STOP Showing Your PREPS!


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19 thoughts on “STOP Showing Your PREPS!

  1. Wise people will pretend to everyone, including friends and family, that they are unprepared like everyone else. A very pertinent video Patara. I hope people listen well. The UN has forecast a global severe famine for 2021 and hungry people lose all semblance of humanity.

    1. You are so right about your and our preps. So many people are unprepared to to take care of themselves, so they will want yours. Being quiet about your life is avoiding be a target. You are right on.

  2. This needed to be said. There are those who “make,” and those who “take” from those who “make.” They feel entitled to the fruits of the labors of others. This is not about compassion. It’s about freeloaders who have been taken care of by others all their lives. There is a time to be generous, and there will be a time to put up the “CLOSED” sign to others and focus on yourself and your immediate family.

  3. During the Great Depression, someone backed a truck up to my grandmother’s root cellar while they were out at church. They took EVERYTHING and they went hungry that winter. My mother never forgot it and she made sure I didn’t either. So don’t just make sure you stay quiet, make sure your preps are secure when you’re not home.

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