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Stockpile these for 2023 Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness A lot of people talk about a lot of Different things What should we stockpile for 2023 That's a very good question It's a lot of people that go a lot of Different directions And not saying they're wrong or anything I'm going to talk about the Direction I Would emphasize and that I would Recommend emphasizing But there's a lot of different ways to Go about doing it so before I get into That please if you're not subscribed hit That subscribe button ring the Notification Bell for all so you might Actually get notified when I put out Videos Um but everybody subscribed or not Subscribed hit that thumbs up thumbs Down share the videos comment below you Know do all those things to help us and Every other prepper Channel and every Other related Channel To get seen To get the word out to get more people On board with these things that we need To be doing It's important to grow the entire Community it's not about me and my Channel It's about the whole Community helping

Each other being there for each other It's very important all right so let's Get into what I recommend One thing I recommend is if you're going To be out doing things in the winter Which you don't know if you're going to Be or not I would highly recommend you Go to Fortress clothing links in the Description below base layer One-third zip Awesome been testing it for about a Month now and washed it a bunch of times Standing up really well keeping me warm All the time portable heat don't need Any other heat Source these it's a base Layer so yes you should be wearing a Shell over it but wear this with a shell It keeps you warm negative 5 to 65 70 Degrees ish designed to work when it's Cold designed to work when it's wet Designed to keep you warm portable throw On whatever you want over it your gray Man all the stuff but anyway let's get Into what I think other than things like This this is a top priority before the Winter gets bad we're only we're just Now into January we still got all of January and February left we're gonna Have a lot more cold temperatures so be Mindful of that But what is my top priority what do I Think is the best to stockpile for 2023 What I see happening I see food Shortages and increased food prices

So I might go the direction of saying Food but I'm not I'm not going to go That direction so what direction am I Going to go I'm going to go in the fact That as food prices increase as food Availability decreases and all the other Things going on whether we have loss of The grid whether we have world war three Whether we have whatever People Are getting upset People are getting frustrated they're Getting They're sad they are angry At what's going on around us so Crime is increasing Petty thefts home invasions vehicular Thefts assaults All these things plethora so what do we Need to be able to do we need to be able To defend ourselves right Yes so what I recommend stockpiling are Those Freedom seeds Defensive tools Seed holders The equipment and the gear that it all Goes in To make you more efficient and effective In a battle space In defending yourself your family your Neighborhood your county your country Whatever What happens if Chinese paratroopers Russian paratroopers North Korean

Paratroopers start falling from the sky AKA Red Dawn Yeah that's a that's a far-fetched kind Of thing I think Um but what do we need to defend Ourselves against a variety of threats It could be something as big as that it Could be something as small as You know somebody trying to bug you into The parking lot put your groceries away At the store It could be assault it could be somebody Busting your front door in the middle of The night What are you gonna do Along with all the things the most Important thing really is training Your ability to properly employ these Tools to protect yourself your family And others that is vital so I recommend Always recommend not just 2023 but I Always recommend you put Your money where your mouth is I recommend putting Money into your training It doesn't matter how many cool Defensive tools you have doesn't matter If you have five six thousand dollar Ones or five hundred dollar ones it Doesn't really matter What really matters is your ability to Employ them effectively And it could be the single handheld type 2 that you carry you know with you back

Here here on the ankle up here wherever It is you carry I highly recommend you Carry at all times nowadays With increased threats and all the stuff Going on also what do I take with me When I leave my property well it depends On where I'm going If I am leaving my property though bare Minimum I always have not with the Except with the exception of okay my if I'm taking my truck it already has MREs In it it already has you know a bunch of Stuff go you know get home bags stuff Like that that's not what I'm talking About I'm talking about what do I take With me when I'm going somewhere I take With me my War belt my battle belt setup Because it has an eye pack on it it has Um seat holders and seeds in it it has Um uh admin pouch a bunch of different Stuff it has pepper spray it has a Holster for secondary Um it gives me some options and then I Throw in a primary you know long one Um to go with me and that's if I'm Leaving my property bare minimum that's What I take with me I always have my Secondary which out and about shopping And stuff like that becomes your primary But the the little small ones are not Primary defensive Tools in most cases I Would much prefer to have a long one but Anyway That is bare minimum if I am going

Somewhere outside my slightly outside my Comfort zone like I live in western Washington so if I'm going to Seattle God forbid I never want to go there ever Again or if I'm going to Olympia or Tacoma or further or from go to Portland God I don't want to go there either I Don't want to go to any of those places I hate big cities but if I'm going to go Anywhere that's really outside my Comfort zone I will also throw in my Plate carrier Um yeah because that has another Med kit On it it has more seeds and Seed holders On it it has a knife you know different Things like that so it depends on where You're going what you take but Um bare minimum you need to have with You what you need to protect yourself And to potentially Um maybe even get home and maybe engage In some of those tactical engagements on Your way home So it's important you have enough stuff But not too much stuff that you can't Carry it because ounces equal pounds Pounds equal pain and if you've got a Long way to go carrying a bunch of stuff You're not gonna be able to carry it Effectively you're not going to be Effective at um moving and employing Your tools properly so don't encumber Yourself too much but take what you need To take I recommend stockpiling seeds

Freedom seeds and the other type the Type you put in the ground and grow yeah That's important also because I have a Feeling 2023 our Gardens our food Production our animals all this stuff Has to be very important very very very Important I think more important this Coming year this coming season than ever Before but my emphasis and what I Recommend right now is to really get That defensive stuff squared away home Security is another thing vehicular Security getting a um what do they call It a cutout switch on your mounted Somewhere in your vehicle so people Can't you know Jam the steering wheel And steal your vehicle things like that Keeping your head on a swivel mindset is Also key you can be working on that you Can be improving uh your situational Awareness when you're out and about you Know paying attention to everything who Who's where what's going on what's their Body language what are they Um how are they approaching things what Do they look like do they look like a Threat or not you know stuff like that Always be analyzing know where those Exits are know where the uh Um the medical stuff is know where Um the windows are nowhere all these Different things are no matter where you Are Very important but I would get your

Tactical gear Seeds seed holders and tools squared Away now if they're not already Hopefully they're already Um your comment below should be thumbs Up or I'm good to go Um I hope but um if you're not squared Away ask the questions in the comments Section have a conversation with people I admit I haven't been that great lately We've been going through a lot of stuff As you can see on YouTube I've been hit Or miss um as far as putting out content Um But and I haven't been that great on the Comment section about keeping up with it I apologize that's my bad I I owe you Guys more Um Um interaction that way but I I like I Said I apologize I will try to do better Um I just feel this is very important I Feel that violence is going to be Increasing I feel that threats are going To be increasing I feel that crime is Going to be increasing as well as prices And all this stuff like that anger Hatred all this stuff's going to come to A boiling point and um yeah we're gonna Have some big issues I feel in 2023 I Hope I'm wrong I hope everything just Goes smooth and we just have a nice Wonderful year but that's probably not Going to be the case so anyway I love

You guys get out there and get some Training make sure you're using these Tools so that you know how to employ Them effectively if you don't if you Just have them and you say you're safe You're not you're probably actually more Um in more danger than if you know how To properly use them especially safety Wise that's very important very Important to be safe with your systems I love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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