The Math of WHY Central Governments Will SOON Fall

The financial crisis of today is called the everything crisis due to the moral and systemic issues that endanger us all. Central Banks and Centralized Governments will be powerless to stop inflation and the inevitable financial collapse.

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Why are we in trouble As we look at the financial markets as We look at our economy as a whole Particularly the United States but to The same extent Europe really is doing Basically the same thing we have a lot Of issues going on and central banks are Out there saying that they're going to Fix things they're going to raise Interest rates in order to contain Inflation but the simple fact is that There's some really big problems that They're wrestling with that are really Going to beat them they can't fight Against these things these are trains Coming at them and all they have is They're building houses of cards on the Train rack train rails in order to stop These trains and it's just not going to Happen Central banks and governments like to Think that they're in charge yes they Can make things worse for sure but they Can't really fix a lot of these big Things as I lay them out here they're Not things that you can just create a Rule for now they could balance some Budgets and stuff like that to address One of these uh problems out there but Let's jump into some of these things These are just things that are changing Out there the world is changing and it Is bringing unique challenges to us The first one is demographics we've uh

We have a serious problem out there and That is that we are slowly depopulating The planet The world population has slowed to a Crawl and soon will actually start to Decline now it is already in some places In Europe as well as uh Um in developing countries where the Population is already in Decline We're always seeing where India has Surpassed China as uh because they're They're one child policy has basically Just upended their whole society and They are now reaping what they have sown Back in the Years they've already Reversed that policy and have encouraged Families to have more children because They're now starting to realize what This will mean for things let me explain Kind of what that means we just don't Have enough workers We have lots of people retiring and You've seen this out there you can talk About work ethic for differences between Generations but also it's just a matter Of people are just retiring and they're Not coming back unless people are Entering the workforce I believe it's Something like 60 percent of Millennials Are living in their parents homes what Type of work are they doing that this is All they can afford and that kind of Just really gets to the heart of The entry-level workers are moving into

Places that are service-based Industries They are not Um and and a lot of the people that are Retiring are coming out of plumbing Coming out of electricians the trades They're coming out of business Businesses that that require lots of Skill on long years of training to get Into and we're seeing people coming out Of college with with no real experience And they're they're having to take Starbucks uh serving positions as Opposed to moving into engineering Positions and We're just seeing this this shape this Changing of the entire Workforce And it's not just one of quality but It's also one of quantity Back in 1940 when Social Security was Created there were 42 workers for every One retiree And over the years that's dropped off And and kind of stabilized it like 3.5 Workers per Retiree for like the 1990s at in 2000 it Was 3.4 workers per one retiree It is now 3.0 workers per retiree as the Worker versus retiree rate drops unless You significantly raise the amount that You're charging and taking money from The workers you're not going to have Enough money for the retirees it's Projected by 2050 in the United States It will be down to two workers per every

Retiree now that's about the time I Guess when I would actually be looking At retirement so as I've said for many Years I don't see how I'm ever going to Get Social Security it's just You know I've had to have been thinking About if I ever want to retire Social Security can't even really be in the Ballpark can't be even thought about and You know we're going to get into that a Little more about how you know even the Stock market is a place that should be Uh generating significant concerns out There and we're kind of moving into that In just a moment but the demographics Out there are a tidal wave China will Actually start losing population in the Next decade they're going to actually Watch their their population decline India didn't actually put into these uh Into practice these population control Things like China did and so that's why We see India continue to go up really Where the growth in the world world's Population is going to be in the next Decade is going to be Africa that's Where most of the world's population Growth is happening South America and Central America are continuing to go up But places like Japan are already in Decline population wise if it weren't For immigration United States and Australia would already be in Decline as Well so when you start thinking about

How you know people are like oh well People are plague upon the planet and There's they're you know we're Overpopulating the plant we're taxing The the planet Beyond its capacity well You know they really need to stop Complaining because the population in The world is actually leveling off and Is going to actually start declining in The next couple decades and so I mean Problem solved if if that's a problem But for most of us who see people as an Asset and as creative sources of Inspiration that can uh that can really Transform the world and that's that's a Bigger and bigger problem especially if You want to be supported in your Retirement by a bunch of these people Right who are working and innovating in Order to supply us uh in our retirement Um number two Government spending and government Borrowing these these things are pretty Obvious the national day of the United States and National debts of other Countries but we have this just this Over spending by the governments that Are just they're just throwing money out The window and it's like there's no There's you know every time they come up Against debt limits like they start Getting like I rate about it like I Can't believe there's a debt limit like Who here has limits on their credit

