South Africa About To EXPLODE | News & Global Update

US and Germany approve giving tanks to Ukraine, Germany accidently declares war on Russia, and many other world news items.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome to the Poplar Report this is going to be a survey of News stories out there uh all over the Place what happened yesterday so that You can walk into today informed a Number of you have said that that you Get your news exclusively from here or From just a couple channels so I want to Kind of make sure that occasionally We're doing uh reviews and reports that Are more comprehensive so let's jump Into it what has been going on uh first Off that the United States has now Approved the gift of 31 M1 Abrams Tanks To Eastern Europe and Germany has Followed suit with 14 leopard two tanks So we're giving tanks to Eastern Europe Up to this point we've not given tanks Because we're like that would start World War Three so now we're giving Tanks and It may have started World War Three we Don't know but we do know that the German foreign minister decided to stand Up and say quote we are fighting a war Against Russia Which in most contexts and most Literally would be a formal declaration Of war by the German government It remains to be seen if anyone takes That seriously or if the foreign Minister ever decides to possibly Retract that statement Um

Biden on the other hand has said that it Is not an offensive threat to Russia Russia on the other hand saying that This is now taking the war to a new Level Um meanwhile we have the uh bulletin of Atomic scientists uh Moving the clock Doomsday Clock to 90 Seconds To Midnight that part's not news You probably saw that in other channels Already here's the news they don't Actually they're not anybody so they're Just like you and me they're just random Citizens who have a cool gimmick so that Literally means nothing anyway moving on To the pope so the Pope in Vatican City Has uh has just come out and said that Criminalizing sodomy is wrong so having Laws against that even if you don't Enforce them it's still wrong to say That it's wrong For sodomy It must be upside down day I don't know Well Chinese New Year is in full swing It is full vacation week until Friday so That's why partially things are a little Quiet over there in China their entire Country is shut down this happens every Year and uh not a big deal but just be Aware that the markets over there are Kind of not really doing anything and Everyone's kind of like not really doing Anything because China is shut down Um but that will end on Friday the

United States markets are moving up and Down mostly due to company earning Reports that are coming out uh they're Reporting their 2022 earnings and and uh You know lottery winnings and how much They've scammed off everyone but the big Thing that they're watching right now I Mean the earnings are kind of whatever The big thing is what are their forward Projections because we of course are Looking at the possibility that we're in A recession already they are making Projections about what first quarter Second quarter third quarter the whole Of 2023 is going to look like and as Those projections look not good we've Seen the market take some hits along the Way uh Microsoft came out with uh some Bad projections for the coming year Tesla I know a whole bunch of people Started crying over this but Tesla Posted record profits so there's there's Going to be a safe space set up over Here for you guys if you need that it'll Be there for you Tesla reported record Profits but then they projected that That this coming Year's revenues might Be dropping because of great uncertainty So that of course made things kind of Wobble back and forth a little bit good Earnings but record profits but then This coming year looks like it could be Rough which is basically what most Companies are reporting now they had

Goodyear But next but this year might not be good Microsoft Outlook and their teams Suffered an outage yesterday They said it was due to an update that They pushed out and it went wonky and Crashed Outlook Microsoft Outlook that's Their their mail service right and then Then their team's service which uh which Quite a few companies use that suffered A a mass outage thousands and thousands Of workers probably were not able to Work yesterday because of that Protests in South Africa due to the Prolonged power Cuts up to 12 hours per Day If you had multiple power Cuts during The day For months on end and some of those Power cuts are for 12 hours a day how Are you supposed to work how are you Supposed to live like that I mean it's Either you have power or you don't but In that kind of type of situation it's Like you kind of have power but you kind Of don't Um no wonder that South Africans are are Starting to protest out in the streets Because of that Speaking of power outages Pakistan they Had a massive power outage on Monday Their entire country just collapsed Um the whole power grid just went poop And a matter of moments a matter of

Seconds usually it triggered cascading Failures across the entire grid the Pakistani power grid is back up For now But what we're seeing now is that there Are long lines at gas stations Basically where reporters still are in Islamabad and Khyber provinces Mass People lining up trying to get fuel Because there is a gas shortage in Pakistan The country of Peru has just closed some Of the tourist sites and actually Blocked in tourists because the mass Protests on the streets Peru is uh is having has been having Mass protests for the last month and uh Things are getting super serious they're To the point where it is not safe to Travel in Peru for foreigners and They're shutting down rail Services They're shutting down public Transportation and they're trying to Retake the street the government is Trying to retake the streets of course Those protests have gone all the way to Government buildings inside the capitol It's uh it's a big deal there Republican Congress in the United States Has officially blocked Schiff and Swalwell from the intelligence committee Finally deciding that Chinese spies on The intelligence committee is probably a Bad idea swalwell of course was was

