Sugar and Sweeteners for Long Term Food Storage- Foods to Stockpile Prepping Supplies


Sugar and Sweeteners for Long Term Food Storage- Foods to Stockpile Prepping Supplies Honey There are dozens of sugars and sweeteners that we use on a daily basis. What are the best sugars and sweeteners to include in your emergency survival food storage stockpile? How can you use sugar and natural sweeteners to make the brown sugar and powdered sugar you want? Why store sugar, maple syrup, molasses, honey, agave syrup, how to make brown sugar, powdered sugar, pancake syrup from food storage. What is agave, how to use agave syrup. What are the best ways to store granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, agave so it lasts? What are the sugars and sweeteners that last the longest, are forever foods, must have Prepper pantry long term food storage foods.



Food Storage brown sugar
Brown Sugar Container
Food Storage Sugar
Measuring Spoons
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33 thoughts on “Sugar and Sweeteners for Long Term Food Storage- Foods to Stockpile Prepping Supplies

  1. ~~~ Thank you so much. Your channel is needed my dear friend. I listen and get information to say to my channel friends. Also I ask people to visit your channel. …GOD’S JOY my friend.

  2. I vacuum seal mason jars with sugars, flour, corn meal and other dry goods. But they take up a lot of space. I vacuum seal vacuum bags and store in lidded bins.

    1. The vacuum seal works fine. When vacuum sealing the aforementioned dry foods you need to place a piece of coffee filter or white paper towel inside the jar and tuck it over and around the top of the product so not to suck the powder into your vacuum sealer. It’s like making a small paper cap to fit over what ever you are vacuum sealing.

  3. Thank you for your video.
    I found some “natural” brown sugar, as in, before it is processed (read bleached) into the “white stuff”, the apathetic insist upon.
    “I don’t know what apathy means and I don’t care”. AGGHHH!!!
    That’s why flour is white too you know, the poor people believe the “virgin” purity of the colour “white” guarantees them entrance into heaven. Something like that. Our ancestors were easily mislead as is obvious from looking at their descendants! But! Someone figured out “white”=”virginity”=”purity”=”profitable”. and it was “game over”. “Profit”, justifies all kinds of nonsense. Just saying.
    God, I’m bad, … right God?
    Thanks for the Agave tip, … I thought the stuff was another “hippy”, feel good, save the world, and make me rich while you’re at it, event in marketing, …. really. I didn’t research the stuff at all.
    My bad, … right God?
    I’ve had “opened” maple syrup grow a green mold on the top of it, … I figure a crumb of bread somehow fell in??? .. and I just skim it off and eat it anyway. Once I rescued a large jug from a friend who was tossing it because it too had mold, a lot of mold, not just a dab on the side of the jug, .. lol .. still, the mold was all at the surface and the syrup looked fine otherwise, but I boiled that stuff before using it just to make sure. “Low and slow”. Scored over 3/4 a gallon. I’ve never had a problem with unopened maple syrup.
    A good friend “gifts” me a small bottle every year from his maple stand. What a treat.
    Did you know it takes about 30 gallons of “tree blood” to make one gallon of maple syrup? Depending on the tree, the soil fertility, the weather, Some trees actually have sweeter blood, .. lol The human vampires really like those trees, .. NOOOO!!!!!!
    Right God?
    You can also make a wonderful syrup from the white birch tree blood if there’s no Sugar Maples around to seek donations from. The thing is, it takes way more Birch tree blood, 40 to 45 gallon for one gallon of syrup. Still worth the effort IMHO. Oh yeah, from what I’m “told” Yellow Birch makes a superior syrup.
    Have you seen the price of a gallon of molasses lately? Now I’d expect it to be expensive in Alaska, .. but it’s about $18 a gallon here. Last time I looked, there was only two or three cups in the open gallon in the pantry, and one gallon left after that’s gone. Time for two more gallons eh? lol
    My biggest “prep” concerning sugar is, I quit putting it in my coffee. That doesn’t really sound like a “prep” now does it?
    I started drinking a lot more coffee than the two cups a day I had regulated myself to, and I was surprised at how much sugar that added up to. Now my sugar is for cooking, canning, preserving meat. Even my pickled egg recipe calls for a little sugar.
    I put 22 fresh quail eggs in a wide mouth pint jar and they pretty well filled it, so I hard boiled them, peeled and pickled them too! Turns out, After shelling, I could of fit maybe 28-30 eggs in that pint, .. lol Still, pickled quail eggs, yum, yum.
    Speaking of quail, tossed the first hatch of ten three week old quail chicks into the barn while I built them a new hutch and I made the hutch large enough to accommodate the nine survivors from the second hatch. The new hatch is only three of four days old. Still in the brooder.
    I’m done hatching Quail, for this season anyway.
    But are the little things ever messed up now, .. from the cozy brooder, to the unlit, unheated, barn,, and now outside in a proper hutch, .. but still, they are in shock. I don’t think they’ll ever trust me again, …
    Not bad for starting out with a small flock of three survivors from a possible 13 chicks, … very dysfunctional birds too, … lol There was four birds originally survive my attempts at killing them with ignorance, … but one went “madd” and pecked the eye out of my only male and was going for the other eye, and wouldn’t quit either, so she became yum, yum.
    Quail Ah La King anyone?
    Oops! That not sweet talk!
    My bad, … AGGHHH!!!!
    Have a great one.

    1. Yes, there are choices for more natural foods. I buy birch syrup in Alaska. Interesting stories about your quail. I used to have a lot of quail, did you see my video on how to cook quail eggs? Sadly, the last once passed on last winter and I chose not to have more.

  4. Great info & tips !! i use organic stevia granules..that comes in the little individual packets.. could i store that the same way ?? in the glass jars ?? it also comes in liquid..but i like the packets better..

  5. Thank you again for such good info. Good to have a variety of items.
    This is a little off the subject but we found at Dollar Tree a 3 ounce plastic bottle that is called protein boost – it has 10 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar. The strawberry banana doesn’t taste bad. I forget what the other flavor is but didn’t like it very much. They were located where the first aid type items were. Thought it might be something to keep in a bug out bag. They are small and give protein and a little fluid. And don’t have to be refrigerated until opened. They taste better cold. The ingredients don’t seem to be too bad.
    Thanks again for all you do.

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