Secret Biden Trip To Ukraine

Without notice to Americans or the Western press, President Biden held a surprise meeting with Zelenskyy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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The United States citizens are not to be Trusted but Putin is according to this White House the United States kept in The dark American citizens not told that President Biden was heading to Ukraine But of course he picked up the phone and Called Vladimir Putin and said hey I'm coming This is what I'm going to be doing I Don't I don't know if that tells you Anything but it sure tells me a whole Lot of who can be trusted according to The United States White House and who Can't be because it is apparently Domestic terrorists that are a much Greater threat than anything that's Happening over in Europe we're going to Be talking about that as well as As what's uh an amazing Story coming out South uh San Francisco of a Ukrainian Girl who has fled the fighting in her Homeland and when she came to San Francisco she has now made up her mind That it was better back in Ukraine Now you may have seen enough pictures And stories out of San Francisco to go I Kind of get where she's coming from on That but it is mind-blowing we're going To be covering these stories and a few More uh in this episode this video is Brought to you by Genesis Gold group so If you have money locked into a Retirement account and you're just kind Of trying to put it in the right place

And someplace stable someplace safe and It's locked into stocks and bonds if you Want to move it over into something more Stable like gold silver Platinum coins That you own that you can take those out Of your retirement later You want to talk to Jonathan and his Team at Genesis gold you can find them Down in the description down below and They can help you and answer all your Questions So this story from San Francisco The San Francisco Chronicle just Published the story of Marina At the school Marina her name was Yana And she came into the middle school a Middle school in San Francisco She's Refugee from Ukraine the fighting There has driven her out the uh the All that fighting compared to San Francisco she found it worse here She came in and found students jumping Up on top of desks she found students Screaming out and Carrying on in the middle of class and Teachers not doing anything about it She found her cell phone missing because It was stolen from her in class Friends we may not be in a war zone here In the United States but when you have Society degrading to the point where Thefts are happening where bad behavior Is not scorned or punished and it's just Tolerated which if you've been to any of

These major cities recently you know That's exactly what's happening We're just letting all this happen People are committing crimes and they're Being released almost immediately People commit murder and they're Released almost immediately if you speak Out against the government if you have Something to say about corruption you Will get locked away and the key will be Thrown away You will not get bail Commit murder commit a violent Hostile actions and uh and crimes and You will probably get out without bail And that's what we're seeing across the Country And Jana is seeing that and she she realized That even though her country was in Conflict at least there was the societal Glue holding things together They've complained about these things And and sought to transfer her to Another school but of course that's not Allowed because the teachers unions Can't allow people to be transferred From Failing schools to good schools because That will give people options and Freedom freedom is the antithesis It's the opposite Of All these things that are being forced

On our plate You must have all your freedoms Stripped Away from you so that you will be fully Locked into the system Is it any wonder that 13-year-old Refugee in San Francisco Is saying I want to go home I want to go home where people respect Each other Where there's this thing called Integrity Honor And genuine affection In Ukraine at least they're proud to be Ukrainians in the United States not Proud to be Americans apparently At least in San Francisco they're not Can you respect can you love being in a Country That even its own citizens do not love That's a thought that's a food for Thought speaking of citizens that don't Love their country President Biden in his surprise trip to Ukraine picked up the phone and gave Vladimir Putin a call Make sure that his plane doesn't get Shot down so he uh he pleaded with uh With Russia to not shoot down his plane Apparently and American citizens can't be told can't Can't get out there what's going on There but uh apparently Russia can be

We get told so much of what's going on There and The United States is locking up money War crime Seizing citizens Uh Russian citizens Assets If you take Civilians assets That is a war crime If there's no war purpose to it you Can't just go out and take Russian Oligarchs or Yachts you can't take their Houses you can't take stuff like that Well we all kind of understand why you'd Want to But the simple fact is that we've been Looting and stealing from private Citizens Which is a war crime And we're not even in a war The United States is just attacking Random citizens out there civilians out There from other countries and taking Their stuff Without recourse And then we have the audacity to Enter into a conflict Zone a battle Zone And say don't shoot down our Air Force Jet Right what's what's the president's Plane called again Air Force One A military jet Entering into a combat zone Would probably fighter escorts or

Whatever Foreign And uh demanding that the one of the Parties at War Not shoot down a legitimate Target in in The combat space Meanwhile we're off committing war Crimes when we're not even a part of the War The absurdity is is just so rich So So beyond the pale 200 billion dollars of Aid has gone in From the United States not from all the Other countries just the United States Now 200 billion dollars when we built the Nimitz class nuclear carriers They were they were running between 5 to 10 billion dollars So much cost So I know there's inflation and all that Kind of stuff but basically we've given The equivalent of 20 Nuclear powered aircraft carriers worth Of Stuff 20 nuclear powered aircraft carriers That's bigger that's twice as big as the U.S Fleet We've given twice as many Nuclear-powered aircraft carriers worth Of stuff to Eastern Europe then we have

In our United States Fleet If that boggles your mind if you're just Like I don't even understand I don't Even understand how it's possible That's exactly what's happening right Now that's how much support we are Absolutely a compound I don't see how you can get around the Simple fact and to think that Bear Country over there doesn't see it To think that they don't see that we are A combatant i They will not forget They didn't forget what we did in Afghanistan When they were invading They didn't forget that Believe me They knew exactly what we were doing and They They remembered And they're going to remember what we're Doing today now I'm not saying that They're the right ones on the Block I'm Not saying at all I sit on this side of the pond and this Is the the greatest country in the world Still It's not as gray as it used to be but It's still better than anything out There mostly because all the other Alternatives have gotten even worse Um So

What what can you do about it all you Can really do is Realize that we're not we're not the White Knight that we used to think we Were Not were we ever I don't know Go to 1611 or whatever the uh the the The program that they're pushing in the Schools to tell you about how evil America's founding was I don't know but Sure is evil now You look at what we did to ourselves uh In Vietnam you look at what we've what We did with the the Lusitania I mean With the Lusitania jam-packed full of Weapons that were heading to Europe I Mean it was a legitimate military Military military Target of course We never sold it that way it was a Passenger liner of course it was stuffed To the gills with U.S weapons but We don't want to talk about that again And again we see that We we're not as innocent as we like to Think we are And once again we're seeing that in real Time over there in Eastern Europe that We're not as innocent as we would like To think and we're not as good as we Would like to think either the fact that You Ukrainian refugees in the United States want to go back Because it's worse here We're talking about San Francisco and I

Can understand that what if she had come To Baltimore what happens if she had Come to Detroit Or Chicago Probably would have been the same story Probably would have wanted to go back There too Friends we need We need to take a serious look at the Morality of our country Who we are as a country And we need to think about changing And that takes that takes each of us Looking in inward And accepting the change that needs to Happen our own lives And trying to be that change in our Community All right folks if you found this video To be useful helpful you might want to Check out another video from me over Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve poppler out

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