Shocking Changes To Bank Rules | Extremely URGENT Warning

We’re discussing an explosive article from Modern Survival Blog about the legal changes that happened in 2014 regarding our modern relationship with banks.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report Um I saw this interesting article by a Modern Survival blog uh they did a Fantastic job over there on that blog Um and they're actually kind of Reposting this from Um they they publish this I believe back In 2014 originally when it actually Happened but it's shocking it's quite Shocking I uh I even kind of thought that Deposits at Banks were actually pretty Safe but he actually walks through uh Ken does how they've changed the banking Regulations in 2014 where you are no Longer a depositor You're an investor The money in the bank doesn't belong to You You own a promise From the bank for the money but you Don't actually own the money And if they default on that They default on this investment or Promise they don't actually they haven't Actually stolen your money Where that's kind of how it used to be Right you put your money in the bank it Is your money But now you're an investor in the bank You say What What

Yes apparently it's so Um the more I looked into it the more Concerned I got friends if you have a Lot of money that's sitting in bank Accounts And the next thing you're going to throw Out there and uh and I did too it's just Like well isn't it insured by the FDIC Yes yes But But the problem is there's not enough Money in the FDIC program Basically If more than a little over one percent Of the bank deposits in the country were To default So if one of these major two big two Fail Banks were to suddenly Take everybody's cash Or need to take everybody's cash There wouldn't be enough money to cover Everyone's bank accounts Oh That's concerning isn't it Friends you need to be careful About where your money is And ask the question is it even your Money anymore And we all had that experience by now I Think or most of us have where we've Gone out there and we've been like hey Bank I want to take out five thousand Dollars Ten thousand dollars or however money

And they say okay well we can write you A cashier's check and you're like no I Want cash I deposited cash in your Account in my account I want to take Cash out and they go why do you want That money and you go does it matter It's my money give me my I'm not trying To take other people's money I'm not Trying to take your money I'm not trying To take somebody else's money I'm trying To take my money back give me my money And they're going well We have to see if we want to give you Your money back and if they're doing That when there's no crisis Give us a little bit of a crisis and Then then see how reluctant they are to Give you any of your money And and that paper that paper is is Scarily uh losing value at every turn So if you have stopped being a depositor Of your money and started being an Investor in the bank What happens to you when there's a Bankruptcy What happens when one of these two big Two fail Banks makes another stupid Investment They would never do that Of course they're doing it have you Heard about the sub Prime Auto Loans out There that's a lot of these same banks That you have your bank accounts with Friends money sitting in a bank account

Is significantly less safe than cash Sitting in your house I need to repeat that because that Sounds wrong but If you're hearing me right Money in your house Is safer than money in the bank Because the money in your house guess What is your money If your house burns down guess what you Have insurance And That covers your stuff When the bank defaults on your money When they take all your money to pay off Other creditors or to cover other stupid Investments Guess what you're just an investor and You get to go to court to try to get Your uh a chunk of your money back but But are you going to get all of it back Investors don't usually get all of their Money back and usually more influential Investors Who have guarantees Are going to get their money before you Will and then you're going to be sitting There waiting for Uncle Sam to give you Some money And uh if they don't have enough money To go around you had better believe They're going to give you a percentage Of Friends this is not stuff that hasn't

Happened before this is stuff that has Happened in our lifetimes to many other Countries all around us This is real stuff happening in real Places to real people and you need to be Aware that that can happen here too Because the Dynamics that happen over There are the same dynamics that happen Here The inflation is happening here that has Happened there the government corruption Is happening here that happened there Friends We need to be paying attention and we Need to be taking steps to protect Ourselves because I can assure you this That the friends of yours in government The friends of yours at your local bank They don't either have the power or the Will to protect you or help you in that Time of Crisis you're going to have to Watch out for yourselves all right folks If you found this video shocking maybe Or useful at least you might want to Check out another video from me one Right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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