Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)


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This is the second part in a series of videos about how to choose the right survival gear! Axes, blades, Saws, sharpeners and more!

Part 1 is here

APO-1 survival by Survival Lilly

Gets Survival axes here


Survival blades

Survival Saws

Japanese Nata Hatchet

Silky NATA 240 mm Hatchet/ Chopper


Wetterhall Throwing Axe

Wetterhall Throwing Axe | Hultafors

Lansky diamond sharpeners

Pivot handheld sharpener

Wod tool grinder

Complete sharpening stone set

Survival Shovel

Spetsnaz shovel

46 thoughts on “Survival Tool Guide For Preppers (Part 2)

  1. Remember, a tool is only as good as the person wielding it! Make sure you know how to use the tools you purchase, how to maintain them in good condition, and how be safe around them.

    1. Or being actually strong enough to swing or chop all day. Bush whacking in the jungle must be insanely hard let alone not having the proper machete for it.

  2. Gotta say I’m happy with my silky zubat being in my buyout bag along with my tops yacare and rat7. Sawing is way easier on the body and faster than swinging or batoning wood.

    1. I have accumulated all of my geat over decades one at a time. Hang in there. Gerber makes machetes with saw blades on the back. This is like 2 in 1. My first such tool after a hunting knife was a hatchet.

    2. Visit your local scrap metal dealer – you can get old metal tools (axes, hammers, saws, etc) for pennies, and they’re made FAR better than new ones. You may have to buy a new handle, but the quality of the tool head is well worth it.

    3. You’ll get there. I just finished my gear after 2 years of saving and now I have to put them to the test this summer. I hope you get what you need soon. Best of luck!

    1. Fiskars Splitting Axe, 36-in, this one goes on sale and its awesome, i would practice with a wood handle on first since this is plastic, but its my goto axe for tough stuff

    2. Huntshield Northern Survival folding knife is made in Canada and has a great write up on the quality and price. Yes sold at Canadian tire. They also sell Schrade full tang Machete, great products made in the USA along with smith and wesson products. I don’t know which Canadian tire you go to.. but mine has great products, great brand names and great prices.

  3. When it comes to hand saws…stihl makes a folding saw that has a longer crescent shaped blade. There is nothing better. I forget what the model is called. I worked as a lineman for ten years…i had to cut alot of trees and tree limbs

    1. I have the fixed blade Stihl handsaw, it cuts like a dream. I cleared 30 + 6″ diameter trees from a fsr that had snow loaded and broke. Made fast work.

  4. It would be interesting to see an URBAN vs RURAL survival tools video. I know urban areas are not good places to be blah blah – but hundreds of millions of people ARE in these areas. Why not try to help them out?

    1. Mark Sparrow. That’s an excellent observation. Without spending much thought on the subject, (gotta take daughter to EMT training), I would say think more “shelter in place”. Tools like crowbar, hatchet, hammer, prying and breaking tools would be good. Think about tools you would need to force your way into areas. Additionally you would need water, food, warm clothing, etc. I’ll think more later

  5. I miss being able to get out and use my gear. But even before Lockdown in London it wasn’t easy. Now it’ll be even harder. Very informative video as ever, gives you a lot to think about with different blades but does help explain some of the advantages of each style.

    1. VA 2 AK, to be honest, I have kept mostly to myself with it all. A few people made some big steps after Brexit was agreed with some extra food preps. I’ve had to slow down with a lot of things too, wife is being made redundant at the end of July so I’ve got to prioritise spending and getting to places like Costco is a living nightmare now.

  6. One thing I have found over the years is a traditional axe with a wooden handle is easier on arthritic or injured hands than a machete type handle.

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