Cards right your your credit cards all Your bank loans I mean any any way that You get money loaned to you there's Limits on how much they're going to loan You and the more you take advantage of That uh those loans the lower your Credit score goes right so I mean we all Kind of understand this but government Clearly does not understand this they Just keep borrowing like it's uh like It's Christmas every single day and There's going to be serious problems That come because of that they continue To borrow more and more money but the Interest rates have gone up and that's Going to cause that to be more and more Of a problem when we start spending more On interest on our on our debt than we Do on National Defense it just you know That's a big problem we're not there yet But we're moving towards that and Inevitability And how they're solving this is uh is is Number three looting through inflation We're basically just stealing money and Value from everyone else in the world The United States is doing this so is Europe uh Austria is not doing it quite As much but but other countries that Have stable currencies that are used for For banking purposes basically everyone Around the world has traded a lot of Value in order to hold these hundred Dollar bills from the United States they

Have pallet fulls of 100 bills and volts Where that is how they store a lot of Value how do they get those pallets of 100 dollar bills do we just give it to Them no we didn't we took a whole bunch Of their stuff And we gave them paper we printed out a Bunch of funny money Monopoly money Bills and we ship them on pallets and we Sent them over there and they gave us a Whole bunch of value There's there's a matter of time before Those people are going to take those Pieces of paper and say we want value Back for these things now they're going To get a whole heck of a lot less value Than what they gave us for that we've Basically just stole that from them they Willingly accepted that but you know and That's on them but we've we've been Basically just living as a leech off Much of the world much of the United States economy is basically just Leaching value from many other countries And then we're basically recycling that Value over and over within our own Society when you really strip away a lot Of what's going on in the United States You see that it's the banking industries That really are generating The Lion's Share of the the value out there that And tech companies we're selling lots And lots of ads we have Facebook Google All these Mega tech companies that are

Um providing value to everyone in the World But It's not production And we're getting there but but this Looting of the world Because we're taking all this debt and We're selling it to everybody so it's Not just pallets of cash but they're Also buying up treasury bonds The promise of the UI States government Paying them back and this is going to Create a giant inflation wave this uh Debt bomb if you would say that way and That is an issue that central banks just Can't deal with if governments just keep Printing money particularly the United States government keeps printing money And and borrowing borrowing and Borrowing it is inherently inflationary Uh we we know that already right and for This is the big one less production And this is partially the demographics In play partially it is an issue of Differences of training and education And skills that students that are coming Into the workforce have part of it is Just that we've We've prioritized things like people Talking on the YouTubes as opposed to People actually building things with Their hands we're having more and more Finances and money being associated with Things that don't really matter

Entertainment is taking a much higher Priority than actual manufacturing and This production You know it's basically I like to put it Like this more games Than gizmos Right we're not making gizmos we're Making we're playing games with people And we're we're moving money around We're we're fleecing the world but we're Not producing things anymore Um we we've we've harvested efficiencies Out of all of our corporations and uh For for decades now CEOs will come into Companies and then they'll lay off a Whole bunch of people they'll basically Take all of the long-term uh research And development programs the long-term Uh employee retention programs they'll Take all these training programs their Investments in the future they'll strip Them down and save a whole bunch of Money And uh they'll they'll pass this on to Shareholders as increased Revenue but uh You know less expenses increased income For uh for all the shareholders in the Short term but they basically destined That business to failure because the Business will not grow anymore and all These games that we're playing are Really just Dishonest Lack of Integrity games that were

Playing from government as well as to The corporations out there and even down To employees there's that talk about There about quiet quitting out there This this idea of I'm not going to Really work anymore I'm just going to Show up and get my paycheck and not do The hard work this is just stuff that if You ever worked a job before that's not How it works you show up and you create Value for your employer and you get paid Because of that you don't just show up And get a get value from your employer And provide less value to your employer Because that doesn't work in the Long Haul for anybody that doesn't work for The employer it doesn't you're you're Getting it fired at some point and That's just that's just a society at Large we're seeing this more and more Across the board where the industries That are growing the most are really the Ones that are producing the least And That's the situation that we're in and How can you print money out how can you Change in in interest rates and stuff Like that to solve these problems the Central banks can't fix these problems Their societal their moral and it really Speaks to the moral fiber and character Of our country which if you look at the Color the hair coloring of people out There in our society you can kind of get

A little bit of a feel for kind of where We're going as a society when people Can't figure out which bathroom they're Supposed to use how in the world are They ever supposed to create products That are really used and valued by Millions and millions of people we saw This at Twitter where basically the Majority of the workforce at Twitter Turned out to be people who were sitting There just trying to stifle Free Speech They weren't actually doing anything They weren't coding they weren't Actually creating products they were Just sitting there trying to get their Person elected and when you look across The sign we're seeing more of that out There from the banking society's banking Corporations there seems to be this Political agendas that seem to be more Important than actually producing Products that are loved and valued by Many and you can't fix that from a Central bank and you can't fix that from Washington DC it speaks to the moral Fiber of our nation and that's what Needs to be revived all right folks if You found this video useful helpful got You thinking about some things you might Want to check out another video from me Right over here I'll see you over there Or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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