21 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – Alaska Preppers Cup Runneth Over

    1. You need to be humble to truly help people. Those people who tell and draw woooords out and all that hype is good for entertainment but when I’m worried or my mind is hungry I need someone to EXPLAIN things to me and not necessarily entertain me.

  1. I’m so happy for you and for us all! You are a precious human being, who helps many people, around the world, to face these difficult times with dignity and understanding…

  2. Going in the morning to pick up a big load of preps thanks to your earlier video.
    Included in those are 6 plastic bins that will fit under my bed. Nothing like a cool, dark place to store your preps. God Bless you and all of us. I’m not looking forward to what is coming, but I have faith and I have prepared so I am not afraid. And THAT is a big deal. And you, AP have helped greatly with that.

  3. Really appreciate you taking the HIGH road and keeping it friendly and clean. Its a rarity in today’s world that it is welcomed by more people than you think!

  4. Congratulations on making the 40,000 mark. As you were speaking it occurred to me that I am subscribed to quite a few prepping channels and I often make comments. Additionally I have unsubscribed to a few, not because they were so bad, but because I didn’t want to focus so much on certain aspects of politics or too much on personal protection, although those are also necessary things to talk about. But channels all have their own personality. Anyway, I’m trying to put that delicately. Maybe you understand what I mean. I have noticed that the comments on this channel are more respectful of others, and helpful to each other. Not once has anyone attacked me here just because of my point of view, which is not at all the case with other channels. That isn’t the fault of the creators, but these channels do draw some mean spirited people, especially when the subject matter contains so much politics, anger, and negativity. For the most part this community is kind and helpful and that’s more what I am looking for. In other words, this is my favorite prepping channel and I look forward to watching it. You’ve helped me a lot AP, and not presented material in such a way that people feel hopeless.

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