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We need to STOP this INVASION!

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We are currently being invaded Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness Down in Texas talking about El Paso Mayor declares state of emergency People come across the border recently Is up 40 percent People sleeping on the streets Freezing Massive Invasion in the United States What are we doing about it Not much This video we're going to talk about the Implications of this happening why it's Happening where it's happening and Maybe some things we can do about it Because that's important so from what I've heard about 2400 People are coming across just in that Border section alone every single day That is not good I am all for 100 for legal immigration 100 percent there's no problem with that But illegal immigration is breaking the Law So those people come in across the Border illegally are criminals so why Don't we treat them as criminals why do We give them handouts why do we give Them free college what do we give them Cell phones why do we give them Um you know all the food stamps and all The housing assistance and all that

Stuff like that and then Let them vote Yeah it's an agenda it's all part of the Agenda the Liberals are letting this Happen because they give them all these Handouts so they're buying the votes Basically they are using the Hispanic Population to get elected That's not good Most of those people I feel Not knowing them all individually of Course would probably vote the other Direction if they weren't being handed All these handouts Uh but like I said it's part of the Agenda and there's a lot of Bigger implications of this happening But before I go any further please if You're not subscribed subscribe hit ring The notification Bell for all hit that Thumbs up or a thumbs down share the Videos comment below and do so with Every other prepper Channel out there Every other Homestead Channel out there Every other 2A Channel out there every Off-grid homesteading Bushcraft Survival Channel out there grow the community It's very important because the bigger The community gets the more popular it Gets the more people that are exposed to It then we can build more assets instead Of liabilities we have more people at Least basic level of preparedness so That there are fewer people out there in

Those lines at FEMA camps going please Help So it's very important to grow the Community All right on with other stuff What do we do about it What do we do about this problem because I like Solutions I don't like just Talking about problems obviously so what Do we do well get rid of those people in Charge that think it's a wonderful thing To have a porous border oh wide open oh Hey everybody just come on in just come On in bring all your problems bring all Your diseases you know we'll just hand You a bunch of stuff and you know Putting us further into debt and Screwing ourselves basically Um yeah we don't want that to happen so What are some of these implications These implications are varied Some of them are the increased tax Burden of these programs using our tax Dollars for this But there's other ones bigger ones much Bigger ones I feel that one of the biggest ones Is Medical related Because These people from these nations Mexico Venezuela Guatemala Central and South American countries Are

They don't receive the same level of Care that we do They also have Different Communities And different Um vaccination status They also have Different immune systems What they're immune to we may not be Immune to let me watch out for these Trees All right let me just put this down here For a sec Get you guys back up here and say hi Um What I'm getting at is these people Crossing the border Carry with them diseases sicknesses Etc that the American people aren't Necessarily equipped for aren't used to Don't deal with Um on a on a basis on a little bit of Basis I mean we do have a lot of International travel where people travel All over the place I get it but Um These people are also It's just different you know what I mean Where I'm getting at as far as medical They're bringing all these sicknesses And diseases from these third world Countries that don't have a grasp on all These sicknesses diseases

Um whatever it may be they're bringing Them here So what that's doing is infecting Us Increasing our chances of coming down With something which is that part of the Plan maybe maybe that's part of the plan We know about the whole you know Pandemic and stuff like that maybe maybe This is part of it but there are other Implications also that I'd like to talk About What about the implication of work work Availability wages the uh under the Table stuff thus not collecting income Tax Etc so it is weakening our economic Standing Yeah Now some of these people come across you Know like the migrant field workers and Stuff that perform a lot of these Um very very valuable tasks Um yeah that is that's important to us I don't know why Americans won't do it I Guess because we're lazy and spoiled we Don't want to get out there and do the Hard work but a lot of these people are Probably good people and you know I'm Not judging them but because of the fact That people are just porous our border Is poorest people are coming across we Don't know who they are A lot of them may be good people just Trying to provide a better life for

Their families but some of them maybe Um that big bad t word you know capital T that we've been fighting over in the Sandbox for you know a long time now uh We don't know what about Um infiltrators from say Um that Dragon country over there that Bear Country over there or that Um you know that other place in north of The south southern part that you know Doesn't like us Um what about Middle Eastern teas yeah Infiltrating our society setting Ourselves up maybe that's where this Whole Power Station substation Transformer attacks are coming from to Take down our grid who knows I mean it's Just there's a lot of threats and uh not To mention like I said the medical Aspect of it and the increased threats That direction The increased threats From the t's and the you know the grid And Um the jobs from Americans and not Paying taxes and and and there's a lot Of implications for this Um and a lot of these people down here From what I read in Texas and El Paso Not down here down there Um in El Paso you know there it's cold It's winter time maybe not as cold as Some place in the United States but These people were sleeping in the Streets unsanitary conditions

Um you know so so what happens then then You know the city the state whatever has To step in and help them which is Spending more of our tax dollar dollars Taking us further into debt and yeah and Why is this happening in El Paso well There's a the Democrats are in charge And they're all for welcoming people in You know until it causes all these Problems then all of a sudden it's like Oh shoot state of emergency weekend what Are we gonna do you know help please you Know You you built your bed now you got to Sleep in it I'm sorry but we know uh People that see these things the failed Policies of these leaders Seattle is a Perfect example of what a dump it's Become it's disgusting homeless dump Portland same thing Olympia same thing The whole I-5 corridor from Canada to Mexico is a dump Why who controls the I5 corridor Liberals All of it I mean it's it's only going to get worse And there's going to be further Implications And things aren't going to get any Better So what else can we do about it We can make our voices heard Not be the silent majority anymore Be the vocal majority

Stand up to this stuff make changes Write letters emails phone calls Protests get active But most off prepare yourselves Because there's only so much we can do And the effect of what we can do is Probably lag pretty small I don't hold Much weight in the whole voting process Anymore do I still do it of course I do Because if I don't that would be just Stupid it doesn't take me any time to Drop a piece of paper in a box and um Yeah so it's it would be irresponsible Of me not to do it but I really don't Think it does anything anymore so we Need to prepare ourselves we need to be Stockpiling we need to be training Ourselves because if some of these People come across the border which we Know they are are threats and we have T Cells in our nation Then bad things are gonna be coming we Need to be prepared tactically we need To be squared away preparedness wise we Need to be training we need to be Practicing we need to be building skills We need to be working together as Community growing tribe preparing Ourselves for a fight that may be coming So that's very important thing to think About One of the biggest things I feel that we Can do is prepare ourselves physically Spiritually mentally for what is coming

We need to be well-rounded we need to be Prepared for stuff to get worse Winter Threats at the border That are all across the United States Now and once they get across that border They just All over the place Tribe Tribe is very important training like I Mentioned Please get that training please get your Gear squared away Stockpiling food Water all the basic stuff I mean Prepping really yeah it's a big Topic when you talk about everything That it encompasses So many different skill sets can Aid you In preparedness In homesteading in being more Self-sufficient self-reliant But it really just kind of boils down to The basics just do a little every day Remember that prepping is living Insurance and as long as we're doing our Best Making it a lifestyle And moving forward every day Improving our situation so that tomorrow We're better than today And that's really all we can do I hope you guys have a wonderful day And blessings to you and yours

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