Texas Cold Snap Turns Dangerous | Food Shortage Updates & Empty Shelves Reports

Boots on the ground reports from Australia, all across the USA and updates on the cold freeze across Texas oil and gas fields. Empty shelves being reported all around and the egg prices keep rising.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the popular Report these reports are coming from you Guys from all over the United States as Well as around the world about what you Guys are seeing on your store shelves This is the most up-to-date information And aggregated from a whole bunch of you Uh letting us know what store shelves What's missing what products are going Uh in short supply right now and even a Little bit about what's going on with The pricing before we get into that Let's jump first into Texas uh there is A winter storm and that's happening Right now the Texas energy regulator has Issued a warning to all oil and gas Companies in the region to let them know That there's potential for freeze-offs And that they need to be prepared for That of course natural gas coming out of The ground has water vapor in it and When it hits those cold pipes it has a Tendency to freeze and it can build up To the point of closing up those pipes So that they can't get any natural gas Out of the ground some of those go Straight into power plants and so that Is very concerning because those power Plants aren't going to have the natural Gas they need in order to operate of Course as the cold temperatures drop we Will see power consumption and needs for Electricity to rise so as power plants May actually start coming offline

Because they can't get the natural gas You also see the demand for those power Plants to be operating these are some of The things that we've seen in the past So if you are in the Texas area be Prepared for potential blackouts be Prepared for uh be prepared for the cold Temperatures of course and natural gas Issues out there or if you're in the oil And gas industry be prepared for things Like that too all right Lynn in North Central West Virginia says a local Shop And Save distilled water is in short Supply and the brand has changed to one That seems to leave some residue in my CPAP machine and is also 81cm is higher Than the original brand chicken is in Good Supply but the price is up yes We're seeing chicken prices up across The board aren't we hamburger is as Expensive as roast is now we're seeing These weird uh price fluctuations aren't We we're things that are normally more Expensive are now cheaper and we're Seeing that all across the board Eggs have gone through the roof And short supply like everywhere else Cheese at the deli is almost ten dollars A pound lettuce is non-existent and the Lettuce spot has been filled with stuff That looks like turnip greens so we're Seeing them replacing products with Other products that they want us to buy Instead and if you want to eat weeds why

Would you why would you pay lettuce like Prices there is that question Born Again Barbarian says uh we went to three Different grocery stores here in Northern Maine a few days ago they were All out of carrots they did have a few Bags of the pre-cut types of carrots but No regular sized carrots so if you're in The New England area do be aware that Carrots may be in short supply I haven't Heard that uh widespread yet but if you Guys are seeing carrot shortages out There let us know you can always give us Update Days by popping a comment in a Video of any video use the word update In the comment and give us some sort of Geographical location and let us know What's missing what's in short supply Whatever You can also email me directly at Poplarprepairness gmail.com The says in Virginia eggs are back up to 5.76 a dozen for large still almost Nothing in pasta fruit and grain cereal Bars gallon distilled water cold and flu And children's meds Uh dry cat food As well as uh you know the produce is Looking especially nasty especially Cucumbers So that that's uh that's not a good Report for sure if anyone else is in Virginia area let us know if you're Seeing similar things uh egg prices at

576 a dozen is very high price Um not seeing that anywhere else outside Like California so hopefully things are Getting better not sure where you're Shopping Um but JH in East Texas Walmart is all stocked Except for brown sugar overall really Good yeah I'm not sure why brown sugar Would be potentially out I've heard of a Couple spotty people mentioned brown Sugar here and there but it shouldn't Really be an issue and hasn't been an Issue in a lot of places so Uh KD but we all need to come down there For Texas one of those free states uh to Get to make sure we don't have those Shortages seems to be going a lot better Down there in some of those States uh KD In rural Central Missouri uh even the Local Mennonite bent and Dent store is Having long sections of bare shelves Especially in the areas of canned beans Noodles canned fruit Canned fish and cereals So Uh the Benton Dent does seem to be Appearing in on the store on regular Store shelves and is just getting Dropped in home deliveries getting Dropped in bags of people who are there For pickup I've experienced that and I've heard a number of you guys uh Talking about that as well that it seems

