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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be going over a Bunch of charts we're going to go over a Few memes uh making fun of government Control we're also going to be giving You a whole bunch of news items and We're talking about some of the reasons Why behind some of the shortages in the UK we got a whole bunch of stuff coming At you right now let's jump right into It See a bunch of this information did come From Wall Street Silver's Twitter Account whatever a lot of friendly folks Over there 1800 50 percent of Americans were Farming professionally 1945 Americans grew 45 percent of their Food in their backyard gardens think About that 45 today less than 0.1 Percent of Americans food comes from Their backyard gardens Less than 0.1 percent that is that just Kind of shows you how vulnerable we are As a society to this uh we used to so Much of the food used to come from your Backyard to your table and that's as far As it went Just think of all the extra chemicals Think of all the extra Just Logistics involved with that you Know When you think about those things a Corrupt government is the bankster's

Best friend The banksters Motto Privatize the profits so take the Profits and socialize the losses shuffle Them off onto the government let the Bail-ins begin That's The Tragic Truth though isn't it I mean they're incentivized to do that Take gambles take risks and then when it Blows up in their faces they scream you Know who could have known and then they Just make the government which is us pay For it Voltaire shows that it's nothing new the Comfort of the rich depends upon an Abundant supply of the poor The the poor are needed in order to make The rich feel rich right Aliens coming we came to dominate you Enslave you and drain your resources got It you're from the government Because Ultimately it provides a few uh things That uh that we couldn't do for Ourselves but in the end the resources That it drains the governments is is Just way out of whack from that all The government is the mafia masquerading As a civil rights organization from Dave Smith there Again The abuses and speaking of how to deal With the abuses uh French farmers are Dumping manure and spraying manure on Police vans

Crazy The French are easily the best Protesters in the world uh yeah so like Uh over in Amsterdam and the Netherlands they were They were dumping manure on the sidewalk But they weren't spraying it on the Vehicles that's something else isn't it This video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group so if you'd like to move your Retirement funds out stocks and bonds Over into something more secure like Physical gold that you own that when you Take a distribution you actually get Coins as opposed to Promises of cash You can give Jonathan ask Tim a call They do a great job by you Trudeau's minion openly bragging about Freezing Pro protesters bank accounts of Course this is during the truck uh Protest truckers protest peacefully Protesting grilling food and giving it Out for free on the streets I mean uh it Was just a nightmare and so they had to Go in and start freezing everybody's Bank account anyone who donated any Money to these uh to this protest had Their bank accounts Frozen Crazy crazy This is just a chart just kind of give Us an idea of kind of where we are it Goes all the way back to 1988 and up to The current day we see how many 65 year Olds

That own homes without a mortgage That's plunging A lot more 65 year olds today have Mortgages still And that's not a good Trend that just Shows you kind of we're not in a healthy Place Every time that the Every time that the U.S national home price index started Falling we went right into a recession And as you can see right now it is Sharply Fallen it's falling sharper than We we have in the last 50 years so the Question is is What kind of recession are we going to Be going into is it going to be a Depression That's a chart that saw eye-opening Right there Uh oh I now I mentioned this on the Channel before but supermarkets are Rationing fruit and vegetables as Shelves empty in Supply shortage Asda as Well as Tesco too Um are limiting items And here's the reason why here's one of The reasons why UK farmers are switching Off greenhouses amid soaring energy Costs But there's also really bad weather in Spain and other parts of Europe where a Lot of these crops are grown And in Northern Africa so do we have an

Impending recession this is the 10-year Yield for treasury bonds U.S treasury Bonds and as you notice every time it Drops and then starts coming back up That's where we go right into a Recession this is uh as the yield curve Starts coming back up we get a recession Every single this is considered the most Reliable recession indicator and we've Dropped significantly and it's just a Matter of once we start going up it's All over it's all over And she's just a funny I voted for loan Forgiveness and all I got was World War III There you go Biden voters there you go Got your free world war three Now let's look at India's silver Imports I keep saying silver solar silver and The reason why I say silver and I'm not Saying silver as in like you should go Do it I'm telling you this is what I'm Doing I'm stacking physical silver just Like the Indians are just like the Chinese are just like the Russians are Just like people who kind of see the Writing on the wall they see that Silver's been manipulated price wise Down it is bargain it's in the Bargain Bin and an ought not to be Roughly one-third of all silver mined on The planet last year was imported into India think about that just one country They are they are loading up on Silver

Because they know that it's going to Protect them from the times to come Record silver Imports into India Just in this is in Tirana in Albania you May not care so much about Tirana and Albania you may not know where they are In the Balkans of course but protesters Tried to force the police Cordon to Invade the Parliament building there Does that sound at all familiar does That sound at all familiar they are Protesting due to the prime minister's Corruption and against the High Cost of Living U.S large bankruptcies In January touched the highest since 2010 so the aftermath of the the 2008 crash We are getting back up to those levels That's how many U.S corporations are Declaring bankruptcy Is everything healthy out there is the Economy fine then why are so many Companies going bankruptcy now this is Just for the month of January so so when You see 2022 there that's not December Okay and that's not for the whole year We're talking about just January so the Difference between January 2022 and the Difference between January 2023 that's The big difference there That's big U.S strategic strategic petroleum Reserve they continue to liquidize

Liquidate the Strategic petroleum Reserve This is going back to 82 on this graph Here 1982 we are the the lowest since like 1984 it looks like approximately low Since 83 it says on the chart That's we're just emptying the reserve And this is important folks our Refineries need this strategic petroleum Reserve if if disruption comes and we Can't get uh Feedstock from overseas and yes we need To import all of the oil pretty much all The oil that goes into our refineries That gives us our gas and our diesel the Gas that you're putting in your car came From the Middle East Generally speaking or from Canada it did Not come from the United States Generally speaking The stuff in the United States that that Gets uh pulled out of the ground Actually has to be exported because our Refineries cannot turn fracking oil into Useful stuff we're just building those Cracker plants there all right so that's What we got for you if you guys see some Memes out there you can always uh you Can always let us know about those uh The email at poplarpreparedness and this of course pretty much All this stuff came from Wall Street Silver they're good folks over there

They've got some crude mouths so watch Your step over there if you don't want To see anything like that but also They're very much in the same Corner as Us just very skeptical about government And everything going on out there There's a video on the screen that you Might want to check out I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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