So Why Have It In A Crisis? | Precious Metals In SHTF

Genuine question out there as to why stock up on silver and gold if they cannot directly be used for food or for other purposes.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh I get this question a lot or It comes in the form of a comment you Can't eat silver you can't eat gold That's true that's true you can't eat Silver and gold but you know what I've Never been anywhere in the world where You couldn't exchange gold or silver for Something to eat And I've been to some interesting places Uh in the course of my life and uh I've read quite a few books about a lot Of rough places Societies that have been in utter Collapse Post collapse Afghanistan Syria the Bosnian like Sarajevo Um The conflict in World War II uh just so Many of these devastating moments uh the Rondon genocide And There there's always trade There's always trade I know a lot of People out there are saying you know There won't be trade People are only going to want to deal on Food when they're starving they're only Going to want to deal on food but here's The thing is that people need to have Stores of value still and they will Trade cigarettes or they'll trade Something else because currency is Something that's a functional technology

That is needed because barter system is Inherently inefficient because If you have something that I want but I Don't have anything that you want You need some sort of way to bring Someone else into this trade in order to Make us if I can trade to someone else To get Currency and then I can give you Currency for what you have suddenly this Suddenly works it it creates much more Efficiency now this video is brought to You by Genesis Gold group if you want to Get out of stocks Bonds in your Retirement portfolio into physical gold Silver you want to talk to Jonathan and His team you can find them down in the Description down below fantastic folks Over there but you know especially since This video is kind of talking about Silver and gold but can we can we eat Those no but you in the history of the World you have always been able to trade Silver gold and other tradable items That have become currency uh for food And and sometimes I quip this when Somebody says that uh down in the Comments or whatever and they say you Know well you can't eat it and I and I Say something along the lines of you Know In a situation like that you'll be able To trade it for food and uh maybe Sometimes they come back and say

Something to the effect of you know like No no they won't and and I say I will You know I I have excess excess food Stored up and uh I I'm surrounded by People that have food you know I'll take your silver and gold off your Hands if you have silver and gold and You want food you're probably going to Be able to find it there's my neighbor Is a farmer and he has a lot of land and He has a lot of know-how of how to get Food out of the ground and I guarantee You even if the grid were to come down Tomorrow He's going to produce more food than He's going to eat So What's he gonna do with it all is he Just gonna give it away out of the Generosity of his heart or is he going To trade it to people who are going to Have things that he needs to either make More food the next year or things that They're going to build up wealth for him And his family yeah that's exactly what He's going to do and if you happen to be The person knocking on his door or not Asking for a handout but waving a coin Or or jewelry or something like that Adam you're going to get you're going to Get the food not the person who's just Asking for a handout Silver gold Other things of value are absolutely

Going to get you food because Historically that's how it's always Worked there's always food there's Always food there's just not enough to Go around And There's always somebody who has a little Extra food Or who needs something else other than Food And in that case they're going to take Currency for that Silver and Gold Have Been currency for Thousands and thousands and thousands of Years And it will be in the future too You wave some gold you wave some silver At somebody That has some excess food and you're Going to walk away with the food So I'm waving a useless cell phone That's Not connected to anything anymore is not Going to get anything That's just the way it is So is it useful yeah yeah it is now is It as useful as food no If you can stock the things that you're Going to need you should keep focusing On that Get the things that you need food wise And Supply wise make sure you have paper Plates I know it's crazy but get paper Plates because you're not going to want

To wash all those dishes it's going to Use up a lot of water to wash dishes So you know make sure you have toilet Paper if you're into that sort of thing I mean make sure that you have all the Things that you need And stock goes up as best you can but There's going to be a point if you're Doing a good job that you're going to Run out of room to store stuff and That's when you start thinking about Something that's going to store value More efficiently than stacking toilet Paper And that's where you're going to start Looking at Silver And if you stack enough silver you're Going to start running out of room there Too and you're going to start thinking About storing gold because it is more Efficient in space of storage right and If you can only take a pocket full of Something with you to go across the Country on a grand Journey during a time Of Crisis you might slip that gold in The pocket because you can carry that Whereas carrying the equivalent value of Silver would be uh extremely heavy So there's value of this it's going to Be universally recognized around the World That's that's what I'm doing and that's What most preparedness folks talk about Doing as well I strongly suggest getting

Your food situation squared away getting Your water situation squared away Getting if you have more money after Those things and you're getting your Basic preps met and then start looking At becoming energy self-sufficient solar System is probably the most cost Effective most straightforward way Solar and battery power system for your Home make sure you're able to heat your Home That's probably not going to be the best Way to heat your home an electric system So do you have a stove do you have wood All those kind of things and then then After all of that as you get down the List then that's when you start looking At you've got your stuff mostly squared Away then you start Start getting precious metals that's What's there for It's not a substitute for stacking food Unless you know for sure that if things Go south you're going to bug out If you know you're going to bug out then Maybe precious metals might make sense But then you might want to get a place To bug out too you might want to have Food stored up at that place and get Things squared away there but those are Just things to think about but in the End what's going to be the value of gold Silver post shdf end of the world Teotawaki uh

It's going to be there it's going to Have value now I don't know how much Value it's going to have it's going to Have more value than it does today if You exchange one ounce of gold or one Ounce of silver how many Cans of canned chicken can you get with That how many pounds of rice can you get With that will you be able to get more Rice or more cans of chicken After the collapse with silver or gold Or less I don't know I don't have a crystal ball it may be a Little bit less or the value of gold and Silver may go up significantly as people Recognize its value and it may be where You get significantly more food with That it's not a get rich scheme thing It's about I can only carry so many cans Of canned chicken on my person at once What I can carry Well A whole lot of cans of chicken worth of Gold on my person you see what I'm Saying so all right folks hopefully uh Let us know what you are thinking let us Know what you're thinking down in the Comments down below Um for those of you like well just stack Food well Then clearly you haven't stacked enough Food because Once you start getting in a situation Where you have

Too much food and not enough space then You start asking these questions and Some of you are at that place right now Some of you aren't and that's cool That's cool focus on your food focus on Getting prepared for that but even a Financial crisis is going to make silver And gold perhaps significantly increased In value and give you Significant benefits once again food Storage will give you a better benefit If you lose your job and a downturn but If you have enough food stocked up you Might want to look beyond that all right Folks if you found this video would you Be useful or helpful you might want to Check out this other video from me right Over here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler in Kenya See you later

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