Take Heed! A Unique Opportunity During This Severe Weather!

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Make the best of every opportunity you have to get outside your comfort zone and train!

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A unique opportunity with the coming Severe weather Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness before I get Into the video if you're new here please Hit that subscribe button ring the Notification Bell for all so you might Actually be told when I put out videos If not just go to my channel go to my Channel go to the video tab all the Videos are there Um hit that thumbs up share the videos Comment below for all you that have been Subscribed for a while thank you very Much for being here I really appreciate All of you guys you guys are awesome the Preparedness Community is awesome I love Pretty much all Preppers I'm not a hater Anyway so what is this unique Opportunity this unique opportunity is Coming severe weather All the severe storms you heard about Coming across the Midwest supposed to Come up here and hit Washington on Friday I think Um I'm traveling so I'm gonna go below It and hopefully miss it and hopefully It'll be all over by the time I get back But anyway I talked about that in Yesterday's video about preparing to Travel and everything like that so let's Get into this video as you see around me We already have some of this weather Here it is cold it was 22 degrees here I

Think it's about 28 ish right now 26 28 ish around there Um and more of it is coming some severe Weather is coming so what's this unique Opportunity I'm talking about this Unique opportunity is to get outside Your comfort zone What does that mean that means getting Out in this stuff Doing stuff in it It could be Doing stuff around getting your garden Ready It could be going out in the woods Learning how to build an improvised Shelter Starting a fire With your feral rod and Striker Or a lighter that's the way I do it you Know I know how to do the other methods But maybe you want to practice your uh Bow and drill maybe you want to practice Canoe method Learning those is very important but One of the biggest Parts about getting Out in severe weather is tactical Training Tactical training is very important It's the best time to do it is when the Weather is the worst Because you not only test yourself Mentally and physically But you test your gear That's very important

So let's get into what kind of things You're going to test What should you do And how you should do it All right before I go any further though I check out the description below Some good stuff there I now have two affiliate programs One of them the new one I'm going to be talking very shortly About some of their gear I mentioned it The other day So far so good But I'm actually going to Premiere that On uh patreon Um on today's patreon video I'm going to talk about that initially Talk about my initial reactions and the Testing and the gear how it's working For me so far I did a little teaser the other day I Hear on YouTube but this is one of those Their gear is some of the gear that you Can have to get out in this stuff In a tactical environment or just Bugging out whatever portable Heat Very good okay so When you're getting out there and Training Why train in the worst environment Because you know Warfare Doesn't happen only on Sunny nice Beautiful 70-day Degree Days Sometimes it happens at 110 degrees 130

Degrees sometimes it happens at negative 30 degrees negative 60 degrees Your ability to perform at a high level No matter what the situation is is very Important you need and you learn a lot About yourself also along the way So as far as your gear magic prepper did A video recently I didn't actually watch The video I meant to but I didn't Actually watch it he the video title of The video kind of gets me to the Direction of where he was going probably Though because I know him Um It was your gear works Until it doesn't meaning I think the Direction he headed was that your gear Is fine when it's sitting in your closet But when you get out and you actually Start putting it to the test will it Stand up Will it stand up on a on a sunny 70 Degree day Or will it still stand up when it's 20 Degrees outside snowing and you're going Through the brush and all stuff like That You don't know if your gear is going to Work in any given situation unless you Test it and use it and train in it in Those environments that is key there is One thing you should be thinking about Also when you're attacked you're talking About your tactical gear and using it in

The field is what and how your gear is Set up to function in warm weather and Everything like that normal situations Where most people are out doing training And stuff like that May or may not work in extreme cold Weather environment How are you able to access your stuff Are the buckles the velcro the different All the different stuff that encompasses Your gear isn't functional in cold Weather is it functional when it gets Full of snow because you're in a snow Drift you fall down you roll down you Get snow all stuck in your stuff you got It that's why you got to get it going Gotta get out and test it another aspect Of it is do you have snow over whites or Snow Gilly white camouflage for a snowy Environment that's another concern and Another preparation for Um performing tactical missions and or Whatever it is training hopefully it Just stays to training it doesn't Actually bump up to actual tactical Operations on when the two-way range Opens up hopefully that doesn't happen But you need to get out here and test Your stuff in the stuff in the real World Does your snow camo actually work as Snow camo for your environment Just because it's snow camo or snow over Whites doesn't necessarily mean it'll

Work for you in your environment So these are things to think about Things to take a look at Thus using your gear Knowing that it will function properly When you need it is vital one of the Most important parts is your primary Defensive tool What kind of lubricants are you using do You still have your lubricant on it on It from Summer How is that lubricant going to work in The cold extreme weather Is it going to freeze up is it going to Lock up it's going to cause jams Malfunctions all kinds of stuff You got to choose your lubricants wisely And they change via seasons That's why the way I run my primary Systems fill zero volt carrier groups EXO coated Etc I run them dry So that I don't worry about lubricants Is it the perfect solution no but if you Push your equipment to the test like That in extreme environments when it's Dry And it still works then you're good Because then you don't have to worry About the lubricants you don't have to Worry about them clogging up you don't Have to worry about them gunking up you Don't have to worry about swapping them All the time and in the worst case

Scenario say you run out of lube or you Don't have access to any and you end up Running dry anyway and then your system Doesn't work Then your Sol right so that's very Important making sure that when you get Out in this stuff you're layered and Address properly like I said what I'm Wearing underneath here I'm going to be showing on today's Patreon video links in the description Below it's a dollar a month if you want To go there and see all the great Content there are hundreds of videos There awesome content but Getting out And pushing yourself getting outside Your comfort zone is very important if It ain't raining it ain't training That's a saying Also embrace the suck is another good Military saying meaning that you need to Push yourself harder and harder you need To be able to get out in the stuff Whether it's getting out there and Bushcrafting Wilderness survival Tactical patrolling setting up ambushes Hunting fishing all those kind of things You need to know that the equipment you Have whether it's tactical equipment or Your clothing your boots good quality Boots socks make sure your hat your head Is warm your hands are warm All these things you got to figure out

It's a learning curve okay you got to Learn all these things what about Sleeping out in this stuff have you ever Done that And this isn't even extreme like I said It's like it was 22 degrees here today That's pretty cold for here but there's People who say North Dakota where it's Negative 30 degrees negative 40 degrees Whatever that's a totally different Situation it's cold enough here I can Put my hands back in my pocket but Do you know that you can perform at a High level In a variety of situations such as this The winter storm is coming Take advantage of it Get out and train in it But be careful and be safe when you're Out there on the roads Okay so other than the Tactical side of Thing the getting outside your comfort Zone and utilizing this weather as a Training tool as a learning opportunity Take a look around your house make sure You got it you got done what you need to Get done before a storm hits make sure You have at least a couple weeks of food Make sure you have a couple weeks of Everything you need esses Preppers yeah We're good about food we're good about Water we're good about the basic things But do you have everything you need if You're snowed in for a week or two

That's something to think about I Mentioned in my video yesterday about The vehicular maintenance getting that All ready yes you need to be doing it Um take advantage of these different Situations yes they are adverse Conditions but adverse conditions can be The best learning tools we have so take Advantage of it do the things I love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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