of it okay this pack an Everest pack really good quality I Checked all the stitching Um really good the adjustable back Um waist strap everything there's only One fault I found in this bag and that Is this side pocket Um the zipper you can see right here the Zipper was broken so I need to find a Way to fix that I don't know that much I Don't know anything about zippers so I Don't know if I'm gonna do it myself if I'm gonna take it somewhere or just put Velcro up in here put velcro up in there

And just build a velcro enclosure for it I don't know but that's the only thing Wrong with this bag and this bag was Um twelve dollars and get this when I Went to check out I was checking all the Pockets because I wanted them to I Wanted them to know that I wasn't put Putting stuff in Pockets trying to steal Stuff well I open it up These Bushnell Binoculars were in this pocket and I'm Like whoa okay I'm sorry I didn't do That and they're like oh no no it's all Right we get it um yeah and I'm like Okay well how much are those I might be Interested in those and like just take Them they were in the bag Score 12 for a really good backpack Um this can make a great uh bug out bag Along this actually might I'm going to Look at the stitching this may be better Quality than my current long range Reconnaissance bag Patrol bag whatever You want to call it if this is better Quality this may become my primary Um long range bag and it's always good To have an extra set of these Um and I find things like this little Binoculars and stuff at Goodwill on a Regular basis and I already checked them Out and they work great so that was a Bonus score so keep your eyes out there People you can get some awesome scores I Mean that camouflage is a great score

The backpack though is a great score 12 I think I said twelve dollars eleven Twelve dollars who knows whatever it was Under 15 and the binoculars um and I Know that's kind of a random score but Um I have found I've had good luck Finding good quality backpacks at Goodwill and other thrift stores so keep An eye out for them don't forget the Medical section don't forget the uh the Manual stuff I always look for manual Grinders I find a lot of manual meat Grinders which is great I always keep my Eye out for manual grain grinder though That's what I would love to find I Haven't found one yet but um yeah Remember the littles remember your Blankets warm weather gear and always Keep your eye out for some good Effective camouflage because you know Why not anyway I hope you guys like the Video Um I hope you guys get out there and Find the great deals and let me know About them and let others know about Them where are you finding stuff what Are your scores on what are your ideas Thinking outside the box come up with New ideas anyway have a wonderful day And blessings to you and yours

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