Storing Rice for Long Term Preservation

Storing Rice for Long-Term Preservation. A video of why and how, the best ways and the reason why you need this staple in your long-term storages.

Survival preparedness refers to the actions taken to ensure that one can survive and cope in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergency situation. It involves assembling a kit of essential supplies, learning survival skills, and having a plan in place for communication and evacuation. This includes having non-perishable food and water, a first aid kit, a means of communication such as a radio, and tools to start a fire or signal for help. It also involves being informed about potential emergencies in one’s area and understanding how to stay safe in various scenarios. The goal of survival preparedness is to increase the chances of survival and reduce the impact of a disaster on oneself and loved ones.

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To be prepared, follow these steps:

Identify potential risks and hazards: Consider the specific challenges and dangers that you might face in different scenarios, such as natural disasters, pandemics, or financial emergencies.

Develop a plan: Write down a step-by-step plan that outlines what to do in case of an emergency. Make sure everyone in your household knows the plan and understands it.

Assemble a emergency kit: Keep a stock of basic supplies such as food, water, first-aid supplies, and a battery-operated radio. Make sure it is easily accessible.

Stay informed: Stay up-to-date on current events and weather reports, and sign up for emergency alerts in your area.

Practice and review: Regularly review your emergency plan and conduct regular drills to make sure everyone knows what to do.

Be financially prepared: Make sure you have a savings account for emergencies, and consider getting insurance for major assets and liabilities.

Know your resources: Familiarize yourself with local resources, such as hospitals, police stations, and emergency shelters.

By following these steps, you can increase your readiness and reduce the impact of emergencies on you and your loved ones.
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#1 water 1 gallon per day per person
#2 non-perishable food/canned goods
#3 manual can opener
#4 paper goods and plastic goods
#5 Zip lock bags
#6 paper towels & toilet paper & baby wipes
#7 Extra glasses or contacts
#8 personal hygiene tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, Deodorant & baby powder
#9 feminine products
#10 All baby needs food, diapers ext
#11 pet supplies
#12 propane or gas stove to cook on with extra gas
#13 first aid kit a good one
#14 prescription drugs or non prescription drugs
#15 sunscreen
#16 insect repellant
#17 change of clothes for everyone and 2 pair of extra socks
#18 tarps, sleeping bags, tent, some way to get shelter
#19 very important cordage to make shelter
#20 good shoes, boots waterproof
#21 Important documents in waterproof bag
#22 battery backup for you cell phone and extra charging cord
#23 a good map of your area you live in
#24 cash
#25 Books & games & toys for your kids
#26 pen pencil and note pad
#27 battery powered radio with extra batteries
#28 battery powered lantern, headlamp or flashlights
#29 candles and matches
#30 battery banks and solar chargers
#31 whistle
#32 light sticks
#33 a good pocket knife
#34 basic tools
#35 Gloves
#36 shovel, saw, ax or anything that will cut up wood
#37 mask, safty glasses
#38 fire extinguisher
#39 all kinds of fire starters you name it bring it
#40 large trash bags they have many uses
#41 duct tape
#42 PATIENCE… to get you through the tuff times….

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This video is all about rice and why it Is so important to be storing rice for Long-term preservation rice is a staple Food for millions of people around the World and having a long-term supply of It is essential for emergency situations And Times of scarcity but how do you Ensure that your rice stays fresh for an Extended period The key to preserving rice for the long Term is proper storage in this video We'll explore the best methods for Storing rice so that it stays fresh and Edible for months to years to come Choosing the right rice the first step In preserving rice is to choose the Right type long grain white rice is the Best choice for long-term storage Because it has a low oil content and a Long shelf life Short grain and brown rice on the other Hand contain more oils which can go Rancid over time reducing their shelf Life Basmati and Jasmine rice are also Good options for long-term storage Because they have a low oil content and A long shelf life storage containers the Type of container you choose for storing Your rice is just as important as the Type of rice you choose rice should be Stored in airtight containers to keep Out moisture light and air plus insects Glass jars plastic containers with tight Fitting Lids or vacuum sealed bags and

Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers are all Great options for storing rice avoid Using containers made from materials That can absorb odors or flavors such as Cardboard or paper storing rice properly To store rice properly you should first Place it in an airtight container and Seal it tightly store the container in a Cool dry Place away from direct sunlight And heat sources a pantry or a dark Cupboard can work well rice should not Be stored in areas with high humidity is This can cause mold growth if you live In a warm and humid area and have no way To control climate consider storing your Rice in the refrigerator or freezer rice Stored in the freezer can last up to 12 To 18 months while rice stored in the Refrigerator can last up to 8 to 12 Months when storing rice in the Refrigerator or freezer be sure to place It in a vacuum sealed bag or mylar bag Or if money is tight a freezer safe bag To protect it from freezer burn checking Rice for freshness it is important to Check the rice periodically to ensure it Is still fresh to do this simply smell The rice if it has a musty or sour odor It has gone bad and should be thrown Away if you notice any signs of insect Infestation such as small holes in the Container or grain fragments on the lid Discard the entire contents and Thoroughly clean the container before

Using it again preparing rice for Long-term storage before storing your Rice for the long term it is important To prepare it properly start by freezing The rice in your freezer for 48 hours Then spray spread it out on a baking Sheet to dry for at least 48 to 72 hours Rice must be completely dry before Putting away for long term once the rice Has completely dried place it in an Airtight container or vacuumed sealed Bag or a mylar bag with oxygen absorbers And seal it tightly label the container With the type of rice and the date it Was packaged and store it in a cool dry Place if you're storing the rice in the Refrigerator or freezer place it in only A vacuumed sealed bag or mylar bag make Sure to remove as much air as possible Before sealing it storing rice for Long-term preservation is a great way to Have a backup supply of this staple food By choosing the right type of rice using The right storage containers and storing It properly you can extend its shelf Life and keep it fresh for an extended Period with these tips you'll always Have a supply of delicious fresh rice on Hand why you should store rice long term The benefits of preparing for the future Rice is a staple food for millions of People around the world and having a Long-term supply of it is essential for Emergency situations and Times of

Scarcity whether you're preparing for a Natural disaster a pandemic or just want To have a backup food supply storing Rice long term can provide you with Peace of mind and Security in the last Part of this video we'll explore the Reasons why you should store rice long Term in the benefits of doing so food Security one of the biggest benefits of Storing rice long term is food security Rice is a non-perishable food that can Last for 20 to 30 years or more when Stored properly this means that you can Have a reliable source of food in case Of a natural disaster power outage or Other emergency situation in times of Scarcity having a supply of rice on hand Can also help to ease your mind and Reduce stress cost effective storing Rice long term can also be a Cost-effective way to prepare for the Future rice is a staple food that is Relatively cheap to buy in bulk by Storing rice you can can take advantage Of bulk discounts and save money over Time additionally when you have a supply Of rice on hand you can reduce the Number of trips you need to make to the Grocery store saving time and money Having a supply of rice on hand is also Convenient rice is easy to prepare and Can be used in a variety of dishes Making it a versatile food option Whether you're in the mood for a stir

Fry a rice salad or a simple bowl of Rice and beans you can have a meal on The table in minutes nutrition rice is a Nutritious food that provides essential Vitamins and minerals including vitamins B and E iron and magnesium it is also a Good source of carbohydrates providing You with the energy you need to get Through the day by storing rice you can Ensure that you have a supply of Nutritious food on hand even in times of Scarcity Storing rice is easy storing rice long Term provides a sense of security and Peace of mind in uncertain times it is a Cost-effective and convenient way to Prepare for the future providing you With a reliable source of food and Nutrition by taking the time to store Rice properly you can ensure that you Have a backup food supply that will last For years to come [Music] [Music] Thank you

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