Strange Events Happening Across Our Planet (1004)


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Incredible events continue to sweep our planet from now locust swarms in S. America moving toward the US, 200 year floods in Europe, 50 year floods Japan, 100 year floods China, worlds longest lightning bolt in Brazil and rail traffic down 21.9% compared to 2019.

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'Extraordinary' lightning megaflashes in Brazil and Argentina set new distance and duration records
Once-in-50-years' rainfall event hits Nagasaki, Japan
Deadly flash floods hit Romania after the worst drought in 100 years and heaviest floods in 200 years
South America becomes the third continent after Africa and Asia to succumb to locust plagues
Rail Traffic Still Down
Locust Map Argentina
Locusts in Argentina –

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42 thoughts on “Strange Events Happening Across Our Planet (1004)

    1. @Heidi Misfeldt I don’t think they are saying you could catch them all, but might as well net some of them and use those. I wouldn’t be able to do that myself, a swarm of locust would near me would have me crying and screaming and running. 🙂

  1. I live down the street from a rural rail road crossing. They have to blow their horn every time they cross. Hardly ever hear them any more. Used to hear them all day every day (including holidays). Def a decrease by more than half.

  2. Doesn’t it seem like people are trying to make things worse?I’ve been investing in self reliance for years now. Good luck folks,this will be in future history books.

    1. I am incorporating more Greek and Moroccan meals. Trying to give my body the best chance of success when the hard times hit. Also, I bought a sh!t load of beans and rice and I need to eat them

  3. I am in East Texas and for 2yrs I have grasshoppers that I hear fall from the trees all spring and summer. They are in everything. There were NO June bugs at all. First time ever in my life.

    1. 1st time I can remember only seeing 1 June bug here in central Texas by this time of the year? Was on the Llano river camping and saw the most May flies ever this year. Thanks to everyone for sharing your observations!

    2. Shoreline CT here, no June bugs at all! So weird, I hate them they always try to land in my hair when I go out to the deck, but this year, no June bugs anywhere!

  4. So again we get our grow season interrupted. Isn’t there anything that can be done to slow or stop these locusts? Thanks for your report. Just subbed.

  5. Locust attacking US soils very soon. Locusts are good for making chicken foods. Catch them and grind for the chickens and for the birds as well. Lightening strikes are increasing, you must have heard more than 100 people died in India few days earlier from lightening strikes in a single day around Bihar. Always highly appreciate all of your outstanding efforts. Thanks a lot with love blessings and prayers from Bangladesh.

  6. David, I live In Kyushu and have for 11 years. It was ferocious rain. As good as our drainage is news reported equivalent of 11 inches rainfall in under 24 hours. Definitely an atmospheric compression event. I had 6 inches of running water in my back yard and on the walk way leading up to my parking area.

  7. The ancients spoke of this time..even Jesus spoke of it. We are at an end of an age and the ushering in of a new age. The age of aqarius. Happens every couple thousand years or so.

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