Like you get more bent and dented cans Uh when you go for a pickup and when you Get home delivery so um when I'm getting My Keystone meets uh what you know I Don't want bent or Dent to cans so I uh I always go in and get those off the Shelf myself So Monkey blue in southern uh Ontario Canada halfway between Niagara Falls and Toronto almost no baby or toddler Formula on the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart Which is a lobe laws grocery store Subsidiary Also no over-the-counter infant or Children's pain or cold meds we're Seeing the same thing with the Over-the-counter meds here in the United States but a lot of the areas seem to be Getting a lot better with the baby Formula here in Pennsylvania things to Be doing a lot better with baby formula That is a state by state thing here due To regulations in the United States but I know some areas in the U.S are having Issues with the baby formula as well but I don't know if that's a canada-wide Thing or not Jim bro Jimbo the Jim bro Says in Regional Victoria Australia We're seeing security guards at the Kohl's Supermarket now Probably to stop shoplifting as the cost Of living goes up yeah we're seeing that

All over the U.S more security More security barriers that kind of Stuff going in and due to the Shoplifting Um it's uh it's rough out there Dave in at the Aldi in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia no sugar lettuce is now the size Of a softball never seen lettuce this Small On the on the lighter note they had Leftover Christmas spiral hams for 49 Cents a pound Um and uh Walmart has lots of dog food Missing So uh yeah the lettuce size keeps Shrinking of course we're having issues With lettuce You know amongst many other things and Uh That's a good price on ham mocha 82 in Upstate New York went to Walmart Yesterday morning frozen vegetables all Seem fronted no heavy cream at all and Very little half and half regular milk Shelves seemed half full Cereal seemed surprisingly full until I Started looking at the dates had to move Several boxes to get one that didn't Expire in just a couple months yeah do Be checking those prices on those dates On things folks I know a lot of you have Mentioned how you've you've taken things Home you've started to log them into Your inventory system only to realize

How short dated those things are get Into the practice of checking the debate The dates even on dry goods and Everything like that at the store to Make sure things are still good there May be another option on the Shelf Whether it's a different variety or Digging further back on the Shelf to Find more appropriately dated stuff James in Auburn Hills Michigan has two Dozen eggs for six dollars That's actually a really good price at Least right now meat in the bins seemed A little thin and ALDI has been out of Frozen broccoli florets tried several Stores They did have canned wet cat food and Corned beef hash in for a change so that Is good news out there on the corned Beef hash and the cat food Um Lenbo Egg update in northeast Pennsylvania One dozen is uh 459. that's a little More of the prices I'm seeing here yeah 18 packs don't last my shift at the Store we're only getting three cases of Delivery and folks were hearing that all Across the board that there's just not Enough eggs getting to the store shelves And so it's causing not just price Increases but also Um Egg outages right cheesecake says Amish

Are selling eggs at eight dollars a Dozen they're selling laying hens at 25 A hen this is kind of what we're seeing Out there and unfortunately if you're Planning on getting uh uh chickens at Home you may have missed the boat a bit Uh because you know they used to be Three four bucks a chick and we're now Hearing 15 plus dollars across the United States per chick uh there's just A shortage of chickens out there just as There's a shortage of eggs go figure Uh the things that you're doing today do Impact the things the opportunities that You're going to have tomorrow and the Next day this video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group and if you want to Move your retirement funds from stocks And bonds over to Gold Silver Platinum You might want to talk to Jonathan down The description down below Jaffa says eglin's best cage-free Organic eggs are cheaper than any than My store brand I also handle orders and Still don't get egg ones prices on Everything have gone up really high Notice people are buying baby formula in Bulk and when I do markdowns I am Surrounded by people buying things they Can't afford just because it's on sale Doesn't mean we should be buying it Right buy the things that you need and Focus in your finances so that you're Buying good things I don't know about

You if there's any other evening Amazon Shoppers out there where you might be up Past your bedtime buying stuff on Amazon I've made it a practice now that I don't Buy big things in the evening if I want It really bad I put it in my shopping Cart but then I wait until the next day When I'm in the morning I can decide Whether or not that needs to be Purchased or not I seem to think a Little more clearly once I've been awake For a couple hours in the morning so That's that's a good practice that's Helped me but if you're trying to get Your budget in order you know just Really paying attention to where the Money's going out so that you have money To spend on preps and on long-term Investments like canned food and and Other Foods that's uh that's what I got For you today if you have an update give Pop it down in the comments down below Use word update give us a geographical Location or you can email at Poplarpreparedness gmail.com if you Found this video useful or helpful you Might want to check out this video right Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You guys later Steve Poplar out

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