It’s been a while since I have posted, I have been dealing with a state of emergency here at home. We’ve been swiftly building out infrastructure for our property, I like to think of it as building an ark. Everything we need in orderly placement with easy accessibility. While digging trench lines for additional power and water to our paddocks, I accidentally hit the well line that runs to our house, which set off a slew of catastrophes here on the ranch.All this work reminded me of a recent set of @Wranglerstar videos where he drilled a new well and installed a Simple Pump which is a high flow super leveraged hand well pump with incredible efficiency I really want one of those, as we continue to build out our ranch infrastructure sustainability and preparedness is as important as typical infrastructure. We are heading towards some uncertain times.

The Simple Pump a great prepper pump for a well. I can’t afford that well pump though 🙁 I do have an unused well on our property and I am currently accepting donations for a Simple Pump to put in it ..if you feel so inclined 🙂 Well line and expansion tank repairs.Check out my other videos on well lines:Keep Well Lines from Freezing a Submersible Well Pump off a Portable Generator Expansion Tank “T” Assembly How to bury Well Lines and Outdoor Power Lines #water #wellwater #wranglerstar #wellpump

20 thoughts on “STATE OF EMERGENCY | Oh Well, I’M SO SCREWED

  1. Holy Moly! What a major job! Wish I had equipment like that to work with. All hand digging when we have to fix water issues! And I am a 65 year old female and work hard too! Age has nothing to do with it if you are in decent shape and willing to get the work done.

  2. You’re human. We all mess up man.

    Doubt most people would admit to this on the internet though. Your humility says something about you. I’ll give you that.

  3. Our tractors take up the whole road. We’ll see what this year brings. Nice little toy. Seen a robin yesterday. Springs here. Snow next 2 days. Stay well.

  4. Three things, awesome video, wishing I had land and a well of my own, and you have a spelling error in your title, You wanted to say “State” of emergency right?

    1. @Yanasa Ama Ventures it’s all good I made a mistake on one of my recent vids. I put some voice over on top the end of a sentence of camera footage. I was trying too hard to get the video done and uploaded before leaving for my day job.

  5. Why you’re spending all that trouble with your well. Hookah light up to your pump. Put a yellow light bulb or blue light bulb or something green. So when the pump is running. And you left a garden hose were on the water the cattle and you flood the barn. Well anyhow and you see that light on at 10 at night you know you need to run out and turn your water off.

    1. Pay attention to the trucks that drive by your place or if you’re working with a specific quarry etc. they have recommendations for folks that have bigger trucks for hire.

  6. Wow…now that’s a convoluted project! You got this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Real struggles lol. This video is great for people (like myself) that haven’t had to take this on yet.

  7. Great lessons for many…

    We all have so much on our minds now that’s it’s very easy to lose complete focus.
    Thank you for sharing your life, non-travails and travails!
    Blessings upon your family and upon all of us.

  8. When I installed a new large tank on my well the tank had a recommended air pressure on it for when it was empty that corresponded to your pump cutoff pressure when the tank is full. It was critical to make sure that empty air pressure is correct so that the tank gets down to it’s “empty” state before the pump kicks back on (I’m probably not wording this correctly). The goal is to have the tank provide sufficient water pressure as it discharges so your pump isn’t turning on and off constantly as you use water. With my 100 gallon tank I could go for almost ten minutes at full flow before the pump would kick on to refill the tank. With my old small ten gallon tank the pump was on almost constantly when using water.

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