Signs in the Sun and News But You Cant View It (983)


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Many main stream stories about decreasing solar activity, cosmic ray increases, even NASA says deep solar minimums (grand solar minimums) happen but have very little effect on Earth's climate. Lets look back in history and see the effects of Grand Solar Minimums on our civilization. Then you may see why 120 observatories globally have been closed.

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56 thoughts on “Signs in the Sun and News But You Cant View It (983)

    1. Gold will crash when national parks rich in resources are actually tapp3d. Search trump mining grand canyon gold… Equals gold going down to much supply as a geopolitical tool against china and russia

    2. Adapt have you checked the moon doing cartwheels at night yet?? There is more to this story i believe! Unless we had the earth tilt in all of these mini ice ages i’d say maybe we have got sth else going on here !

    1. Are you saying all media even alternative is fed from the source. This is how epochs are planned. The start of the new age is planned in the middle of the last epoch. Water bearer this time might not bare much water as water will be the new oil. Why would the bushes divest all oil positions and started procuring water rights in 3rd world nations

    2. @Brett Moore No he said nothing of the sort. He simply said cognitive dissonance is an effective control method, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t put words in people’s mouths.

    3. @CC33 I’m saying all media no matter what format is all edited or controlled. The info that is supposedly alternative is still coming from the puppet master

    4. So is ä state of fear” a very effective psychological tool to infect the masses and which BTW Michael Crighton wrote a book about before he died “”suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer. If TPTB DON’T WANT you talking about a particular topic and you go against the mainstream narrative, you will end up needing to claim for the funeral insurance plan you’ve had MUCH earlier than anticipated. Ör your family will. Manipulating a people by lying to them is far more effective than convincing a population that they have been lied TO! THEN the cognitive dissonance comes in.

    1. David Stone Yes, with their government intact. I suspect that the CCP’s Belt and Road initiative, especially in Africa, is an attempt to gain access to growing regions that can support their population during a Grand Solar Minimum. If the food does not flow in China then the ruling dynasty (communist party today) will lose The Mandate of Heaven.

    1. I’ve been talking cosmic rays since 2009. That’s when astrophysicists started (thereabouts) observing cosmic rays of such high frequency, they had to originate outside of our solar system.

      Probably our binary.

    1. @Face the Sky there’s No running ! Just have faith and do not expect any help from anyone family or friends especially Government, grow hunt have all both sides of knowledge and just enjoy life and be ready everyday for things to change

    2. @Face the Sky – To the very north, in northern Canada near the Arctic circle on an Indian reservation. Best place to get away from Global Warming !
      You need some good info. Go here and scroll down and read all the latest head lines for April and May @ :

  1. Funny really.
    If the sun doesn’t light up!
    Takes up to 5 yrs for cooling to occur because of basically the room to get cold after turning off the heater off,
    We all worry about tomorrow
    I worry about the future.

    1. they are closing all sorts of public things due to fake cov19 crisis so nothing but so part of another pandemic crisis lie … this would be likely the first

  2. It is the simplest fekkin thing to understand! Of course the Sun has an impact on Earth’s climate, just as it does on Venus’s and Mercury’s. When did the vast majority of humans just quit thinking for themselves?!

  3. How convenient, closing 120 telescopes that don’t require a person in the building. These things are multimillion-dollar remotely operated telescopes, they did not need to be closed!

    1. Our military surveillance satellites are the most heavily instrumented platforms in outer space and uses all kinds of
      ultra-hyper-resolution optical multi-sensory sensors for kinds of military missions as well as for scientific missions that might be of great interest and value to our military. Using a multi-phase array pattern structural structured arrangement, it is virtually impossible for them to miss anything. Moscow already ordered our multi-ring multi-satellite orbital systems be used by a thoroughly and securely screened group of scientists to conduct scientific research and analysis. Their conclusions are always the same, an Ice Age is on it’s way.

    2. Can’t have an educated public..The psyop doesn’t work as well…Keep em in the dark and following the evening news propaganda programming..

  4. “Gaslighting” has become the norm in media on any, actually on ALL subjects, plus half truth and absolute rubbish.
    Anyone with understanding of the systems knows the telescopes aren’t “closing”…they are unlawfully using public funded telescopes with black out to public paying for it. Like those infrared scopes built in southern hemisphere that several nations paid for but not one image or report has ever been issued to public…24/7/365 staffed too.

    1. Hmm, my thoughts exactly. What are they hiding? – Elan Musks hundreds of satellites that will send out the killer 5G, soon to be thousands! Who voted for this to occur over our sovereign lands?? Anything else making an appearance soon?

  5. With that simple one line of “the sun doesn’t have a major effect on Earth’s climate” NASA has lost complete credibility on anything and everything they’ve ever stated! Idiotic beyond all belief!

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