Dating a known Chinese operative but you Know the Why would that invalidate someone from The intelligence committee anyway vice President Pence found classified Documents in his home he is the first Politician to actually confess that he Found classified documents before Someone else found them but also it also Points to the fact that basically all The politicians we've run into these Past number of years seem to have Classified documents in their homes Which makes you wonder whether Classification actually means anything Anymore because everybody seems to know Our secrets um whether they're sleeping With Chinese operatives or whether they Are taking millions and millions and Dollars with Chinese operatives and Doing cocaine and stuff with them and Letting them go see rummage through the The garage collection of classified Documents folks it's just insane the Ruling class is better than us so just Remember that the rules don't apply to Them they just apply to you and I Senator Hawley has introduced Legislation to ban tick tock a bunch of You are going yeah that's what needs to Happen because it's a Chinese Service where all the doc information Gets moved over to China and uh there's Intelligence services are pulling

Through all that stuff Um some of you are like Tick Tock is Just horrible and rots the brain and I Don't get it because I'm too old That's where I am but uh some of you are Probably like hey I watch Tick Tock so If you watch tick tock Guess what the Poplar report is now Available on Tick Tock uh we're posting Our shorts over there so I'm told Um Tyler the intern is posting them over There and I am told that you can find it If you look for the Poplar report or if That doesn't work because it's brand new You might need to search for Steve Poplar but that should bring it up and You will see the same shorts there that You see here on YouTube Bad timing I know bad timing just before It gets banned we're getting on it it's It's fantastic Um IBM has joined Google and other tech Companies in layoffs they're laying off 3 900 workers and we're seeing just that Across all tech companies they're just Laying off lots and lots of workers Moving over to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics you know they basically like To lie about things and call them Statistics so in keeping with that they Have just announced that starting next Month the all-important CPI report which Is inflation

They're going to count it differently Starting next month so um you ask well How are they going to account it Differently well they haven't actually Said how they're going to count it Differently they just said that they're Going to count it differently so if you Want to take bets now Um on whether they're going to report Differently so that it appears lower Than it currently does Or higher you can you can place your Bets there um if you if you want to vote For a higher I will match your bets Because They are definitely going to make us Look like inflation is lower CPI already Ridiculously lies about inflation as you Already know but they're going to just Correct it so that it's it appears even Worse and of course Um a bunch of Nimwits in uh the the media are going to Report oh look CPI is down Even though If you calculate the same way be like it Went up but because they calculate it Differently it's going to go down and Everyone's going to be like wow look CPI Is getting under control it's going down Inflation is under control and a bunch Of morons are going to go along with That Friends inflation is kicking up it is

Increasing we're seeing that on the Production every time where you see the Numbers counted consistently you see That it's picking up not slowing down The prices that producers and Manufacturers are paying for goods and Services continue to rise we've seen That month after month and uh that's not Changing and those prices are going to Be passed on to you we keep seeing Shortages of all sorts of stuff just a Week ago or two weeks ago we saw plastic Handles that go on the water bottles Just a shortage of those we can't get Those we can't find enough cans we can't Find enough plastic bottles for stuff so Um yeah there's shortages everywhere and Inflation is is kicking up into high Gear of course if you can't find your Eggs or you can't find affordable eggs The Walmarts are starting to helpfully Cut the one dozen pack in half and start Selling half a dozen to people I've seen Prices as high as six plus dollars per Dozen eggs from you folks out there and Those are Walmart prices so high prices Are all over the place and they are Getting worse particularly with eggs but We're seeing prices continue to step up In all categories across the board if You have reports that you want to send In make sure you use the word update and A comment some on any video and then Make sure that you give us some sort of

Geographical location and tell us what You're missing out there what's empty on The store shelves and you can also pass Along information along the lines of What uh what's happening at your Workplace what are you seeing there wise Thanks so much for watching if you found This video useful helpful let us know Because this is the first time trying to Do a video more along this lines of an Up news update you might also want to Check out another video right here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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