The Most Important Prep You Can Do!

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The single best prep that you can do to Ensure your survival Hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness what am I Talking about Well I'm actually going to modify my Original statement the single best prep For me is to get right with him Spiritually that's important but this is Something That's almost it's not as important but It's right there so as a prepper if you Want to ensure your survival what is one Of the most important things you can do Stockpiling food water practicing skills Those are all great things But you have a lot lower chance of Survival if you are not physically fit And I don't mean thin I don't mean Shredded I don't mean a professional Triathlete a marathoner what I mean is Practical Real World Fitness your Ability to do things to lift things to Carry things to walk long distances with A load to run At least medium distances You don't have to like I said you don't Have to be some professional Shredded athlete type person It's okay you know everybody's not Shredded that's fine and being shredded Actually is probably worse off for you In a survival situation because you Don't have the body fat to burn so my

Body is probably not optimal but I like Being fit and it's just my lifestyle Active lifestyle So I prefer I love working out with Weights but I haven't in a couple months Now I need to get back on the bandwagon With that I've been doing a lot more Practical stuff but I do like uh lifting Throwing around some heavy weights Um Well heavy for me within my capabilities Of my age but practical Fitness is much More important you know carrying around Your buckets of Wheat and rice and beans And that's called Farmer's carry I love Doing that it's one of my favorite Shoulder workouts I just grab two Buckets and I try to pull them out as Far as I can to the sides to get that Good engagement and then I just walk Around my property Um I also while I'm doing it I'll do a Shoulder shrug intermittently in between So you can work out your Um your what are those the I'm forgetting now I'm brain farting but Anyway you work out your upper shoulders And then down your neck and your Shoulders as well as push-ups sit-ups Walking anything you can do that's Active pull-ups are really good calf Raises Um crunches all this stuff Requires no fancy equipment I sit there

And I take a stool or something like That I put it on in the middle of the Kitchen and I put my hands up on the um Um cabinet the counter and I'll do dips While I'm cooking or I'll drop down the Floor do push-ups or crunches or squats You know where you just squat down I can Do lunges where you just take a step Forward and you lunge down and then you Alternate your legs Um there's so much you can do while You're doing other things like I said You're standing there cooking anyway why Not get some workout in Walking is really good running is really Good rucking is really good throw on Your pack your bug out bag and go for a Walk If you like mountain biking whatever you Like repelling mountaineering rock Climbing whatever it is Get out And get functionally fit at least have The ability to be able to do these Things because if you are hurting now When you're doing these things imagine When everything is more physical more Physically demanding you are going to be You might still be able to do it but You're going to be hurting and another Aspect of Fitness when it comes to Prepping is keeping your body in optimal Condition keeping yourself healthy and Strong and fit and capable those are all

Very important things I know this video Is not going to get a bunch of views I Know that people don't want to hear About doing tough things like this a lot Of Preppers out there Not really I guess I'm kind of knocking People but you know I'm not really it's All in love it's all in motivation to Exercise to learn the skills like Foraging and stuff like that you can sit There and order all your stuff on Amazon Which is great don't get me wrong if You're ordering a bunch of preps and you Have food storage and all this stuff Like that's better than nothing you're Still way better off than most Americans Out there are but if you really want to Take it to the next level Fitness is key Especially if you're going to be one of The guys in a tactical environment Running around doing the things You have to be fit nobody When the two-way ranges open up and you Got stuff flying both directions bad Guys and stuff nobody ever said Gee I Wish I wasn't so fit If you really want to survive the fight Whether it's that kind of fight a fist Fight a Um shtf fight then get yourselves fit I Highly encourage you guys it's very Simple don't require a bunch of things Even to do curls curls are one of those Things yeah you can't really do body

Weight not that I know of I mean there's Other ways you can do it but there's Lots of things you can do you can get Those rubber bands and you can pull them Like this you can grab the buckets and You can lift them you can grab a little Some Cheapo inexpensive weights you can Grab water bottles you can whatever you Want to grab and you can do different Things so move that body get Functionally fit you will not regret it I love you guys have a wonderful day Don't forget to subscribe thumbs up Comment below and blessings to you and Yours

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